Monday, July 10, 2006

Testing Missiles

Raines of Terror!

A crazed, nuclear armed state has just test fired a long range missile, successfully!

That last word indicates, of course, that I cant be talking about North Korea. India, rather, the other day test fired a long range missile. I would imagine the Bush people were ripshit about this; as the US is strenuously trying to get the Chinese to go along with a UN resolution that at a minimum condemns North Korea for testing missiles last week. And yet in the middle of this India, who fought a war with China a few decades ago, who is nuclear armed and is being used by the US as a 'strategic partner' to counterweight China, is now testing long range missiles that certainly arnt needed for Pakistan (which is right next to India thus 'long range' missiles need not apply.)

Last week I predicted the Mexican presidential election would be close, but voter fraud would lead to a slim victory for the conservative candidate. Although this came true, Lopez Obrador (the leftist candidate) isnt giving up; he has people marching in the streets demanding a recount. I say viva la recount! The courts and system itself is corrupt and wont likely give Lopez Obrador the presidency even if he did legitimately win, but its good to fight anyways and have hope.

Italy won the world cup. Frankly I dont care. I was rooting for France only to annoy all the Italian people I know; but neither watched the regular game nor the shoot-out when I found out it was happening. I would like to be in Italy now and go to some party, and tell everyone Im a backup player on the team, see how far that takes me.

Lastly, I am almost done with my marathons of 24. When I would sit down and watch, oh, 5 or 6 hours of a season, I sometimes wondered if I was devoting too much time to it. But then I said to myself; Self, they are giving 24 hours of their life to save the world, shouldnt I give 24 hours of mine to watch it? Yes, I answered, Yes I should.

And so my final comment deals with Audrey Rains. I very much liked Audrey when I first was introduced to her watching season 5 unfold on Fox this spring. Unfortunately my view points came when I went back to watch season 4 which I am currently doing. Here is why:

I can look past the fact that she only got her job because her dad is the Sec of Defense, and I can even look past her over emtionalness as a woman. But she was a friggin crazy bitch in season 4. She was hooking up ('falling in love') with Bauer and ready to disregard her current husband (separated for six months) but then her estranged husband was shot and she suddenly fell back in love and was ready to fly to a special spinal hospital in Amherst, Mass (UMass medical center?); all because he was shot! No other reason. Guilt? Probably but annoying nonetheless. What was more annoying was her running around CTU bitching at everyone. She bitched at Bill and Tony for defying "President" Logan's orders not to torture a suspect, even though it would help avert a nuclear bomb detonating in the US. She bitched at Jack constantly for various, unnecessary reasons. She also randomly bitched to other people wondering what was going on. Bitch bitch bitch. Lastly, when she was being interviewed by the Chinese consulate people, she was ordered to lie to cover it up to protect Jack and his team. Done. Well she elaborated on her cover story and forgot to tell Edgar she mentioned him, so when he was approached by the Chinese and he didnt know what she had said, they found holes in the story that implicated Jack. Good job Audrey! No wonder nobody bothered to mention to you at Jack's funeral that he was actually alive and secretly working an oil rig a couple miles south of LA.

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