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Religion, Capitalism, Violence, Oh my!

Pacem in Terris


Almost every Christmas song out there usually as a few lines talking about peace on earth. For example, "Hark! The herald angels sing, glory to the new born king. Peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconcilded!"

Its very beautiful, and nice, because everyone sings about peace on earth and goodwill towards men. Im sure everyone means it their own way. Everyone wants peace, but they want it on their terms. Even the most brutal monster in history, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, etc. all wanted peace on earth. However they had a specific ideas about what that peace would look like.

Which is why I believe the President when he says he does not like war and wishes for peace. Im sure he very much does. But he qualifies that with stating that we need to "acheive victory". Meaning like all leaders, he would prefer peace over war; but will use war if he cannot get his way.


Which brings me to the most important question of the season: When we say Peace on Earth, what does that mean?

The question was addressed some years ago, after the Second World War. Im not a great fan of the speaker but this is one of my favorite speeches of the 20th century. The topic of his speech was, in his words, "the most important topic on earth: peace.

"What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children -- not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time...

"I speak of peace, therefore, as the necessary, rational end of rational men. I realize the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war, and frequently the words of the pursuers fall on deaf ears. But we have no more urgent task.

"First examine our attitude towards peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man's reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe they can do it again. I am not referring to the absolute, infinite concept of universal peace and good will of which some fantasies and fanatics dream. I do not deny the value of hopes and dreams but we merely invite discouragement and incredulity by making that our only and immediate goal."

Two years before this speech was delivered, the United States had invaded Cuba, but failed to overthrow Fidel Castro. A year later, the Soviet Union was installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. What ensued is referred to as "the most dangerous moment in the history of the world." 40 years later it was revealed just how close we came to the end of the world. A Soviet submarine was being blocked by US ships from reaching Cuba. The three officers on board had been given the authority from Moscow, if all three agreed, to launch a nuclear attack. Two agreed, one did not. Robert Macnamara (Sec of Defense) admitted in 2002 that "
"a guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world."

Vasili Arkhipov saved the world from two men, John Kennedy and Nikita Krushchev. We can only wonder how they felt after the crisis ended, realizing that they literally came to the brink of nuclear war.

Said Kennedy a year later, in the speech I quoted from above, "We must rexamine our attitudes toward the Soviet Union." It was the height of the Cold War, and for 15 years Americans had been bombarded with propaganda to hate and fear the Soviets with all their might. Then Kennedy realized, after he came close to doing so, that the idea of war with the Soviets was insane. So he appealed to the compassion of the American people toward the evil empire of the Soveit Union:

"No government or social system is so evil that its people must be considered as lacking in virtue...And no nation in the history of battle ever suffered more than the Soviet Union in the Second World War. At least 20 million lost their lives. Countless millions of homes and families were burned or sacked. A third of the nation's territory, including two thirds of its industrial base, was turned into a wasteland -- a loss equivalent to the destruction of this country east of Chicago."

It was a turning point in that the US and USSR had been preparing for, and fully expecting, war with eachother from the late 1940's until the Cuban Missile Crisis. But they realized the stakes (world destruction) were too high. It stopped being a real question anymore. The Cold War continued until 1989, but what stopped in 1962 was the expectation of an actual war between the two.


Did it really take that much to stop a war? Two leaders; ignorant, cowardice, shamefully allowing domestic pressures to overcome their integrity and nearly destroy the world?

Today the U.S. is in crisis. We are at war in the Middle East. We illegally invaded a sovereign nation, and for almost four years now we have been destroying that country, helplessly trying to fight illusive insurgents as 600,000 Iraqis die in the process. Meanwhile, the US announced intentions to build a massive fleet off the coast of Iran. Plans for the "Missile Defense Shield", which is an offensive weapons system aimed at Russia and China, continue at pace. Russia and China have reacted by massively increasing their military force, most importantly increasing missiles aimed at the US.

And all the while, the threat of terrorist attack by Islamic extremists grows more likely by the day. The United States continues killing Iraqis, threatening Iran, allowing its Israeli client state to brutalize the Palestinian people, and staunchly defends the most oppressive and tolitarian state in the world, Saudi Arabia. All across the region, the people are oppressed by dictators, which we refer to as "Kings" and "Presidents". And everyday, among the oppressed, more people fall into the lowest depths of evil, on par with the US/Israeli/Arab governments, and join the ranks of terrorist organizations. When they attack, the President announces they hate our freedom, then sends fighter jets to massacre innocent people.

And in the new Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Seven, the President has announced, the United States will dramatically escalate the war in Iraq, bringing a "surge" of violence upon the country, in order to acheive victory.

Christmas Wishes

The reason I speak of the Middle East, is that it is, in President Eisehower's words, "the most strategically important area of the world." It is because of its dominant resource, oil. It is not, nor has it ever been, for the United States to take the oil for itself. But it has, and one can read the declassified record planning this, been to control the region, through client states, who will, among other things, follow US orders such as raising or lowering the price of oil.

And that is because for most of the industrial world, Middle Eastern oil is the single most important resource their country uses. Europe and Japan get 99% of their oil from that region. The State Department declared that control o that oil gives the US a "veto power" over Europe and Japan. Which is why the US government in 1945 declared the oil of the region to be "a stupendous source of strategic power and one of the greatest material prizes in world history."

I hope for the United States to leave the region, permanently, unless welcomed there by a legitimate government. I wish for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to end, immediately. Both sides suffer enormously. In a perfect world, the Jews and Muslims could live together in a single, bi-national state. But as that seems unlikely, the Israelis must end their occupation of Palestinian land.

And the United States must make peace with all countries in the region. Contraty to state propaganda, countries like Iran and Syria do not seek confrontation with us. Indeed they both fear us. They would certainly love to make peace with the United States. Our fundamental goal should be a world where people are not denied their rights, the most fundamental of which, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is that "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."

In that peace, and security, for the people of the Middle East, we can hope that progress and reforms will take place on their own. History has shown, almost without exception, that is the only way lasting and meaningful changes can take place. Then real, meaningful peace and progress can come. The people of the Middle East, including Israeli's, can come together with the people of the United States and work to solve our differences without threats of war and destruction looming over us.

"For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's futures. And we are all mortal."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Solving Iraq

Oh my God you guys, I just realized something. Oh wow, I totally cant believe I didnt think of this before. I know how to solve our problem in Iraq. The new war slogan:

"Just get out!" A mix between 'just do it' and 'just dont look' (from a Simpsons Halloween episode during the good years.)

Here is my main argument for the logic of withdrawal. Most Iraqi's do not want us there (polls are done monthly by the US govt, British govt and private institutes), Most Iraqi's support attacks on Americans, and Most Americans want us out. Boo yah. There it is.

What about our responsibilities towards preventing Iraq from descending to chaos?
Well they want us out. There. Stop arming everyone, stop imprisoning everyone. Get out. You want to preserve influence, make friends with Iran and Syria. What do they get in return? Take the nuclear issue out of the Security Council and put it back to the IAEA where it belongs, recognize Iran's inalienable right to nuclear energy (which is in the NPT anyway) and give it security assurances in exchange for inspections. Give Syria back the Golan Heights, and the Palestinians Gaza and the W.Bank; after all, all the Arab states plus Iran promised full recognition and peace with Israel if those conditions are met. Then everyone can work together to help Iraq.

Wow ! Thats such a great solution. Most of that is also in the Baker-Hamilton report (except the Iran-IAEA part, it specifically says keep it in the Security Council.)

Oh also I have one more idea. Stop trying to take control over the Iraqi government and economy. Dismiss all tke Baker-Hamilton's report recommendations about "embedding" US officials into the Iraqi government. And stop pushing the "National Oil Law" which would allow a takeover by private foreign investors, and give up on the "International Compact" which is an attempt by the global financial community to takeover the Iraqi economy.

Whap-ba-da loo-bop, a whap-bam boom.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Effects of American Policies

The World's Largest Prison
This post is from a student at Syracuse University, about his mother.
Here is the story of one Palestinian mother, victim of American foreign policy:


Early this morning, I received the sad news that my mother (54 years old) passed away after serious health complications last night.

I am sending this message to you and many other people around the world because I promised my mother before she died to let everybody know that it wasn't cancer that killed her, it was the occupation.

Yes, the Israeli occupation killed my mother, but this time not using missiles and tank rockets, but through collective punishment and humiliation. Most cancer patients (and those suffering other serious diseases) from Gaza go to Egypt for treatment because we don't have the health infrastructure and latest technologies to do so in Gaza. This is a result of the continuous siege and control imposed by the Israelis over the Palestinian cities, especially Gaza. My mother was one of those patients who was diagnosed, at a very early stage, with bone cancer and was supposed to go to Egypt for treatment early June 2006.

Because of the collective punishment policies that Israel imposes, nobody from Gaza was able to travel (in or out) to any place in the world for three months, because the Israelis control the borders. It wasn't until August 25th that my mother was able to make it to Egypt. During these three months, I and many other people both inside and outside of Palestine tried to talk to international and human rights organizations and ask them to intervene and help in this humanitarian situation. Unfortunately, our appeals failed to change the situation or to make any special arrangements. All these requests were rejected by the occupiers. By the time my mother made it to Egypt, it was unfortunately a bit late because the cancer was rapidly growing in her body and at that stage, doctors didn't have much to do but to try the chemotherapy to see if it could help. Unfortunately, this didn't help much and she peacefully passed away last night. My mother is not the only case; she is just one the cases that someone could talk about. In addition to the tens of people being killed by the Israelis every day through the use of traditional weapons, tens, if not hundreds, of others die every day because of lack of access to health services, because of movement restrictions imposed by the Israelis and the restrictions on delivering medicine and health equipment to Gaza and other Palestinian cities.

Siege and movement restrictions don't only separate patients from health services and facilities (or even from local hospitals; many women gave birth at the checkpoints and many other women, children and seniors die before making it to the nearest hospital). They also separate students from schools and universities, believers and worshipers from mosques and churches, and families from seeing each others for many years.

There are currently more than 500 movement restrictions in the West Bank. Five hundred movement restrictions in an area that is probably smaller than most of the cities in the U.S. -- its size is around 2000 square miles and this area is currently surrounded by the new Apartheid Wall. These checkpoints separate villages, cities, refugee camps and sometimes neighborhoods in the same city. These are the same restrictions that made me unable to see my family in Gaza (when I was living in the West Bank) for more than five years. Even when I was here in the U.S. and wanted to go back and see my mother during the last two months, I wasn't able to do so because the borders were still closed (the Rafah border with Egypt, which is the only gate for Gazans to access the world, was open only six days during the last six months).

What really breaks my heart is not the fact that my mother died, because it's something that everybody will experience one day and I really have great faith in God that this may be better for her. What really makes me feel very sad is that, again, because of the occupation, I haven't seen her for more than six years and that I wasn't even able to see her one last time and say goodbye. It also makes me feel very sad because one of the main motivations for me to pursue a Ph.D. was my great mother. When I was six years old my cousin got his Ph.D. and when we were coming back from visiting him my mother asked me this question (she was probably joking at that time as I was a little kid and wouldn't even know what the Ph.D. is, but I know she meant it). She asked me, "Would you do it for me one day and get your Ph.D.?" I kept this in my mind and heart all the time and I was always encouraged by her and her high spirit to succeed and to make it to Syracuse University to get my Ph.D. Unfortunately, she will not be able to see this day and know that yes, I did it for her.

Goodbye my great mother, you were all the time the source of my inspiration and you will always be, even in your physical absence. May God have mercy on you and bless your soul, mother.Friends and colleagues, unfortunately, our world is full of similar sad and unjustified cases of unfairness and humiliation, but always remember, we can always make a difference if we want. Think of it and see what you can do to make others live the same way you and your children live. Even a little change can make a difference.

Please don’t reply to this message, if you really want to support me and to do me and my mother a favor (I am sure she will appreciate it), please forward my message (or post it on your Blogs) to as many people as possible, let them know, and encourage them to make a difference so we can save other lives and souls in the future.



Gaza, a tiny 15 by 3 mile strip, and one of the most densley populated areas on earth, has been sealed off for almost a year now, due to an Israeli-American policy of collective punishment on the Palestinians for electing Hamas into parliament. The USA used its power over the world's financial institutions to cut off all aid going to the Palestinians, including medicine and food. Israel, using American weapons, money, and authorization, sealed off the borders (including the ocean) and keeps the people of Gaza trapped inside, as they starve to death (50% have no reliable access to food).

I emphasize this is not just an Israeli crime, but an American-Israeli crime. Israel, simply put, would be unable to do this on its own. Over the past year at the United Nations, most of the world has reacted in horror trying to stop this. Resolutions to stop the devastation are vetoed by the United States (after passing near majorities in the General Assembly.) The American people bear a particular responsibility, it is our government leading this crime.

Friday, December 08, 2006

How I Was Framed

A colleague of mine, John Schad, recently created a screen name similar to that of a schoolmate of ours, in order to impersonate him online. That person, Swift, has the screen name Hkjbw7. John Schad created the name Hkbjw7. Notice the difference?

John Schad used the fake screen name to go on a rampage, impersonating "Swift" and doing all sorts of horrible things. Many people were tricked. I was one of them.

Unfortunately, John Schad has tried to implicate me in his crime. He, apparently, colluded with his republican friend Matt Groban.

Kevster 5 1 9: hello matt

matsgd: kevin

Kevster 5 1 9: can i ask you something

matsgd: what

Kevster 5 1 9: did you tell swift that i participated with schad in making up a fake screen
name,similar to swifts, to be use in an attempt to impersonate swift

matsgd: yes

matsgd: i belieev i told him it was schad, but schad asked me to tell him you were involved as well. to 'take of heat' so to speak.

Kevster 5 1 9: but i wasnt involved

matsgd: i no

Kevster 5 1 9: then why say I was?

matsgd: shcad told me too

Kevster 5 1 9: Schad committed identity theft and was caught. ALthough you knew the truth, he used you to lie and implicate me in the crime?

matsgd: im tyingto dowork and your annoying me

matsgd: iiwll tells iwft you wer ienvolevd if youd ont stop this

Kevster 5 1 9: thats ok you've said all i needed to hear

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Iraq Study Group, Review (in progress)

Havnt finished reading the Iraq Study Group Report as Im at work but I thought Id comment on the "Executive Summary" at the beginning.

It says one of the consequences for failure is "Al Qaeda could win a propaganda victory and expand its base of operations." I dispute that. In fact, I believe the opposite is true.

Whether you like Al Qaeda or not, they already HAVE acheived a propaganda victory. The invasion of Iraq was the greatest thing that has happened to Al Qaeda. According to Michael Scheuer, (CIA's foremost expert on Osama bin Laden) "The war in Iraq - if Osama was a Christian - it's the Christmas present he never would have expected"

Since the early 1990's, bin Laden and Al Qaeda propaganda has stated that the United States wants to control the Middle East; and the US secretly wants to invade Iraq to set up a puppet government and permanent military presence. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have been loudly, and constantly stating this all over the Middle East since around 1994.

So a lot of Muslims heard this but said "eh, I dont know. bin Laden is kind of crazy." Then in 2003 the US invaded Iraq (to find WMD! oh he didnt have any? oh well, 'I would have invaded anyway' says Bush). Support for Al Qaeda has, as predicted, skyrocketed. The US govt knew all this by the way.

Any terrorism analyst will tell you, and it is the *official* combined assesment of the combined intelligence agencies of the United States, that the US presence in Iraq has caused and is creating more support for Al Qaeda and terrorism. The CIA concluded in 2005 that Iraq had already become a "base of operations" for Al Qaeda (which this report says we must prevent.)

If we leave Iraq "Al Qaeda could win a propaganda victory and expand its base of operations."

1. Al Qaeda acheived the greatest propaganda victory in its history by our invasion of Iraq. Everyday that we continue to occupy Iraq, and kill more Iraqi civilians (accident or not) is another fantastic propaganda victory for Iraq.

2. If the US left Iraq, it would difficult to see how that would result in the country becoming a "base of operations" for Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda came to Iraq after the US invaded, to kill Americans. They are detested by the Shia majority in the South and the Kurds in the North; the only support they have is a nominal alliance with the Sunni insurgency whose goal is to get the US to leave. They are only there, and allowed to be there, because of the US occupation.

3. If the US leaves Iraq, with no permanent bases, and allows an independent government; this will be a massive propaganda DEFEAT for Al Qaeda, who is arguing that the US intends to keep permanent bases (which is true) and prevent an independent government (which is true.)


Two other consequences if the US withdraws: "The global standing of the United States could be diminished." and "Americans could become more polarized."

1. When I read the first sentence I just laughed and thought the US is so hated, more so then its history, I cant imagine it could get worse. But I realized they arnt talking about that. The US rules the world through fear, it has "street cred". A lot of government elites cheered the invasion for, among other reasons, showing how tough/strong the US is and to send a message to the rest of the world "ha ha, dont fuck with us or you are dead!" (the result being, of course, a race among third world countries to develop nuclear weapons as protection.) If we LEAVE Iraq, it will show weakness (they were obsessed with this after Vietnam).

Well, they are of course correct about this. But what you might miss is this is quite revealing about what their real objectives in Iraq are. We went in for WMD, they werent there. Check. We went in to remove Saddam, check. We went in to establish democracy, Check. Why would it make the US look weak if we left? Because almost everyone in the world, except the American people, know the US wasnt there for those reasons. It invaded to establish a client state in Iraq, controlled by the US, mainly for the oil; and to send a message of force. If we leave now, we fail, and lose our street cred "global standing."

2. "Americans could become more polarized." I agree. The American people overwhelmingly are against the war and a huge majority wants us out within a year, a smaller majorit wants us out now. If we LEAVE Iraq, the American will lose an issue that brought them together. So they will turn to other stuff, like abortion, and become polarized.


Recommendations I want to comment on:

1. "The issue of Iran's nuclear programs should continue to be dealt with by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany." The issue should be dealt with by the IAEA, (International Atomic Energy Agency, division of UN) which is the IAEA's JOB! The Iranians are not doing anything illegal (the NPT, a treaty signed by the US and Iran recognize's the 'inalienable right' to a nuclear energy program.) The US wants the issue in the Security Council because the S.C. is controlled by the US and the other four major nuclear powers (UK,France,China,Russia); as opposed to the General Assembly which is the body of ALL member nations (and the US cant veto anything). The problem with the General Assembly is most countries support Iran's program, because its not illegal. So the US wants the issue turned to the Security Council.

Now, this is pretty irrelevant to the purpose of their report. Its because the report recommends getting Iran involved in solving the Iraq problem. I think they added that to say "But we arnt saying you have to treat Iran with respect; treat them like shit, show them who is in charge. But get their help with Iraq." Yeah see how that works out.


Lastly I'll comment on their recommendation for solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. Now, this is quite simply. Israel should end the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and allow a Palestinian State there. Thats been the position of nearly the whole world since the 70's, passes the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly every year (with the US, Israel and Paula/Micronesia voting against) but vetoed in the Security Council. The Arab League passed the 'Saudi Plan' in 2002 which says if Israel does this, every Arab state will recognize Israel, make a full peace treaty, and integrate them into the region. After President Ahmedinjead of Iran said Israel should be wiped off the map; he was reprimanded and the real leader of the country Ayatollah Khameini, announced Iran supports the Arab Plan.

So thats my suggestion for a solution. the US and Israel would rather prefer that Israel takeover large parts of the west bank and push the palestinians into little apartheid cantons for the rest of their lives. Thats why we dont have a solution.

Thats the Executive Summary. Will post on the rest of the report tonight

Iraq Study Group

The Iraq Study Group came out with their report this morning. The President had a live press conference at 8am (ha ha i dont think thats ever happened) to comment on it (I suspect it was that early so nobody would be watching, he doesnt want the report out.)

Anyway the media immediately put articles out about it. Now, the report itself is 160 pages, but the text only takes up a small amount so its probably only like 80 pages. So I imagine that *some* of the people who wrote articles on it actually read it, but I suspect it wasnt a critical reading, they just wanted to find quotes and then write on those. Point in case:

The first *sentence* of the whole report: "There is no magic formula to solve the problems of Iraq." if you go to (its 1:00pm right now) the news headling is this: "'No magic formula' for Iraq."

Anyone who's ever written a book report on a book they didn't read knows the tricks. Don't fool yourself into thinking journalists are somehow above that. They have deadlines too, and they also have a very low bar to jump.

So I printed the whole report off the internet <>.

You can also buy the book if you want (its like 10 bucks, and a PORTION of the proceeds will go to a military families charity).

OR if you dont want to read it and dont trust the media, you can wait til later in the day for me to write up a review. Im going to get an iced coffee right now and read it on my lunch break. Will have a post about it by tonight.

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Profiles in Courage

"You shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wants to can leave -- and we will see where this process leads."
(Defense Minister) Moshe Dayan advising what (Prime Minister) Golda Meir should tell the Palestinians
Jimmy Carter now has a book out called "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid". The reason its a big deal is because in America, you never hear about the unspeakable horrors imposed on the Palestinian people by the United States and Isreal. To say they are treated like dogs is inaccurate, dogs are treated much better. But I'll post more about the Palestinians later in the week.
I think its great Jimmy Carter is speaking out for an oppressed people, especially since its taboo to do so in the U.S. And I'll write a whole post about that.
I was watching Jimmy Carter do an interview on a live call-in show on CSPAN this Sunday. I kept trying to call in (to no avail.) But I had no intention of asking him about his book. The whole time I was looking at Jimmy Carter, all I could think about was Oscar Romero.
My post today is a story about a horror forced upon a people that far elcipses what is happening to the Palestinians. A brutal terrorist regime had seized power and declared a war on its own people, correctly described by a UN Commission as genocide.
The American president at the time was Jimmy Carter.
"I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916."
-General Smedley Butler, Marine Corps; and in 1933 was the most decorated soldier in US history


Oscar Romero. Catholic priest, later Archbishop of San Salvador. He is currently on the path to becoming a Saint, and has his own statue in Westminster Abbey as one of the greatest of "20th century martyrs". He is hailed as a hero across the world and his name alone will evoke deep emotion across Latin America. However, like the plight of the Palestinians, in the United States the name "Oscar Romero" is completely unknown.
To understand this case, I'll start with a quote that General Smedley Butler gave in 1933. At the time, Butler was the most decorated veteran in American history. Here, he reflexs on his long and distinguished career as one of the few, the proud, the marines:

El Salvador is one of the Central American republics that Smedley said he "helped in the raping of...for the benefits of Wall Street." Instead of direct colonial rule, though, the US relied on quite brutal dictators. The country would be exploited and controlled by US business. But control started slipping in the 1970's. The oppressed, the peasants, the workers, the majority. They began organizing themselves (with a lot of help from the Church) and demanding basic human rights.
This became a concern for the United States, which would prefer to have Central America firmly under its control and to enrich American business. Naturally if the people start organizing themselves against their imposed regime, it becomes a problem.
In 1979 a right-wing military junta seized power in El Salvador. It immediately began a program of terror, not only did they begin slaughtering the peasants of El Salvador, anyone who spoke out against this was immediately killed.
For me to just say the junta terrorized the people of El Salvador would give no justice to what was happening.

Daniel Santiago was an American Jesuit priest who wrote down what he saw. "People are not just killed by death squads in El Salvador-they are decapitated and then their heads are placed on pikes and used to dot the landscape. Men are not just disemboweled by the Salvadoran Treasury Police; their severed genitalia are stuffed into their mouths. Salvadoran women are not just raped by the National Guard; their wombs are cut from their bodies and used to cover their faces. It is not enough to kill children; they are dragged over barbed wire until the flesh falls from their bones, while parents are forced to watch. "
In a gruesome, but common, example, Santiago wrote about "a peasant woman who returned home one day to find her three children, her mother and her sister sitting around a table, each with its own decapitated head placed carefully on the table in front of the body, the hands arranged on top, as if each body was stroking its own head. The assasins, from the Salvadoran National Guard, had found it hard to keep the head of an 18 month old baby in place, so they nailed the hands onto it. A large plastic bowl filled with blood was tastefully displayed in the center of the table."

The military junta was backed and armed by the United States. The press refused to report what was going on. I emphasize the word refused. Many credited people tried to get them to report it. Many respected academics wrote op-eds. The American press refused to publish anything.

Father Oscar Romero was appointed Archbishop of San Salvador (capital of El Salvador.) Much of the Catholic Church (in El Salvad0r) was concerned about the widespread misery and poverty of the El Salvadorian people, and they were being killed off one by one for speaking out. Instead of, say, giving up and focusing on preventing evolution from being taught in schools, Oscar Romero used his position to affect change.
Romero began speaking out on social justice, poverty, widescale torture and oppression and the assasinations that were killing priests and nuns across the country. When the military junta took power in 1979 the horror was escalated to unprecedented scales, with daily massacres and some 3,000 dying every month for the whole year of 1980. Romero was a hero to a people who had never before had a voice, who had never before had anyone take their side.

In early 1980 it was reported that the US was considering a massive increased in military aid to the junta, perhaps hoping they could hurry up and finish the job. Upon hearing this Oscar Romero wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter.

Romero begged Carter not to send the aid, telling him "your government’s contribution will undoubtedly sharpen the injustice and the repression inflicted on the organized people, whose struggle has often been for respect for their most basic human rights."
Carter decided to send the aid anyway.

The war of terror soon entered into a phase that the UN characterized as "genocidal." Speaking in one of his many broadcasts, Romero addressed the Salvadoran National Guard, "Brothers, you are from the same people; you kill your fellow peasant . . . No soldier is obliged to obey an order that is contrary to the will of God . . . In the name of God then, in the name of this suffering people I ask you, I beg you, I command you in the name of God: stop the repression."

The next day, March 24, was the last day of Oscar Romero's life. He was giving mass that day. As he stood before his congregation, Romero told them "One must not love oneself so much, as to avoid getting involved in the risks of life that history demands of us, and those that fend off danger will lose their lives." Seconds later gunman burst in and, in front of all his parishiners, in the middle of his mass, opened fire and murdered Oscar Romero.
The gunman were later identified. They had been armed and trained by the United States.
As he collapsed before his flock, and lay dying on the floor, Romero looked to those around him and said "May God have mercy on the assassins," then died.
"If they kill me, I shall arise in the Salvadoran people. If the threats come to be fulfilled, from this moment I offer my blood to God for the redemption and resurrection of El Salvador. Let my blood be a seed of freedom and the sign that hope will soon be reality."
Three days later, in the largest demonstration in the history of Latin America, more then 50,000 peasants from around the nation gathered to bury Oscar Romero. Dignitaries from every major country, except the United States, attended. The BBC covered the event live, and millions of people all over the world witnessed something extraordinary. As the people of El Salvador began burying their hero, the Salvadoran National Guard opened fire and began massacring them. Television viewers would see widespread panic, chaos, bombs going off, dignitaries fleeing into the Church where they were trapped for hours.
Admist the bombs, gunfire and chaos as yet another massacre took place; a few brave peasants stood their ground and, with bullets whizzing past their heads, lowered their fallen hero into his final resting place.
"Aspire not to have more, but to be more."
The week of March 30th, 1980, headlines around the world carried news of Oscar Romero and later his horrifying funeral, from Europe to Africa and Asia it was given massive attention. In the United States of America, the nation that armed and trained Romero's assasins, with the freest press in the world, not a word of Romero's death or funeral was even reported. A New York Times archives search of the year 1980 shows the last mention of Romero was in February, a month before he was assasinated, buried on page six in an article titled "U.S. Aid Plan Opposed."
The repression continued for another 12 years. After the people were sufficiently slaughtered and terrorized, the US allowed elections to take place, but with an explicit warning: Vote for our candidate, or the terror will start again. The US canidate won.
Since then, US dictated economic policies (known as 'neo-liberalism', 'structural adjustment programs' or 'the washington consensus) have devastated El Salvador. For many of the impoverished majority, their only source of income is "remittances", which is money sent from Salvadoran relatives living abroad. When elections are held, the US ambassador will announce what candidate should be elected, and warns what will happen if US orders are not followed.
In the last election, FMLN was the opposition party. El Salvador was told, and it was widely (and constantly) reported in the Salvadoran media that George W Bush thinks FMLN are "terrorists" (this was just after the invasion of Iraq) and that the US will "reconsider" its relations with El Salvador if they elect FMLN, and in any case all remitances will be cut off (a death sentence for millions) and all Salvadorans in the US deported. The FMLN was linked to Osama bin Laden and on election day, international observers blocked from leaving the airport. When the votes were counted, the US candidate won.
Three days later, March 24, thousands of Salvadorans marched in a candle lit ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the fallen leader's murder. Stretching across the capital's main plaza was a banner, which read
""Forgive us, Monsignor, for we have elected your assassins once again . . . "

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
When the Reagan Administration tookover in 1981, the war was expanded. It was not only escalated in El Salvador, but added to the list of targets was Nicaragua. The devastation caused by US-backed death squads in Nicaragua essentially destroyed the country and it today remains the most impoverished nation in Latin America.
At the height of the atrocities, the US government was running a multi-national war of terrorism, deploying death squads all over Central America; destroying peasant movements, labor unions and anything else deemed an obstacle to total US control. The whole effort was being run out of the US Embassy in Honduras by the American Ambassador, John Negroponte.
Where do we find ourselves 20 years later?
After the illegal US invasion of Iraq and prolonged control by US viceroy Paul Bremer; it was announced that we were turing sovereignty over to the Iraqi people, showing that we have no interest in control Iraq or its resources. And since Iraq is now a sovereign nation, it would make sense to send a US Ambassador to occupy the new built American Embassy; which just happened to be the biggest embassay in world history (literally.) And who did Bush send to be the first American Ambassador to Iraq after sovereignty was returned? John Negroponte.
John Negroponte doesn't even speak Arabic. It seems an odd choice. Why the hell would they make John Negroponte the first Ambassador to Iraq?
"El Salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by US against Iraq militants"
The London Times, January 10th, 2005
- Its great that Jimmy Carter is speaking out for the Palestinians. But he had a chance to do something when he was President, and he did not. Instead, he wrote a book 30 years after he was elected president; long after he left politics, when he is a few years away from death, and at this point, has got nothing to lose.
- Oscar Romero saw suffering and did something about it. Carter's biggest risk he faced for speaking out was having some jackasses at AIPAC say you are a Jew-hater. Romero risked being killed. And he was. By weapons supplied from Carter.
-For anyone who cares, John Negroponte was replaced by a former oil executive who can speak Arabic. Instead, Negroponte is now the first "Director of National Intelligence". This makes more sense, because Negroponte made his name by conducting a secret, covert terrorist war against the people of Central America; in ways that covered American involvement. That may seem unimportant, but there were some real whackos in the government back then.
- Isn't Life Funny: One of the craziest voices in all this came in 1984. There was a high-level CIA agent who said; Look, if the people of Nicragua dont vote the way we tell them, we should bomb them, just bomb the shit out of them! It's as simple as that.
Twenty-six years later, that man was called to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee. It was today, and it was his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of Defense.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Night

If you're like me, nearly all the current music played on radio stations, across the spectrum, makes you want to throw up. [Im not talking about all current music here, just the shit they play on radio]. Some songs especially (Justin Timberlake?) leave you completely baffled as to how anyone could consider it music, let alone enjoy listening to it.

For your viewing pleasure, I suggest maximizing the video underneath (click on the video, it takes you to the YouTube website and plays it again, then click on the button to the right of the volume control, it will make the video full screen.)

Enjoy the legend and, in my opinion, a presentation of what music truly is and always should be.

So set it up, Joe. I've got a story, you oughta know...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesnt see?

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Backed by U.S.-led coalition advisers, Iraqi security forces battled insurgents early Tuesday in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood, the U.S. military said.

At least five people were killed in the fighting, including a mother and her 8-month-old child, and 18 others were wounded, an Iraqi Health Ministry official said.

A Shiite legislator, holding the dead child's body, told reporters outside a hospital morgue that the Iraqi government should be denounced for allowing such attacks, The Associated Press reported.

"I am suspending my membership in parliament since it remains silent about crimes such as this against the Iraqi people," said Saleh Al-Ukailli, according to AP. "I will not return to parliament until the occupation troops leave the country."

Thinking back to 9/11 and the horror and traumization our nation felt at the death of 3,000 Americans; I wonder what Iraqi's think at the death of 600,000 Iraqi's during this war, not to mention the 500,000 killed during the genocidal sanctions regime the US imposed on the Iraqi people. With a low-scale civil war going in Iraq, in addition to resistance to our occupation and strong anti-war sentiment at home, the Bush Administration has decided to... escalate the war. A vast majority of the Iraqis want us to leave now and support attacks on US troops. There is no question, no moral reason we should be there if we are not wanted. Bush response? More troops, more guns, more bombs. Luckily for all of us here in the United States the press practices amazing self-censorship so when your tax money goes to murdering civilians, brown civilians who arnt even Christian and speak some bizarre language, its not a big deal. After all K-Fed and Britney are getting divorced, TomKat just got married. Compared to that, killing over half a million people (and more everyday) is not a big deal.

I think the words of Thomas Jefferson best sum up my feeling toward the United States. "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever."

A shift in elite opinion?

I read a rather bizarre article in the NYT this morning regarding illegal Israel annexations of the West Bank. It was strange in many different ways. For one thing the New York Times never reports this time of thing, although it was not correctly reported anyway. The context of the illegality of Israeli colonies on the West Bank is that they are illegal under Israeli law. Because in the American media, international law is unheard of, no matter what the subject. Even Israeli papers widely discuss things in the context of international law. For example Israel is building a massive wall in the West Bank they say is for security reasons to block suicide bombers. Except, the wall isnt along the Israeli/West Bank border. It goes INSIDE the west bank, twists and curves, trapping thousands and thousands of Palestinians on the Israeli side. Like if the US built a security wall to block Mexicans from coming in, but we built the wall turned into Mexico and wrapped around Mexican cities, putting them on OUR side. It just doesnt make sense. Its widely acknowledged in the Israeli and world press that this is obviously an annexation scheme. Thats not mentioned in American media. The World Court ruled it illegal because its not ON the border, reported in Israeli and world press, not American. Finally the Israeli Supreme Court ruled it illegal (and ordered the route somewhat adjusted), also reported everywhere but the American media. So this article today in the NYT, while very much misreported, is still suprising that its reported. I'll give a brief summary and the context.

It starts off with "An Israeli advocacy group, using maps and figures leaked from inside the government, says that 39 percent of the land held by Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is privately owned by Palestinians." First, applause for Peace Now, one of many Israeli advocacy groups (Gush Shalom, Jews for Peace) that protest government policies in the Palestinian Territories. They are almost entirely ignored in American media but their newsletters are free to everyone and highly informative.

Second, a correction. The problem, according to the NYT, is that 39% of land Israeli settlements on the West Bank is owned by Palestinians, which (as the article says) is illegal. What it does not say is that its illegal under Israeli law. What Peace Now has been saying for a long time, and what is reported everywhere in the world and something everyone except Americans know, is that 100% of the land Israeli "settlements" occupy is illegal under international law. You cannot confiscate land and build on it. The "settlements" are illegal colonies. They are not only illegal under international law but the daily expansion of them is illegal under the "Road Map".

Here is one of the most interesting parts in the article:

"Mr. Olmert says Israel will keep some 10 percent of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, possibly in a swap for land elsewhere. The area Israel intends to keep is roughly marked by the route of the unfinished separation barrier, which cuts through the West Bank and is intended, Israel says, to stop suicide bombers. Mr. Olmert, however, describes it as a putative border."
Lets take a closer look. "Mr. Olmert says Israel will keep some 10 percent of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, possibly in a swap for land elsewhere." The idea of Israel taking part of the West Bank in exchange for a land swap elsewhere has been widely discussed by Israelis and Palestinians. There were intense negotiations at Taba in 2000-01 which led to an unofficial delegation of high ranking Israelis and Palestinians coming up with the "Geneva Accords" that propose such a solution, which is widely accepted by most of the world, which was widely reported everywhere, except, of course, for the US. But the far-right "Kadima" party (which everyone knows is really Likud) does not want to negotiate with the Palestnians and Mr Olmert would prefer to unilaterally draw the final borders. Which is why the United States and Israel are involved in a sick collective punishment of Gaza currently. Gaza, for those who dont know, is right now cut off from the world by land, air and sea. The electricity grid has been out of order since it was bombed in June, meaning clean water is also a rareity. The United States effectively got the world to cut off all financial aid so the Gazan people are not only starving, but they have no government services (ie garbage collection.) And while the Gaza strip is only 15 miles long (one of the most densely populated areas in the world) the Israeli air force feels the need to fly super-sonic jets over the area every night, causing massive sonic booms at 2am, smashing windows and traumatizing children. It is important to mention that there are still terrorist groups in Gaza that have been able to fire rockets into civilian areas of Israel . But I personally dont believe 1.5 million Palestinian civilians should be punished for it (collective punishment is also illegal under international law.)
3. "The area Israel intends to keep is roughly marked by the route of the unfinished separation barrier, which cuts through the West Bank and is intended, Israel says, to stop suicide bombers. Mr. Olmert, however, describes it as a putative border. " You have to be kidding me. The "separation barier" (a massive wall) roughly marks the land Israel intends to keep but is intended to stop suicide bombers? What WHAT a coicidence that the massive wall which goes into the west bank, to stop suicide bombers, also demarcates the future border of Israel. What a concidence thats so weird. Only the NYT
3. "Nearly 80,000 Jews live in settlements beyond the route of the barrier, but some 180,000 live in settlements within the barrier, while another 200,000 live in East Jerusalem." OK, and what about the Palestinians? 12,000 are trapped on the ISRAELI side because the wall (its commonly known as the apartheid wall) goes into the west bank. In 2004 a report was done to research the effects the wall had on these Palestinians, "researched and written by a team of experts under the direction of the Local Aid Coordination Committee’s (LACC) Humanitarian and Emergency Policy Group, which includes the European Union, Norway, the United States, the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and the World Bank."
The report concluded "When completed, as many as approximately 12,000 Palestinians could be left on the western, Israel-facing side of the wall, cut-off from their land, workplaces and essential social services...In addition, the Government of Israel states that the construction of the wall is a temporary measure but its extent, nature and cost and, in particular its location inside the West Bank and east of the Green Line suggest to Palestinians that the project has more permanent implications...The report notes that the 1995 Interim Agreement between the two sides states that neither party “will change the status of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations” and that “the integrity and status” of the West Bank and Gaza Strip “will be preserved during the interim period.” It adds that Israel argues that the wall is a temporary measure and therefore compatible with the Agreement." Notice how none of this is mentioned in the NYT article.
Lastly the NYT provides a map of the West Bank showing scattered illegal Israeli settlements throughout the land (it seems to me a lot are missing too). It fails to mention one crucial aspect of this. While these settlements are scattered all throughout the west bank, they are all actually connected. Special Israeli Only roads and highways connect every single one of them. If a Palestinian wishes to cross one of them to say, go to the hospital, they must wait at a checkpoint, which arnt always open, and which may have an hours long wait. This is why people refer to the "Bantustanization" of the West Bank (Bantustans were apartheid villages in South Africa).
But in the end its nice the NYT published this article at all, and cheers to the efforts of the Israeli Peace Groups who put this on the table. Hopefully a resolution will come soon, although I sincerely doubt it will come with George Bush and Ehud Olmert in power. But who knows, stranger things have happened.

Friday, November 17, 2006

How I learned to start worrying about the bomb

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

Anyone who was worried that a new Democratic Senate might change the twisted and dangerous bi-partisan foreign policy consensus that posesses the United States halls of power need not worry. Although the changing of the guard does not take place until January, a recent (horrible) bill recently passed the US Senate with a majority of Democratic Senators voting Yes; and and even larger majority of Democratic Senators voted against a pretty important amendment to that bill. I'll briefly explain:

In 1945 the US was the only country that had the atom bomb. By the end of the 60's, six states had the bomb (UK, France, China, USSR, Israel, USA). And a lot of countries were racing to get the bomb, so it was generally accepted that soon almost every country would have a nuclear weapon. So they came up with something called the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Every single country in the world (except for Pakistan, India and Israel) signed it. It had three main components:

1. Every country signing that does not have the bomb hereby promises not to try and get the bomb.

2. Every country signing that already has the bomb hereby promises to take full faith measures to reduce and eventually eliminate their stockpiles of nuclear bombs

3. Everyone, nuclear and non-nuclear states, has the "inalienable right" to a nuclear energy program. [And yes this includes uranium-enrichment]

So anyway, "nuclear proliferation" (spread of nuclear weapons), has become a bit of a problem lately. Bush said this was the #1 danger the US faces. So what has he done to stop it? First he announced North Korea, Iran and Iraq were in an axis of evil, then illegally invaded Iraq (a straight out war crime) but appeased North Korea once it announced he had the bomb. Well now Iran (which is frequently threatened by the US and Israel) has a nuclear energy program (that everyone assumes is actually to make a bomb.) Well, the smartest thing Iran could do at this point is to develop a nuclear weapon, almost everyone acknowledges this. Even Israel's leading military historian, Martin Van Creveld, recently wrote "Obviously, we don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons and I don't know if they're developing them, but if they're not developing them, they're crazy."

Iraq, Iran, India. India never signed the NPT and developed a nuclear bomb on its own. Since they did that the US, like most states, has taken certain measures to make it clear that its not cool that India just went out and got itself a bomb (as to discourage others.) Well that was erased last year when Bush went to India and signed an agreement that said the US would send vast amounts of nuclear material to India (such as enriched uranium) for their "civilian" energy program. Well India does in fact have a large scale civilian nuclear energy program, which requires large amounts of nuclear material, leaving only a little bit left for their military program. However, since now the US is providing everything they need for their civilian energy program, that means India has a shitload left over to begin a mass-scale nuclear weapons program.

Its a stab in the heart for nuclear proliferation. The US is doing this because they want to court India as a stragetic partner as a counterweight to China. But the effects of this are profound. Everyone else in the world (except for Pakistan and Israel) followed the rules and signed this treaty. Everyone in the treaty, including nuclear-states, agreed that nuclear weapons are bad, they should not be spread, and we should not only prevent an increase but start to decrease them and eventually get rid of them altogether. But one of the 3 countries that ignored this rule and developed its own bomb is.... being rewarded and provided with everything they need to massively INCREASE their nuclear weapons program!

However Bush cant just sign these deals and make them effective. It must pass the Senate. And it did, yesterday, overwhelmingly. Here are the people who voted against it:

Akaka (D-HI)Bingaman (D-NM)Boxer (D-CA)Byrd (D-WV)
Conrad (D-ND)Dayton (D-MN)Dorgan (D-ND)Feingold (D-WI)
Harkin (D-IA)Johnson (D-SD)Kennedy (D-MA)Leahy (D-VT)

Yeah Kennedy! Anyway, it gets better. Now, Im sure you are wondering what Iran is thinking about this (what Pakistan thinks is a whole other topic.) Iran, like everyone else, signed a treaty saying it would not develop nuclear weapons but has the inalienable right to a nuclear energy program. And yet they are surrounded by the nuclear armed United States military in almost every country they border, have US Fleets doing "exercises" right off their coast, and are openly being threatened by the US and Israel; all for a 'peaceful' nuclear program that they are legally entitled to. Yes of course its bullshit and they are probably trying to get the bomb, but I might add they keep saying they'll give up their program if the US will just PROMISE NOT TO INVADE THEIR COUNTRY! The US refuses to make that promise. But it does promise that it will ship assloads of nuclear material to India. Well. Hm.

So now turning to the best part of this all. India has relations with Iran. Not only diplomatic, but military relations (ie trade deals, joint exercises, etc.) So yesterday Senator Barbara Boxer proposed attaching this amendment to the nuclear deal with India. The text reads as follows:

"To make the waiver authority of the President contingent upon a certification that India has agreed to suspend military-to-military cooperation with Iran, including training exercises, until such time as Iran is no longer designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. "

The amendment was REJECTED, 38 - 59. And it was NOT a party line vote. The amendment was supported by everyone from Ted Kennedy to fucking Rick Santorum! And still got rejected! I've said it once and I'll say it again; nuclear proliferation is not a priority for the US government. Not just Bush, but the fucking senate too!

The US does not play but the rules. It wants to run the world through force. It wishes make countries stay in line by keeping them in a constant state of fear that they will be attacked by the US if they dare defy it. The US is running the world like a mafia don. And I might add threatening violence for political purposes is TERRORISM, thats the definition, according to the US Army field manual. Iran must be punished because they do not cave into what the US says, and they held our embassy hostage for 444 days in 1979-80. No matter that we overthrew their parliament and installed a murderous dictator that held their COUNTRY hostage for 25 years.

So India gets to make as many bombs as it wants because they are a strategic partner that will counterweight China and Russia. Iran needs to be punished for being a bad boy and is desparately trying to develop a nuclear bomb so the US does not attack (widely recognized by the US foreign policy elite as the reason for Iran's nuclear program). But the US wont promise were not going to attack, even if they give up their program. So why the hell should they?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friends Forever

Coming soon.... how would the gang vote in this year's midterm elections? Here's a hint, you might be suprised!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Cost of War

Why a Republican Congress is bad for America, Part II

10/21/06Knier, TonyPending
10/23/06Sare, Charles O.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Buerstetta, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Overstreet, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Rogers, Nicholas K.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Mock, Willsun M.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Taylor, David G.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Herzberg, Eric W.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Watkins, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Manoukian, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Elrod, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Collinsworth, Clifford R.DoD Confirmation
10/20/06Witte, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
10/19/06Lopez Jr., EdwardoDoD Confirmation
10/18/06Brozovich, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Perez, Jose R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Winegeart, Daniel W.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Paulsen, Ronald L.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Montalvo, Jesus M.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Dumas Jr., Joseph C. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Unger, David M. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Culbertson III, Russell G.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Loudon, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Haupt, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Taylor III, Norman R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Frigo, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Sizemore, Garth D.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Booth, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Baroncini, Jr., Lester DomenicoDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Bicknell, StephenDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Deese, Joshua DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Lootens, Jonathan E.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Paine, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Babb, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Hines, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Moore, Keith J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06King, Charles M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Kane, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Lauer, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Simpson, Jonathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Chavis, Leebenard E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Craver, Johnny K.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Stanton Jr., Kenny F.DoD Confirmation
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10/12/06Hawkins, Gene A.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Walsh, Justin T.DoD Confirmation
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10/09/06Feniello, Shelby J.DoD Confirmation
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10/07/06Johnson II, Carl W.DoD Confirmation
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10/06/06Hale, John EdwardDoD Confirmation
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09/04/06Walsh, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
09/04/06Valdepenas, Eric P.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Gunterman, Hannah L.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Shoemaker, Jared M.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Merrill, Jason L. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Andino Jr., Edwin AnthonyDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Madaras, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Henkes II, Richard J. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Miller, Ryan EdwinDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Johnson, Philip A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Harris, Shane P.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Dreese, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Porras, Ralph N.DoD Confirmation
09/02/06Alex, EugeneDoD Confirmation
09/01/06Mercado-Velazquez, Angel D. DoD Confirmation
09/01/06Golla, CliffDoD Confirmation
08/31/06Deason, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Hanson, Joshua R.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Wolfe, Colin JosephDoD Confirmation
08/29/06Warndorf, Christopher Tyler DoD Confirmation
08/29/06Vosbein, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
08/28/06Shannon L. SquiresDoD Confirmation
08/28/06Schneider, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Benson, DarryDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hansen, Jeffrey J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Almazan, David J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Champlin, Donald E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jones, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Novak, Shaun A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Lee, QixingDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jazmine, MoisesDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Smith, TristanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Cross, KennethDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Dolan, DanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hildreth, Seth A.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Weimortz, David G.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Zayas, EdgardoDoD Confirmation
08/25/06Pierson, Jordan C.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Solomon, Gordon GeorgeDoD Confirmation
08/24/06Williams, Dwayne E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06King, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Thorne, William E.DoD Confirmation
08/23/06Hirlston, James DanielDoD Confirmation
08/23/06Barbieri, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
08/22/06Darga, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/06Clemmons, Brad A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06DeRoo, Gabriel G.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06Kenyon, Chadwick ThomasDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Galvez, Adam AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Newman, Randy LeeDoD Confirmation
08/19/06Quick, Marquees A.DoD Confirmation
08/18/06Villa Jr, Ruben J.DoD Confirmation
08/17/06Arellano, James J.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Loa, Jeffrey S.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Glover, Michael DennisDoD Confirmation
08/16/06Phillips, John P.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06McKenna IV, John JamesDoD Confirmation
08/12/06Jenkins, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Zeigler, Kevin L.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Lloyd, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
08/10/06Long, Jeremy Z.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Brown, Jeffery S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Mennemeyer, Steven P.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Woods, Shane W.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Ramirez, IgnacioDoD Confirmation
08/09/06Jagger, AaronDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Melvin, Tracy L.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Zamora, JoseDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Clark, Carlton A.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Seale, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
08/05/06Kubik, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Segura Jr., Leroy DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Storey, Clint J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Beste, Bradley H.DoD Confirmation
08/03/06Dechen, Kurt EdwardDoD Confirmation
08/03/06Ulloa Jr., George M.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Lee, Marc A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Tomci, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Jopek, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Laird, Dustin D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/06Hsia, Hai MingDoD Confirmation
07/31/06Ford, JoshuaDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Hanson, JasonDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Baucus, Phillip E.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Williams, Christian B.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Butterfield, Anthony E.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Higgins, James W.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Murray, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Sanchez, Enrique HenryDoD Confirmation
07/27/06Roos, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
07/26/06Koth, Edward ADoD Confirmation
07/25/06Graves, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Castner, Stephen W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06West, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Samson Jr., Dennis K.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Swanson, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
07/22/06Russell, Blake H.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Fargo, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Wallace, Matthew P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Pate, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Plowman, Derek J.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Ramon, Julian A.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Cayer, Geofrey R.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Vecchione, Mark RichardDoD Confirmation
07/17/06Baughman, Nathaniel S.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Pugh, Kenneth I.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Smith, Scott R.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Dickinson II, Michael ADoD Confirmation
07/16/06Evey, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Contreras, Andres J.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Holguin, Manuel J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/06Turner Jr., Thomas B.DoD Confirmation
07/13/06Floyd, Al'KailaDoD Confirmation
07/12/06Tharp, Jerry A.DoD Confirmation
07/12/06Hernandez Jr., Irving DoD Confirmation
07/10/06Dreasky, Duane J.DoD Confirmation
07/09/06Montoya, Damien M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Micks, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Linden, Troy CarlinDoD Confirmation
07/08/06Flores, OmarDoD Confirmation
07/03/06Pabla, PaulDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Noyes, JustinDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Mason, Collin T.DoD Confirmation
07/01/06Ware Jr., Carl Jerome DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Muldoon, James P.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Miller, KyleDoD Confirmation
06/29/06Clark, Ryan. J.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Rose, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Luckey, Bryan C.DoD Confirmation
06/28/06Page, Rex A.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Morrow, Jason W.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Wallace, Terry O.P.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Jones, JeremyDoD Confirmation
06/26/06Potocki, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Plouhar, Raymond J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Lisk, TerryDoD Confirmation
06/25/06King, Paul N.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Sanchez, Virrueta A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Laymon, Benjamin J.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Norton, Justin DeanDoD Confirmation
06/23/06Singletary, Channing G.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Gibbons, Devon J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Buckley, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Bievre, Mario J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Beyer, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
06/22/06Baker, Riley E.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Cuaresma, Sirlou C.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Whyte, Nicholas J. DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Buzzard, Jason J.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Leon, Christopher D. DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Williams, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Webb, Brandon JDoD Confirmation
06/20/06White, Christopher N.DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Ramirez, Reyes DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Jones, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Menchaca, KristianDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Tucker, Thomas LowellDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Koch, Brent W.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Babineau, David J. DoD Confirmation
06/15/06Santos, Jeremiah S.DoD Confirmation
06/14/06Estrella, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Guerrero, SalvadorDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Alday, Zachary M.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Slaven, BenDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Zoucha, BrentDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Velez, Jose M.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06McSwain, Clarence D.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06Crabtree, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/08/06Santos, Luis D.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Vaughan, John ShawDoD Confirmation
06/07/06Crombie, David N.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Love, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Smykowski, Mark T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Blakley, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Anderson, Andy D.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Pernell, Carlos E.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Sanders, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Gionet, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Lawson, Issac S.DoD Confirmation
06/05/06Rovinski, GaryDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Jaenke, JamieDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Stover, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Harmon, DarrenDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Cummings, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Tribble, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Mejia, Benjamin E.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Kolasa, Alexander J.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06Bucklin, Brock L.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06West, Bobby R.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Loveless, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Funkhouser, James A.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Garcia, J. AdanDoD Confirmation
05/27/06Doring, Nathanael J.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Bennett, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
05/26/06Lucas, AdamDoD Confirmation
05/25/06Lufkin, Caleb A.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06Blair, Robert E.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06DiCenzo, Douglas A. DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Hermanson, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Posivio III, Robert G.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Freund, Steven DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Leusink, William J.DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Christoff Jr., DavidDoD Confirmation
05/21/06Ramirez, Benito A.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Fulks, William B.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Holland, Daniel E.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Cournoyer, NicholasDoD Confirmation
05/18/06Allen Jr., Lonnie Calvin DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Seidel III, RobertDoD Confirmation
05/17/06Deal, Lee HamiltonDoD Confirmation
05/16/06Halsel, Santiago M.DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Flint Jr., Marion DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Dampier, Grant AllenDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Mahaffee, ShaneDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Yearby, Hatak Yuka Keyu M.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Marin-Dominguez Jr., Jose S.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Worrel, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Weeks, Jamie D.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06West, Robert H.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Engeman, John W.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06James, Richard Z.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06Gebur, RonDoD Confirmation
05/12/06Teeters, Brandon L.DoD Confirmation
05/12/06Conboy, Adam C.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Vahaviolos, SteveDoD Confirmation
05/11/06Licalzi, Michael L. DoD Confirmation
05/11/06GramesSanchez, David J.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burnett, Jason K.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burkart, Armer N.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Snowberger III, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Clark, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
05/10/06Carbonaro, AlessandroDoD Confirmation
05/09/06Latimer, Aaron P.DoD Confirmation
05/08/06Wagner, Gregory A. DoD Confirmation
05/07/06Legaspi, Emmanuel L. DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Palmer, Cory L.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Deraps, LeonDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Fenton, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Veverka, David MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Kelly Jr., Dale James DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Gaylord, Alva L.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Torres, TeodoroDoD Confirmation
05/05/06Saenz, Carlos N.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Vacho, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Parker, Elisha R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Bixler, Stephen R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Quinton, Bryan L.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Reinke, Gavin B.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Zieske, Benjamin T.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Proctor, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Letendre, Brian S.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Eckhardt, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Moscillo, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Light, Robbie GlenDoD Confirmation
04/29/06Sakoda, Steve M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Herlem, Bryant A.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Hardy, Brandon M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Mills, Lea R.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Davis III, Edward G.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Gomez, JoseDoD Confirmation
04/27/06Wall, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Webber, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Mendez, BobbyDoD Confirmation
04/26/06Ford, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Henry, Raymond L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Herrema, Richard J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Bandonill, Metodio A.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Simons, Aaron WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Ehney, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/06Lasswell Jr., Shawn ThomasDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Daniel, Jason B.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Lueken, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Zimmerman, Travis C.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Bouthot, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Allcott, Jacob H.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06King, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Colnot, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
04/20/06Ramseyer, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Tinnell, Patrick A.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Settle, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
04/18/06Weikel, Ian P.DoD Confirmation
04/16/06Cubert, Clinton W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Melcher, Mark W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Sims, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Winslow, Ryan G.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Mayorga, Pablo V.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Cothran, Derrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/14/06Settle, Darin T.DoD Confirmation
04/13/06Perez, Stephen JosephDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Bachar, SalemDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Waits, Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Glimpse, Marcus S.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Calderon-Ascencio, Roland E.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Bandhold, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Hess, Kenneth D.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Roehl Jr., George R.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Costello III, James F.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Blanco, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Gardner, James W. "Will"DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Lamberson, Randall L.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Love-Fowler, Joseph I.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Collins, David S.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Rogers, Gregory S.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Martini, Philip JohnDoD Confirmation
04/08/06NavarroArellano, JuanaDoD Confirmation
04/08/06Creighton, Shawn R.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Missildine, Jody W.DoD Confirmation
04/07/06Waller, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Taylor, Bryan N.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Edwards, Chase A.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Sesker, Daniel L.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Harris, Dustin J.DoD Confirmation
04/04/06Johnson, Ty J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Ehle, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Nettles, Marcques J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Palmisano, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Aguilar Jr., AndresDoD Confirmation
04/02/06Twitchell, Abraham G.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Sandoval-Flores, Felipe D.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Bass, David A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Gallagher, Patrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06St. Germain, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Padilla Aleman, GeovaniDoD Confirmation
04/02/06McIntosh, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Kim, Kun Y.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Procopio, Scott J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Hartwick, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Moshier, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Devora Garcia, IsraelDoD Confirmation
04/01/06Clay, Darrell P.DoD Confirmation
03/31/06Beisel, Jacob WalterDoD Confirmation
03/30/06Duenas, Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
03/30/06Moss Jr., Walter M.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Rowe, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Tharp, Sean D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Hernandez, RobertDoD Confirmation
03/25/06Carlson, Frederick A.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06McCaulley, Randy D.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06Beery, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
03/21/06McKinzie, Antoine J.DoD Confirmation
03/18/06Barraza, RicardoDoD Confirmation
03/18/06Brehm, Dale G.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Pinson, Amanda N.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Gonzalez, Carlos M.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Yates III, NyleDoD Confirmation
03/15/06Zawaydeh, Angelo A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Silva, Marco A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Dan, Corey A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Lewis, Bryan A.DoD Confirmation
03/12/06Marino (Figueroa), Kristen K.DoD Confirmation
03/11/06Duerksen, Amy A.DoD Confirmation
03/10/06Long, BunnyDoD Confirmation
03/08/06Fry, John D.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Martone, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Salas Jr., RickyDoD Confirmation
03/06/06Zanutto, Adam O.DoD Confirmation
03/05/06Jessen, Kevin P.DoD Confirmation
03/03/06Snyder, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Youmans, Joshua V.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Merchant, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Priest, Tina M.DoD Confirmation
02/27/06Lewis, Dwayne Peter R.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Pearce, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Schornak, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Humble, Joshua U.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Farr, Clay P.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06Thornton, John JoshuaDoD Confirmation
02/25/06Schuster, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06VanAlstine, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
02/24/06Muscat, DimitriDoD Confirmation
02/24/06Powers, Joshua FrancisDoD Confirmation
02/22/06Wilwerth, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Misner II, Gordon F.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Howard II, Curtis T.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Morr, Allan A.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Marion, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Gourley, Gregson G.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Jones, Rickey E.DoD Confirmation
02/21/06Fitzgerald, Almar L.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Collado, Jay T.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Kuhlmeier, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Davila, JessieDoD Confirmation
02/18/06Conley, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
02/18/06Matheny IV, Charles E.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Garcia, Anthony R.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Edwards Jr., Amos C.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Washam, Rusty L.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Barnes, Matthew RonDoD Confirmation
02/14/06Probst, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Kemple, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Garcia Villareal, Felipe J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Wilson, NicholasDoD Confirmation
02/09/06Smith, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
02/09/06Chavez Jr., JavierDoD Confirmation
02/07/06Phillips, Steven L.DoD Confirmation
02/07/06Kokesh Jr., Allen D.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Herried, Patrick W.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Schuck, Brandon S.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Spann, Jacob D. "Jake"DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Gerena, OrvilleDoD Confirmation
02/06/06Parr, David S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Mercedes Saez, Sergio A.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Hayes III, William S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Morningstar, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Boehmer, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
02/04/06Martinez Salazar, Roberto L.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Zamora, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Cornett, Lance S.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Cox Jr., Simon T.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Messer, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Howard II, Walter B.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Cardelli, Sean T.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Owens, Anthony ChadDoD Confirmation
02/01/06Viglienzone, Caesar S.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Bustamante, Marlon A.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Avery, Garrison C.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Schoff, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Herrera, David L.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Barbosa, Felipe C.DoD Confirmation
01/27/06Lopez Lopez, Hugo R.DoD Confirmation
01/25/06Johnson, Joshua AllenDoD Confirmation
01/25/06Durbin Jr., Jerry M. "Michael"DoD Confirmation
01/24/06Miles, Sean H.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Wagler, Peter D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Chase, Lance M.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Scott, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Calapini, Lewis T. D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Hunter, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
01/22/06McElroy, BrianDoD Confirmation
01/22/06Norton, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Arrelano Pandura, CarlosDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Dewey, Brandon ChristopherDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Frantz, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Yazzie, Clifton J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Flanagan, Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Scott, RickeyDoD Confirmation
01/17/06Shepherd, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Garcia, Ruel M.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Kenyon, Rex C.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Kendall, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Dudkiewicz, Kasper AllenDoD Confirmation
01/14/06Watts, Justin J.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jordan, Michael AnthonyDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Price, Jonathan KyleDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jackson, Kyle E.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Carver Jr., Mitchell K.DoD Confirmation
01/10/06McMullen, Michael JosephDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Lundstrom, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Jacobs, Jeriad P.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Brown, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Camilomatos, RadhamesDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Upchurch, Clinton R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Johnson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Field, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Braswell, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06deMoors, Joseph D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06LaBouff, Douglas A.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Martinez, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Anderson, Stuart M.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Melson, Jacob E.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Edwards, Michael I.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Troxel, Chester W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Campbell, Jaime L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Little, Jason T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Mercado, RaulDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McCurdy, Ryan S.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Gettings, Albert PasqualeDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Walker, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Lopezreyes, JasonDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McLaughlin, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Cann, Adam LeighDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Mariano, Robbie M.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Peralez Jr., Johnny J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06White, Stephen J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Petty, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Hecker III, William F.DoD Confirmation
01/01/06Bishop, Jason LeeDoD Confirmation
01/01/06Vanderhorn, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/31/05Corniel, Marcelino RonaldDoD Confirmation
12/30/05Taha, Ayman A.DoD Confirmation
12/30/05Pfender, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
12/30/05Dostie, Shawn ChristopherDoD Confirmation
12/29/05Lutz II, George Anthony "Tony"DoD Confirmation
12/29/05Teewia, Prince K.DoD Confirmation
12/28/05Forbes, Aaron M.DoD Confirmation
12/27/05Morberg, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
12/27/05Sage, Lance S.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Carver, Dane O.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Santos, Isaias E.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Salter, Richard Matthew "Matt"DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Coles, Dominic R.DoD Confirmation
12/25/05Cardinal, Anthony O.DoD Confirmation
12/25/05Gudino, SergioDoD Confirmation
12/24/05Andres Jr., Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
12/24/05Maravillosa, Myla L.DoD Confirmation
12/23/05Willey, Cheyenne C.DoD Confirmation
12/23/05Reali, Regina C.DoD Confirmation
12/22/05Lopez-Feliciano, WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/22/05Britt, Benjamin T.DoD Confirmation
12/20/05Naputi, Richard Jr. DeGraciaDoD Confirmation
12/20/05Cleary, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
12/19/05Mason, Johnnie V.DoD Confirmation
12/18/05Tapia, SamuelDoD Confirmation
12/16/05Fales, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
12/15/05Boyce, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
12/15/05Lucas, Joseph AlanDoD Confirmation
12/14/05Presley, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
12/14/05Pospisil, Kenneth B.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Navarro, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Kesinger, James C.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Karim, Brian C.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Zyla, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Mitchell, Curtis A.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Nelson, Lex S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Kubasak, Jared WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/11/05Bennett, Keith A.DoD Confirmation
12/11/05Moudy, James S. "Shawn"DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Casica, KenithDoD Confirmation
12/10/05Nelson, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Floyd Jr., Clarence L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Atkins, Julia V.DoD Confirmation
12/09/05Orosco, Adrian N.DoD Confirmation
12/08/05Rivera-Vargas, MiltonDoD Confirmation
12/08/05Smith, Kevin J. DoD Confirmation
12/08/05Akers, Spencer C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/05Taylor, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/05Bier, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
12/06/05Siekert, Thomas C.DoD Confirmation
12/06/05Wright, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/05Cuka, Daniel M.DoD Confirmation
12/04/05Schild, Richard L.DoD Confirmation
12/03/05Shelton, Jimmy LeeDoD Confirmation
12/02/05Futrell, Marcus S.DoD Confirmation
12/02/05Travis, Philip L.DoD Confirmation
12/02/05Dodson Jr., Philip AllanDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Adams, Brent A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Watson, Craig N.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Stevens, Andy A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Patten, Andrew G.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Modeen, Scott T.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05McElveen, Anthony T.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Martinez, Robert AlexanderDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Kaiser, Adam WadeDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Huhn, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Holmason, John M.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Clay, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Taylor, William G.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Richardson, William D.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Snyder, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Jakoniuk, GrzegorzDoD Confirmation
11/29/05Hasse, Donald J.DoD Confirmation
11/29/05Mills Jr., Jerry W.DoD Confirmation
11/26/05Angus, Brett E.DoD Confirmation
11/25/05Tull, Gregory L.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Christensen, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Pearrow, Eric P.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Delgado, Marc A.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Reynolds, Steven C.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Villanueva, Javier A.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Knop, Allen J.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Meeuwsen, William B.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Bass, Aram J.DoD Confirmation
11/22/05Gallardo, Denis J.DoD Confirmation
11/21/05Dearing, John Wilson "J.W."DoD Confirmation
11/20/05Sacco, Dominic J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Alcozer, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Troyer, Tyler J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Terrazas, MiguelDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Idanan, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Hinton, Dominic JosephDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Blair, Jonathan F.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Karolasz, EdwardDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Zilinski, Dennis W.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Yost, Anthony R. C.DoD Confirmation
11/18/05Reyes, Luis R.DoD Confirmation
11/18/05Gaunky, Anthony Alexander "Alex"DoD Confirmation
11/17/05Widner, Vernon R.DoD Confirmation
11/17/05Alarcon, Ivan VargasDoD Confirmation
11/16/05Paytas, Dylan R.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Murray, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Roman-Cruz, AlexisDoD Confirmation
11/16/05Ware, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Rogers, Jeffry A.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Deeds, Roger W.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Lucente, John A. "JT"DoD Confirmation
11/16/05McGlothin, Donald R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Schiavoni, Nickolas DavidDoD Confirmation
11/15/05Grigg, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Holley, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Estep, James E.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05Longoria, John M.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05McCrackin, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05Mendoza Jr., Ramon J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Sutherland, Stephen J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Mendez Ruiz, David A.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Zubowski, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Chisholm, Tyrone L.DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Mendez Sanchez, Antonio "Tony"DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Fisher II, Donald E.DoD Confirmation
11/10/05Swaim, Daniel FreemanDoD Confirmation
11/10/05Terando, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
11/10/05Parrott, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
11/08/05Cashe, Alwyn C. "Al"DoD Confirmation
11/08/05Tamburello, Jeremy P.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Reyes, Mario A.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Pope II, Robert C.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Freeman, Brian L.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Smith, Justin S.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Hayes, James F.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Cahill, Joel E.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Sorensen, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
11/05/05Wren, Thomas A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Boatman, Darrell W.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Yancey, Dustin A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Gurbisz, James M.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Brown, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Fegler, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Toczylowski, Jeffrey P.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Howe, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Pratt, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Wehrly, Kyle B.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05MacKenzie, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Smith, Benjamin A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Munger, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Procopio, Mark J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Ferderer Jr., Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Martino, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Bloomfield II, Gerald M.DoD Confirmation
11/01/05Espiritu, Allan M.DoD Confirmation
11/01/05Tsue, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Kading, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Oneto-Sikorski, Robert C.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Jack, Derence W.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Lieto, Wilgene T.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Johnson, Adam R. "A.J."DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Martin, David J.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Byler, William J.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Tessar, JonathanDoD Confirmation
10/30/05Dameron, Joel P.DoD Confirmation
10/30/05Hodshire, Michael PaulDoD Confirmation
10/29/05Guy, Shaker T.DoD Confirmation
10/29/05Hill II, Raymond D.DoD Confirmation
10/29/05Rojas, Kenny D.DoD Confirmation
10/28/05Jutras, Dillon M.DoD Confirmation
10/28/05Banaszak, Debra A.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Kremm, Jared J.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Eckfield Jr., Robert F.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Wood, William W.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Lightner Jr., Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Mackinnon, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Gentry, Lewis J.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Witkowski, JamesDoD Confirmation
10/26/05Acevedoaponte, Ramon A.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Wallsmith, Thomas A.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Parker, Evan S.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Robertson, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Hoeffner, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Monroe, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
10/23/05Spears, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/05Alexander Jr., George T.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Swisher, Tyler B.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Cockerham III, Benny GrayDoD Confirmation
10/21/05Butler, Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Thompson, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Davey, Seamus M.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Merck, Dennis P.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Dones, Jacob D.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Szwydek, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Russoli, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Pummill, Richard T.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Anderson III, Norman W.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Rosario, Jose E.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Nahvi, Russell H.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Mora Jr., Arthur A.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Frederick, Kendall K.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Folks Jr., Tommy IkeDoD Confirmation
10/19/05Bartels, Daniel D.DoD Confirmation
10/18/05Frantz, Lucas A.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Poston, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Pillen, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Bubb, Daniel Scott R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Hildebrandt, Chad R.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Adams, Mark P.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Watkins, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Summers, Vincent E.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Hardy, Richard AllenDoD Confirmation
10/15/05Corban, Jeffrey W.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Byrd, Thomas H.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Ceo, Bernard L.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Boswell, Samuel M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Conner, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
10/13/05Babcock IV, Howard E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/05Tucker, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Hunt Jr., Kenneth E.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Grijalva, James T.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Ponce Ruiz, LorenzoDoD Confirmation
10/12/05Furman, Donald D.DoD Confirmation
10/11/05Kimmell, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Bonifacio Jr., Jerry L.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05James II, Leon G.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Johnson, Leon M.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Sneed, Brandon K.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Hodge, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
10/09/05Harper Jr., Gary R.DoD Confirmation
10/08/05Escobar, Sergio H.DoD Confirmation
10/07/05Greer, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
10/07/05Fifer, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Raines II, Carl L.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05McVicker, Daniel M.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Frye, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Cherava, Nicholas O.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Cabino, Shayne M.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Kenny, Patrick BrianDoD Confirmation
10/06/05Robinson, Jeremiah W.DoD Confirmation
10/04/05Joplin, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
10/04/05Bedard, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Pankey Jr., Larry WayneDoD Confirmation
10/03/05Baez, Roberto C.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Vanderbosch, Jacob T.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Large, Bryan W.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Stalvey, John R.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Berry, Sean B.DoD Confirmation
10/02/05Roark, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Schelbert, Jens E.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Kynoch, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Westbrook, Marshall A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Brown, Oliver J.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Wiegand, Lee A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Slebodnik, Eric W.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Pugliese, George A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Arnold, Daniel L.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Jacobson, Elizabeth NicoleDoD Confirmation
09/28/05Morin Jr., SteveDoD Confirmation
09/27/05Benford, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Howe, Casey E.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Tuliau, Tulsa T.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Ortega, Elijah M.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Wallace, Andrew P.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Wendling, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Allen, Howard P.DoD Confirmation
09/25/05Graham, Shawn A.DoD Confirmation
09/24/05Dunlap, Brian E.DoD Confirmation
09/24/05Schelle, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
09/23/05Neubauer, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
09/23/05Derrick, Andrew JosephDoD Confirmation
09/22/05McLaughlin, Scott P.DoD Confirmation
09/22/05Jones, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
09/22/05Sonoda Jr., Mike T.DoD Confirmation
09/21/05Arndt, Travis M. DoD Confirmation
09/20/05Raymond, Pierre A.DoD Confirmation
09/20/05Allers III, William AlvinDoD Confirmation
09/19/05Morrison, Lawrence E.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Evans, William L.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Fernandez, William V.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Egan, MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/19/05Dooley, Mark H.DoD Confirmation
09/17/05Nelom, Regilio E.DoD Confirmation
09/16/05Deckard, Matthew L.DoD Confirmation
09/16/05Gifford, Alan NyeDoD Confirmation
09/16/05Ford IV, David H.DoD Confirmation
09/15/05Silva, Alfredo B.DoD Confirmation
09/15/05Swanberg, Shane C.DoD Confirmation
09/12/05Macrum, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
09/11/05Campbell, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
09/11/05Arcala, Kurtis Dean K.DoD Confirmation
09/07/05Everett, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Martens, Robert N.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Vilorio, Franklin R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Jonaus, Jude R.DoD Confirmation
09/05/05Williams, Luke C.DoD Confirmation
09/05/05Bohling, Matthew CharlesDoD Confirmation
09/05/05Williams, Jeffrey A.DoD Confirmation
09/02/05Parson, Lonnie J.DoD Confirmation
09/01/05Draughn Jr., George RayDoD Confirmation
09/01/05Hollar Jr., Robert LeeDoD Confirmation
08/31/05Ames, Jason E.DoD Confirmation
08/31/05Ruth, Monta S.DoD Confirmation
08/31/05Miller II, Lowell T.DoD Confirmation
08/30/05Fester, Gregory J.DoD Confirmation
08/29/05Rubado, Charles R.DoD Confirmation
08/29/05Hay, Dennis P.DoD Confirmation
08/28/05Kolath, Obediah J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/05Martinez, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
08/25/05Shea, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
08/25/05Jerak, IvicaDoD Confirmation
08/25/05Diesing, Trevor J.DoD Confirmation
08/23/05Chapin, Chris S.DoD Confirmation
08/23/05Diaz, Carlos J.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Romero, RamonDoD Confirmation
08/22/05Kathiria, Hatim S.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Lieurance, Victoir P.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Hunt, Joseph DanielDoD Confirmation
08/21/05Cathey, James J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/05Arcand, Elden D.DoD Confirmation
08/21/05Morris, Brian LeeDoD Confirmation
08/21/05Nurre, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
08/20/05Partridge, Willard ToddDoD Confirmation
08/18/05Seamans, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Fuhrmann II, Ray M.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Bouchard, Nathan K.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Doyle, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
08/16/05Stokely, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Ruiz, Jose L.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Saylor, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Dingler, Joshua P.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Strickland, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Green, Toccara R.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Reese Jr., Gary L.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Taylor, Shannon D.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Hawn II, Asbury F.DoD Confirmation
08/13/05Derks, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
08/12/05Bell, Rusty W.DoD Confirmation
08/12/05Giaimo, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/10/05Herrera, Evenor C.DoD Confirmation
08/10/05Benson, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Ostrom, Ryan S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Straub Jr., Francis J.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Detample, Nathaniel E. "Nate"DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Kulick, JohnDoD Confirmation
08/09/05Pellegrini Jr., GennaroDoD Confirmation
08/09/05Carrasquillo, MiguelDoD Confirmation
08/08/05Rios, HernandoDoD Confirmation
08/08/05Kalladeen, Anthony N.DoD Confirmation
08/08/05Gonzales Cordova, Ramon E.DoD Confirmation
08/07/05Reyna, Seferino J.DoD Confirmation
08/06/05Comley, Chase JohnsonDoD Confirmation
08/06/05Jeffcoat, Brahim J.DoD Confirmation
08/06/05Krout, Kurt E.DoD Confirmation
08/05/05Ball Jr., Terry W.DoD Confirmation
08/05/05Walden, Brett EugeneDoD Confirmation
08/05/05Derenda, Robert V.DoD Confirmation
08/04/05Thompson, Nils GeorgeDoD Confirmation
08/04/05Simon, Chad J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Strain, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Gibbs, Mathew V.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Warren, Charles HoughtonDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Ganey Jr., Jerry LewisDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Fraser, Grant B.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bloem, Nicholas William B.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Waruinge, Kevin G.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Stewart, David S.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Harper, Bradley J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Wightman, William BrettDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Schroeder II, Edward AugustDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Reed, Aaron H.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Kreuter, David Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Hoffman, Justin F.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Dyer, Christopher JenkinsDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Cifuentes, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bernholtz, Eric J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bell Jr., Timothy MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/02/05Hull, Thomas C.DoD Confirmation
08/02/05McNaughton, James D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Graham III, James R.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Castleberry Jr., Roger D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Coullard, David J.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Deyarmin Jr., Daniel NathanDoD Confirmation
08/01/05Boskovitch, Jeffrey A.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Montgomery, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Rock, Nathaniel S.DoD Confirmation
07/31/05Carroll, James D.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Scheuerman, Jason D.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Shelley Sr., Ronnie L. "Rod"DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Haggin, Jonathon C.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Jones Sr., David R.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Anderson, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Swaney, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
07/29/05Guerra, Ernesto R.DoD Confirmation
07/28/05Lyons, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
07/28/05Williams, Andre L.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Jansky, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Butler, Adrian J.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Tollefson, John O.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Myers, Edward L.DoD Confirmation
07/25/05Harting, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Montefering, Jason W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Monzon Jr., Milton M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Villatoro Jr., Ramon A.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Dallas Jr., Ernest W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Fuller, Carl RayDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Thomas, John FrankDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Kinlow, James OndraDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Brunson, Jacques Earl "Gus"DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Taylor, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
07/23/05Opskar, Bryan JamesDoD Confirmation
07/21/05Gill, Steven P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/05Youngblood, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05McGill, Arthur R.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05Farrow, Jefferey J.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05Johnson, Lavena L.DoD Confirmation
07/17/05Tiai, Frank F.DoD Confirmation
07/17/05Sanchez Jr., EfrainDoD Confirmation
07/17/05Williams, Ronnie D.DoD Confirmation
07/16/05Pena-Romero, Jorge LuisDoD Confirmation
07/16/05Cooper, Travis S.DoD Confirmation
07/16/05Wood, Ronald T.DoD Confirmation
07/15/05Hartley, Jared D.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Hines Jr., Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Jameson, Tricia L.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Mounce, Clifton BlakeDoD Confirmation
07/14/05Winchester, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
07/13/05Yahudah, Benyahmin B.DoD Confirmation
07/11/05Sutton, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/05Kovacicek, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/05Goodrich, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
07/09/05Bradfield Jr., Hoby F.DoD Confirmation
07/09/05Woods, Eric PaulDoD Confirmation
07/08/05Cariaga, Deyson K.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Mazzarella, Anthony M.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Cambridge, Lyle J.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Bright, Scottie L.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Dickison, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
07/03/05Brown, Jeremy A.DoD Confirmation
07/03/05Montgomery, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/30/05Mercer, Chad M.DoD Confirmation
06/28/05Carrillo Jr., Rafael A. "T. J."DoD Confirmation
06/28/05Hornedo, MannyDoD Confirmation
06/28/05Hall Jr., Robert E.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Mariotti, Keith R.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Shepard, Steven E.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Coutu, Matthew S.DoD Confirmation
06/26/05Kaufman, Charles A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/05Pineda, CarlosDoD Confirmation
06/23/05Clark, Regina R.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Valdez, Ramona M.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Muy, VeashnaDoD Confirmation
06/23/05Charette, Holly A.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Powell, Chad W.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Phelps, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Tackett, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
06/22/05Duplantier II, ArnoldDoD Confirmation
06/21/05Vaughn, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Hoskins, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Idalski, Nicholas R.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Stewart, James D.DoD Confirmation
06/20/05Kilpatrick, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Crumpler, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Long, William A.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Harris, NoahDoD Confirmation
06/17/05Horrigan, Robert M.DoD Confirmation
06/17/05McNulty, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Maloney, John W.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Heldt, Erik R.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Cometa, Anthony S.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Baez, Cesar O.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Maynard, Chad B.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Whitley, Dion M.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Trovillion, Tyler S.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Jaime, JesseDoD Confirmation
06/15/05Flores, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Jones, Anthony G.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Clemons, Nathan B.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Klinger, Joshua P.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Hayes, Michael RayDoD Confirmation
06/13/05Kinslow, Anthony D.DoD Confirmation
06/13/05Kuhns Jr., Larry R.DoD Confirmation
06/13/05Mattek Jr., John J.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Byers, CaseyDoD Confirmation
06/11/05Prince, Neil A.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Arnold Sr., Larry R.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Lee Sr., Terrance D.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Lapinski, Stanley J.DoD Confirmation
06/10/05Castillo, Mario AlbertoDoD Confirmation
06/10/05Kilpela, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Murray, David JosephDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Squires, Brad D.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Seymour, Devon PaulDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Keeling, Thomas O.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Chavez, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Birch, Dustin V.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Edwards, Mark O.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Kashmer, Douglas E.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Arizola Jr., RobertoDoD Confirmation
06/08/05Tucker, Marc LucasDoD Confirmation
06/08/05Fasnacht, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Esposito, Phillip T.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Allen, Louis E.DoD Confirmation
06/07/05Crowe, Terrence K.DoD Confirmation
06/07/05Burri, Eric T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Romines, Brian M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Smith, Jonathan L.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Mininger, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Ulbrich, Brian Scott "Scotty"DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Poelman, Eric J.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Vasquez, Justin L.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Westhusing, Theodore S.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05French, Carrie L.DoD Confirmation
06/03/05Villar, Linda J.DoD Confirmation
06/03/05Mendoza, AntonioDoD Confirmation
06/01/05Niedermeier, Louis E.DoD Confirmation
06/01/05Case, Virgil R.DoD Confirmation
06/01/05Edmundson, Phillip C.DoD Confirmation
05/31/05Ramos, Miguel A.DoD Confirmation
05/31/05Langmack, Steven M.DoD Confirmation
05/30/05Starr, Jeffrey B.DoD Confirmation
05/30/05Crate, CaseyDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Argel, DerekDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Fresques, JeremyDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Downs, WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/29/05Cortes III, Victor M.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Smart, Albert E.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Sayles, Phillip N.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Barnhill, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
05/27/05Maida, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
05/27/05Scott, Joshua MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/27/05Lourey, Matthew ScottDoD Confirmation
05/26/05Crocker, Ricardo A.DoD Confirmation
05/25/05Wimberg, David NeilDoD Confirmation
05/25/05Siler, Alfred BartonDoD Confirmation
05/24/05Collins, Randy D.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Hahn, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Wallace, Jeffrey R.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Fisher, Dustin C.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Drier, Charles A. "Chuck"DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Verdugo, Russell J.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Brazee, Joshua T.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Perez, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Varnado, Daniel RyanDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Barron, Bryan EdwardDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Lunsford, Audrey DaronDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Parker, Saburant "Sabe"DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Wilkerson, Charles T.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Schall, Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Seesan, Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Creamean, Tyler L.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Morton, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Ogburn III, John B.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Morgain, Carl J.DoD Confirmation
05/20/05Wentz, Brad A.DoD Confirmation
05/20/05Schamberg, Kurt D.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Fell, Robin V.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Sembly, Bernard L.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Eisenhauer, Wyatt D.DoD Confirmation
05/18/05Walker, Antwan L. "Twan"DoD Confirmation
05/17/05Riggs, Wesley R.DoD Confirmation
05/16/05Simpson, Jacob M.DoD Confirmation
05/14/05Gillican III, Charles C.DoD Confirmation
05/13/05Anderson, Travis W.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Zeigler II, Kenneth E.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Jodon, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Smith, John M.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Castle, Samuel TyroneDoD Confirmation
05/11/05Schmidt III, John T.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Grez, Jourdan L.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Grant, Jonathan WalterDoD Confirmation
05/11/05Erdy, Nicholas B.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Dixon, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Davids, Wesley G.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Ivy II, Kendall H.DoD Confirmation
05/10/05Bordelon, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Mahdee, MarcusDoD Confirmation
05/09/05Prazynski, Taylor B.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Baldwyn, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Goodwin, Anthony L.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Philippon, Lawrence R.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Derga, Dustin A.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Givens, Steven RayDoD Confirmation
05/08/05Ingraham, Thor H.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Messmer, Nicolas E.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Eckert Jr., Gary A. "Andy"DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Marzano, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Cepeda Sr., Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Graham, Lance TannerDoD Confirmation
05/07/05Wiener, Jeffery L.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Postal, Michael V.DoD Confirmation
05/03/05Brooks, William J.DoD Confirmation
05/03/05Saxton, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Hinz, Kelly C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Spahr, John C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Little, Tommy S.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05McGee, John E.DoD Confirmation
05/01/05Lutters, Derrick JosephDoD Confirmation
04/30/05Parker, Kenya A.DoD Confirmation
04/30/05Garcia-Arana, Juan de DiosDoD Confirmation
04/29/05Cooper Jr., Charles S.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Deblanc, Darren A.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Harting III, Ralph J. "Jay"DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Frank, Stephen W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Gadsden, Clifford V. "CC"DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Murray Jr., Robert W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Rockholt Jr., Ricky W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Edens, William A.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Morris, Eric WayneDoD Confirmation
04/28/05Kiser, Timothy CraigDoD Confirmation
04/27/05Tremblay, Joseph S.DoD Confirmation
04/26/05Rice, David L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/05Millsap, Timmy J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/05Walters Jr., Gary W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Davis Jr., Anthony J.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Kent, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Prince, Kevin WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/22/05Colburn, Gavin J.DoD Confirmation
04/21/05Guy, Robert A. "Bobby"DoD Confirmation
04/20/05Mortenson, Marty G.DoD Confirmation
04/20/05Cannan, Kelly M.DoD Confirmation
04/19/05Wessel, Kevin S. K.DoD Confirmation
04/19/05Pfister, Jacob M.DoD Confirmation
04/18/05Thornton, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
04/18/05Huff, Sam W.DoD Confirmation
04/17/05Knott, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
04/17/05Sirko, Steven F.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Stevens, Randy LeeDoD Confirmation
04/16/05Toy Sr., Tromaine K.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Lozada Jr., Angelo L.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Hudson, Aaron M.DoD Confirmation
04/15/05Ramirezgonzalez, AleinaDoD Confirmation
04/14/05Edge, James C.DoD Confirmation
04/13/05Lindemuth, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
04/12/05Lopez III, ManuelDoD Confirmation
04/12/05Miller, John W.DoD Confirmation
04/12/05Dickens, Tyler J.DoD Confirmation
04/09/05LaWare, Casey M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/05Davis, Kevin DewayneDoD Confirmation
04/07/05Venegas, Juan C.DoD Confirmation
04/05/05Garcia, Javier J.DoD Confirmation
04/05/05Watkins, Glenn J.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Kennedy, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Dill, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Kinchen, Jeremiah C.DoD Confirmation
04/03/05Richardson, William D.DoD Confirmation
04/03/05Sherrill, James AlexanderDoD Confirmation
04/02/05Tavae Jr., Ioasa F.DoD Confirmation
04/02/05Dengkhim, TenzinDoD Confirmation
04/01/05Rimes, Garrywesley TanDoD Confirmation
03/31/05McNary, Robbie D.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Toth, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Ridgley, Kenneth L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Morris, Kelly S.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Wells Jr., Charles G.DoD Confirmation
03/28/05Lee, Samuel S.DoD Confirmation
03/26/05Sinclair, Isiah J.DoD Confirmation
03/26/05Godbolt, Lee M.DoD Confirmation
03/25/05Richardson, Bryan J.DoD Confirmation
03/23/05Bruce, Travis R.DoD Confirmation
03/21/05Smith, Kevin S.DoD Confirmation
03/20/05Martinez, Francisco G.DoD Confirmation
03/20/05Thomason III, Paul W.DoD Confirmation
03/19/05Hughes, Jonathan A.DoD Confirmation
03/18/05Lewis Jr., Lee A.DoD Confirmation
03/16/05Payne, Rocky D.DoD Confirmation
03/15/05Kieffer, Ricky A.DoD Confirmation
03/15/05Heltzel, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
03/14/05Torrence, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
03/11/05Griffith Jr., Donald D.DoD Confirmation
03/11/05Wilson, Nicholas E.DoD Confirmation
03/09/05Koch, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
03/07/05Franklin, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
03/07/05Bossert, Andrew L.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Solorio, Juan M.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Salem, Adriana N.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Grimes, SeanDoD Confirmation
03/04/05Eacho, Donald W.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Twyman, Wade MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/04/05McGowan, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Garceau, Seth K.DoD Confirmation
03/02/05Lwin, Wai PyoeDoD Confirmation
03/02/05Ali, AzharDoD Confirmation
03/02/05Pugh, Robert ShaneDoD Confirmation
03/01/05Robles, LizbethDoD Confirmation
02/28/05Negron, Julio E.DoD Confirmation
02/27/05Gienau, Richard BrianDoD Confirmation
02/27/05Anderson, Danny L.DoD Confirmation
02/26/05Giles, Landon S.DoD Confirmation
02/26/05Choi, Min-suDoD Confirmation
02/26/05Nowacki, Andrew W.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Henry, Chassan S.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Farnan, Colby M.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Brewer, Adam NoelDoD Confirmation
02/25/05Moski, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Deem, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Crackel, Alexander B.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Gresham, Daniel G.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Palmatier, Jacob C.DoD Confirmation
02/23/05Olivier, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
02/23/05Steffeney, Eric M.DoD Confirmation
02/22/05Aston, Trevor D.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Olson, John T.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Lhotka, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Day, David F.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Timmerman, Jason G.DoD Confirmation
02/19/05Gertson, Clinton R.DoD Confirmation
02/19/05Clarke, Kevin MichaelDoD Confirmation
02/19/05Malson, AdamDoD Confirmation
02/19/05Trahan, Seth R.DoD Confirmation
02/18/05Gil, Carlos J.DoD Confirmation
02/17/05Hernandez, Frank B.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Pusateri, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Hendrix, Jason R.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Plumondore, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Osbey, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Rahaim, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Bell-Johnson, Katrina LaniDoD Confirmation
02/16/05Carter, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
02/15/05Arciola, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
02/14/05Salie, David J.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Brangman, David J.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Gooding, Dakotah L.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Knox Jr., ReneDoD Confirmation
02/13/05Lake, Chad W.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Rangel, RayDoD Confirmation
02/11/05McNail, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
02/11/05Shepherd, Kristopher L.DoD Confirmation
02/10/05Perez Jr., Richard A.DoD Confirmation
02/10/05Robbins, William T.DoD Confirmation
02/09/05Housby, Jessica M.DoD Confirmation
02/08/05Henthorn, Jeffrey S.DoD Confirmation
02/06/05Wobler, Zachary RyanDoD Confirmation
02/06/05Allmon, Jeremy O.DoD Confirmation
02/05/05Wichlacz, Travis M.DoD Confirmation
02/04/05Bayow, Steven G.DoD Confirmation
02/04/05Torres, DanielDoD Confirmation
02/03/05Sherman, Stephen R.DoD Confirmation
02/03/05Cooley, Sean MichaelDoD Confirmation
02/03/05Clifton, Richard C.DoD Confirmation
02/02/05Brock, Sean LeeDoD Confirmation
02/02/05Maher, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
02/01/05Hendrickson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Warren, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Zimny, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Redifer, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Swain IV, Harry R.DoD Confirmation
01/30/05Serrano, NazarioDoD Confirmation
01/30/05Miller IV, James H.DoD Confirmation
01/29/05Jack, Edward E.DoD Confirmation
01/29/05Heald, BarbaraDoD Confirmation
01/29/05Taylor, Keith EdwardDoD Confirmation
01/29/05James, Lindsey T.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Castellano, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Zaun, Mickey E.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Farrar Jr., Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Jones, Charles S.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Bonilla, Orlando A.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Evans II, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Ramsey, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Reed, Jonathan RayDoD Confirmation
01/28/05Rymer II, Lyle W.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Rodriguez, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
01/27/05Beatty, Jonathan S.DoD Confirmation
01/27/05Luna, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Burk, Taylor J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kimble, Dexter S.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Hernandez, Tony L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gordon, Lyle L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Alaniz, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Starr Jr., Michael L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Spence, Joseph B.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Smith, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Shumney, Dustin M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Schumann, Darrell J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Schubert, Nathan A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Saintvil, GaelDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Ramos, HectorDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Rairdan, Rhonald DainDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Ragimov, MouradDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Moore, Nathaniel K.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Moore, James LeeDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Maciel, Fred L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Knight, Timothy A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Klein, AllanDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kelly, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Johnson, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Jafarkhani-Torshizi Jr., SaeedDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Hopper, Brian C.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Grimes, Kyle J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gilbert Jr., Richard A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gibson, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Fuller, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Finke Jr., Michael W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Etterling, Jonathan EdwardDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Bland, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05House, John DanielDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Weaver, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Strong, Jesse W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Linn, Karl R.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Bowling, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kinzer Jr., William S.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Adams, Leonard W.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Swank, Brett D.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Leon-Perez, Jesus A.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Carlson, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Stevens, Joseph W.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Marin Jr., JavierDoD Confirmation
01/24/05Yolkin, Viktar V.DoD Confirmation
01/23/05Rangel, Jose C.DoD Confirmation
01/22/05Hoe, Nainoa K.DoD Confirmation
01/21/05Lusk II, Joe FentonDoD Confirmation
01/21/05Childress, Kyle WilliamDoD Confirmation
01/18/05Sullivan, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Fonseca, JesusDoD Confirmation
01/17/05Vitagliano, Thomas E.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Geer, George R.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Obaji, Francis C.DoD Confirmation
01/16/05Kamolvathin, Alain L.DoD Confirmation
01/15/05Swindell, Nathaniel T.DoD Confirmation
01/15/05Patterson, Jayton D.DoD Confirmation
01/14/05Holter III, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Becker, Gunnar D.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Holloway, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Rodriguez Velasco, Juan RodrigoDoD Confirmation
01/13/05Mack, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
01/11/05Smith, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
01/10/05Manuel, William F.DoD Confirmation
01/10/05Sweeney III, Robert WesleyDoD Confirmation
01/09/05Fite, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
01/09/05McFarlane Jr., Dwayne JamesDoD Confirmation
01/07/05Guastaferro, Daniel F.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Vonronn, Kenneth G.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Murphy, Warren A.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Frickey, Armand L.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Fassbender, Huey P. L.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Bergeron, Bradley J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Babin, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Comeaux, Kurt J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Davis, Zachariah ScottDoD Confirmation
01/06/05Cisneros-Alvarez, Julio C.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Washington, Bennie J.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Depew, Cory R.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Buie, Jimmy D.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Marcum, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05McHalffey, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Wooten III, Curtis L.DoD Confirmation
01/03/05Houser, Thomas E.DoD Confirmation
01/01/05LeBrun, JeffDoD Confirmation
01/01/05Parrello, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
12/31/04Smith, Jason E.DoD Confirmation
12/30/04Ficek, Damien T.DoD Confirmation
12/29/04Nelson, Craig L.DoD Confirmation
12/29/04Sanchez, OscarDoD Confirmation
12/28/04Nyren, Nathaniel J.DoD Confirmation
12/28/04Lehto, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
12/28/04Briones Jr., Pablito PenaDoD Confirmation
12/27/04Rivera-Serrano, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
12/27/04Olson, Todd D.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Smith, Raleigh C.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Phillips, James R.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Hillenburg, EricDoD Confirmation
12/23/04Barnett, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Petsche, Neil D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04ODell, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04VanKomen, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Melo, Julian S.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Johnson, Robert S.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Jacobsen Jr., William W.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Castro, JonathanDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Ayro, LionelDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Hewitt, Cory MichaelDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Baldwin, Joel EganDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Karpowich, Paul D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Ruhren, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Mason, Nicholas C. "Nick"DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Dostie, Thomas JohnDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Poulin Sr., Lynn RobertDoD Confirmation
12/19/04Farmer, Donald B.DoD Confirmation
12/19/04Meza, Barry K.DoD Confirmation
12/16/04Sweger, Franklin A.DoD Confirmation
12/14/04Anderson, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
12/14/04Martinez, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Vroman, Brent T.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Warner, Richard D.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Time, Tina SafairaDoD Confirmation
12/12/04Ramsey, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Dickinson, Joshua W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Kirk, Jeffrey L.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Stewart, Ian W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Clairday, Jason S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Lopez, Hilario F.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Blazer, Melvin L.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Blanton, Jeffery S.DoD Confirmation
12/11/04Hoyt, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
12/11/04Rund, Gregory P.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Renehan, Kyle J.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Leach, Patrick D.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Shields, Andrew C.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Adlesperger, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
12/08/04Williams IV, Arthur C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/04Gibbs, Todd ClaytonDoD Confirmation
12/07/04Stubenhofer, Mark N.DoD Confirmation
12/07/04Kim, In C.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Ward, Andrew M.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Roodhouse, Edwin WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/05/04Eggers, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Trost III, Marvin LeeDoD Confirmation
12/04/04Behnke, Joseph O.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Mitts, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Tuialuuluu, Salamo J.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Gasiewicz, Cari AnneDoD Confirmation
12/04/04Boatright, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Wyatt, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Le, Binh N.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Irizarry, Henry E.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Mahlenbrock, David P.DoD Confirmation
12/02/04Harrison, George DanielDoD Confirmation
12/01/04Wilson, Bryan S.DoD Confirmation
12/01/04Kolda, Zachary A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/04Pena, Javier Obleas-PradoDoD Confirmation
12/01/04Fisher, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/30/04Calderon, Pablo A.DoD Confirmation
11/30/04Guereca Jr., JoseDoD Confirmation
11/29/04Magaoay, Blake A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Hayes, Erik W.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Davis, Daryl A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Urbina, Wilfredo F.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Engeldrum, Christian P.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Benish, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Lee, Carl W.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Shackelford, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Martinezluis, Trinidad R.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Hanson Jr., Charles A.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Brooks, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Lucero, Joshua E.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Christensen, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Smith, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Bosselmann, Kirk J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Houck, David B.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Faircloth, Bradley M.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Winkler, Jordan D.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Meyer, Harrison J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Grant, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
11/25/04Marku, GentianDoD Confirmation
11/25/04Holmes, Jeffery ScottDoD Confirmation
11/25/04Cantafio, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
11/24/04Diaz Varela, Sergio R.DoD Confirmation
11/24/04Nolte, Nicholas S.DoD Confirmation
11/23/04Edinger, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
11/22/04Cohen, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
11/22/04Ebert, Blain M.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Heredia, Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Bryant Jr., JackDoD Confirmation
11/20/04Welke, Joseph T.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Roustum, David L.DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Brown, Demarkus D.DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Arms, Bradley ThomasDoD Confirmation
11/19/04West, Phillip G. DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Gavriel, Dimitrios DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Downey, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/18/04Nolan, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
11/18/04Figueroa, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
11/17/04Hanks, Michael WayneDoD Confirmation
11/16/04Qualls, Louis W.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Heflin, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Wullenwaber, Luke C.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Caddy, Marshall H.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04McConnell, Daniel JamesDoD Confirmation
11/16/04Flores-Mejia, Jose RicardoDoD Confirmation
11/15/04Miller, William L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Thompson, Lance M.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Smith, Antoine D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Rapicault, Patrick Marc M.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Swain, James E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Peralta, RafaelDoD Confirmation
11/15/04Ailes, Jeramy A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Ryan, Marc T.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Kielion, Shane E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Parker, Bradley L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Desiato, Travis R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Hunt, Isaiah R.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Payton, George J.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Burger Jr., Dale A.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Perez, Andres H.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Ziolkowski, Nicholas L.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Larsen, Cole W.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Sims, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Lu, Victor R.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04McLeese, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Bryan, Benjamin S.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Velez, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Norwood, Byron W.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Ellsworth, Justin M.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Dempsey, Kevin J.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Dima, Catalin D.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Anderson, Nicholas H.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Matteson, James C. "J.C."DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Medina, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Branning, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Shields, Jonathan B.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Iwan, Edward D.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Prening, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Anderson, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Strader, Morgan W.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Maher, Jarrod L.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04White, Raymond L.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Burns, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Blecksmith, James P. "JP"DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Holder II, Theodore S. "Sam"DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Bowling, Theodore A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Doerflinger, Thomas K.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Huey, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Giannopoulos, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Reppuhn, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Canning, Wesley J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Miller Jr., Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Ottolini, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Jimenez II, Romulo J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Pickering, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Ramirez, GeneDoD Confirmation
11/10/04Hodges, Erick J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Malcom Jr., Dan T.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Woods, JulianDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Simpson, AbrahamDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Caruso, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Trotter, John ByronDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Cornell, Todd R.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Slay, Russell L.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Wood, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Larson, Nicholas D.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04James, William C.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Segura, Juan E.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Wells, Lonny D.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Faulkenburg, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Babbitt, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Auchman, Steven E.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Moore, Horst Gerhard "Gary"DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Zapp, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Warns II, Robert P.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Clary, Don AllenDoD Confirmation
11/08/04Wisdom, Clinton LeeDoD Confirmation
11/08/04Ries, David G.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Ramey, Branden P.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04O'Donnell, Shane K.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Hammond, Nathaniel T.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Freeman, Bryan L.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Palmer, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Lam, JeffreyDoD Confirmation
11/07/04McVey, Otie JosephDoD Confirmation
11/07/04Tran, Quoc BinhDoD Confirmation
11/07/04Langley, Sean M.DoD Confirmation
11/07/04Baker, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
11/06/04Yoemans, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
11/05/04Camacho-Rivera, Carlos M.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Hubbard, Jared P.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Baro, Jeremiah A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Wentz, Cody L.DoD Confirmation
11/03/04Webb, Charles JosephDoD Confirmation
10/31/04Lynch, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Lukac, JohnDoD Confirmation
10/30/04Courtney, Kelley L.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Riedel, Andrew G.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Byrd II, John T.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Lapka, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Fox, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Scarborough, Michael P.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Bow, Jeremy D.DoD Confirmation
10/29/04Fortune, Maurice KeithDoD Confirmation
10/28/04Downing II, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
10/28/04Akintade, Segun FrederickDoD Confirmation
10/28/04Battles Sr., MichaelDoD Confirmation
10/27/04Lemon, JeromeDoD Confirmation
10/25/04Oliveira, BrianDoD Confirmation
10/24/04Boles, Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
10/24/04Slocum, Richard PatrickDoD Confirmation
10/22/04Gadsden, Jonathan E.DoD Confirmation
10/20/04Bascom, Douglas E.DoD Confirmation
10/18/04Ehrlich, Andrew C.DoD Confirmation
10/16/04Brennan, William I.DoD Confirmation
10/16/04Johnson, Christopher B.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Schramm, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Owen, Michael G.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Santos, Jonathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Salazar, William I.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Burgess, Alan J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Waters, David L.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Vandertulip, Josiah H.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Barbret, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Beard, Bradley S.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Hawkins II, Omer T.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Baker, Ronald W.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Gonzalez, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Felsberg, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Soltes Jr., Charles R.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Phelan, Mark P.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Regnier, Jeremy F.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Moreno, JaimeDoD Confirmation
10/12/04Weger, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Pintor, Dennis L.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Wyatt, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Merville, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Zook, Ian T.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Martinez, Oscar A.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Rusin, Aaron J.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Burbank, Michael LeeDoD Confirmation
10/11/04Monroe, Anthony W.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Osbourne, Pamela G.DoD Confirmation
10/10/04Prevete, James E.DoD Confirmation
10/10/04Ramsey, Carson J.DoD Confirmation
10/09/04Halverson, AndrewDoD Confirmation
10/08/04Brown, Andrew W.DoD Confirmation
10/08/04Voss, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/07/04Jacobs, Morgen N.DoD Confirmation
10/06/04Kim, Jeungjin Na "Nikky"DoD Confirmation
10/06/04Cawvey, Jessica L.DoD Confirmation
10/05/04Morgan Jr., Richard L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Pettaway Jr., James L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Collier, Russell L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Potts, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
10/01/04Hennessy, Jack TaftDoD Confirmation
10/01/04Uvanni, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/30/04Nolan, AllenDoD Confirmation
09/30/04Cunningham, Darren J.DoD Confirmation
09/30/04Jones, Rodney A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/04Dennie, Mike A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/04Titcomb, Joshua K.DoD Confirmation
09/28/04Prewitt, Tyler D.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Sickels, Kenneth L.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Villanueva, Joselito O.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Cox, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/04Allton, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
09/25/04Unruh, Robert OliverDoD Confirmation
09/25/04Moxley Jr., Clifford L.DoD Confirmation
09/25/04Johnson, David W.DoD Confirmation
09/24/04Leduc, RyanDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Folmar, TimothyDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Mateo, RamonDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Boyles, AaronDoD Confirmation
09/22/04Smith, Benjamin K.DoD Confirmation
09/22/04Soram, SkipperDoD Confirmation
09/22/04Harris, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
09/22/04Koenig, Lance J.DoD Confirmation
09/21/04Stahl, Nathan E.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Harrington, Foster L.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Cates, Steven C. T.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Henry, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
09/19/04Adams, Brandon E.DoD Confirmation
09/18/04Price, James W.DoD Confirmation
09/18/04Rosenbaum, Thomas ChadDoD Confirmation
09/17/04Ebert, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
09/16/04Rintamaki, Steven A.DoD Confirmation
09/16/04Stern, Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
09/15/04Howman, Gregory C.DoD Confirmation
09/15/04Uhles, Drew M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/04Brown, Tyler HallDoD Confirmation
09/14/04Shea, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/04Demand, Jacob H.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Meluat, Jaygee NgirmidolDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Soltau, Adrian V.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Puckett, Mathew D.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Thomas, CarlDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Hagy Jr., Guy StanleyDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Brown, Dominic C.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Halal, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Machado-Olmos, Cesar F.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Weisenburg, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Isenberg, Benjamin W.DoD Confirmation
09/12/04Poindexter, Jason T.DoD Confirmation
09/12/04Wetherbee, Alexander E.DoD Confirmation
09/11/04Cedergren, David A.DoD Confirmation
09/10/04Daclan Jr., Edgar P.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Sparks, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Martinez, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Faulkner, James DanielDoD Confirmation
09/08/04DeLeon Jr., Lauro G.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Drake, Chad H.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Price, Timothy E.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Aneiros, Yoe M.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Adams III, ClarenceDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Grella, Devin J.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Boria, John J.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Garces, TomasDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Bourdon, ElvisDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Read, Brandon MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Wilson, Lamont N.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Nygardbekowsky, Mick R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04McCarthy, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Keith, Quinn A.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Gardner, Derek L.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Burridge, David PaulDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Allred, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04McCauley, Ryan MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/05/04Vaillant, Gary A.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04Lamb, Charles R.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04Morrison, Shawna M.DoD Confirmation
09/04/04Knott, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
09/03/04Wilt, NicholasDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Winchester, RonaldDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Rowe, AlanDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Perez, NicholasDoD Confirmation
09/01/04Thibodeaux III, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
08/30/04Holleyman, Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
08/29/04Anderson Jr., Carl L.DoD Confirmation
08/28/04Lopez, Edgar E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Aldrich, Nickalous N.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Razani, Omead H.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Perez, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
08/26/04Skinner, Nicholas M.DoD Confirmation
08/26/04Humlhanz, Barton R.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Ross, Marco D.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Neeley, Charles L.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Arredondo, Alexander S.DoD Confirmation
08/24/04Lugo, Jacob R.DoD Confirmation
08/24/04Davis, Donald N.DoD Confirmation
08/23/04Thornton Jr., Robert C.DoD Confirmation
08/22/04Belchik, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
08/22/04Stovall, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
08/21/04Reeder, Edward T.DoD Confirmation
08/21/04Washalanta, NachezDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Huston, SethDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Cook, JasonDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Alvarez, NicanorDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Cuming, Kevin A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/04Martin, Ryan A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/04Wilkins III, Charles L.DoD Confirmation
08/19/04McCormick, Brad PrestonDoD Confirmation
08/18/04Lord, Richard M.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Martir, Jacob D.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Fitzgerald, Dustin R.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Parkerson III, Harvey EmmettDoD Confirmation
08/18/04Risner, Henry C.DoD Confirmation
08/17/04Titus, Brandon T.DoD Confirmation
08/17/04Powers, Caleb J.DoD Confirmation
08/16/04Heath, David M.DoD Confirmation
08/15/04Perez, GeoffreyDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Hannon, Fernando B.DoD Confirmation
08/15/04Shepherd, Daniel MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Goins, James MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Zapata, Mark AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Sapp, Brandon R.DoD Confirmation
08/13/04Santoriello, Neil AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/13/04Morrison, Nicholas B.DoD Confirmation
08/13/04Funke, Kane M.DoD Confirmation
08/12/04Tarlavsky, Michael YuryDoD Confirmation
08/11/04Hubbard, Tavon L.DoD Confirmation
08/11/04Howard, John R.DoD Confirmation
08/09/04Houghton, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
08/08/04Ulbright, Rick A.DoD Confirmation
08/08/04Collins, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
08/07/04Potter, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/06/04Bunch, Joshua I.DoD Confirmation
08/06/04Abad, RobertoDoD Confirmation
08/06/04Wells, Larry L.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04McCune, Donald R.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04Reynoso, Yadir G.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04Rocha, Moses DanielDoD Confirmation
08/05/04Faulstich Jr., Raymond J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/04Nice, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
08/04/04Fontecchio, Elia P.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Gray, Tommy L.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Ratzlaff, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Shondee Jr., Harry N.DoD Confirmation
08/02/04Pratt, Dean P.DoD Confirmation
08/02/04Calderon Jr., JuanDoD Confirmation
08/02/04Onwordi, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
08/01/04Hernandez, ArmandoDoD Confirmation
08/01/04Dixon, Anthony J.DoD Confirmation
07/29/04Herndon II, Joseph F.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Lane, Shawn A.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Greene, David S.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Leisten, Ken W.DoD Confirmation
07/27/04Talbert, DeForest L. "Dee"DoD Confirmation
07/24/04Zangara, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
07/24/04Sullivan, Vincent M.DoD Confirmation
07/22/04Reed, TatjanaDoD Confirmation
07/22/04Dantzler, Torey J.DoD Confirmation
07/21/04Engel, Mark E.DoD Confirmation
07/21/04Blodgett, Nicholas H.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Daniels II, Danny B.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Clark, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Godwin, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
07/19/04Persing, Charles C. "C.C."DoD Confirmation
07/19/04Lloyd, Dale ThomasDoD Confirmation
07/17/04Hartman, David A.DoD Confirmation
07/17/04Frank, Craig S.DoD Confirmation
07/16/04Kelly, Bryan P.DoD Confirmation
07/15/04Mardis Jr., Paul C.DoD Confirmation
07/14/04Martinez, Jesse J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/04Rice, Demetrius LamontDoD Confirmation
07/13/04Harris, Torry D.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Wilson, Dana N.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04West, James G.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Fischer, Jeremy J.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Tarango-Griess, Linda AnnDoD Confirmation
07/11/04Peters, Dustin W.DoD Confirmation
07/10/04Reed, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/04Nachampassak, KrisnaDoD Confirmation
07/10/04Spink, TrevorDoD Confirmation
07/10/04Holmes Ordóñez, TerryDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Schmunk, Jeremiah W.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Davies, Shawn M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Garmback Jr., Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Barcus, Collier EdwinDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Colvill Jr., Robert E.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Sampler, Sonny GeneDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Emanuel IV, William RiverDoD Confirmation
07/07/04Bowen, Samuel R.DoD Confirmation
07/07/04Barkey, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
07/06/04Youmans, Rodricka AntwanDoD Confirmation
07/06/04Dougherty, Scott EugeneDoD Confirmation
07/06/04Lawrence, Jeffrey D.DoD Confirmation
07/06/04Hunt, Justin T.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Kerns, Dallas L.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Vangyzen IV, John J.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Torres, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Martin, Stephen G.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Smith, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Huston Jr., James B.DoD Confirmation
07/01/04Creager, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
07/01/04Conde Jr., KennethDoD Confirmation
07/01/04Wagener, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
06/30/04DuSang, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Adle, Patrick R.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Todd III, John H.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Sherman, Alan DavidDoD Confirmation
06/27/04Utt, Ernest E.DoD Confirmation
06/26/04Ceniceros, Manuel A.DoD Confirmation
06/26/04Heines, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Kiser, Charles A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Desens, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Cash, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
06/22/04McCaffrey Sr., Patrick R.DoD Confirmation
06/22/04Tyson, Andre D.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Pennington, Gregory V.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Otey, Deshon E.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Lopez, JuanDoD Confirmation
06/21/04Contreras, PedroDoD Confirmation
06/21/04Parker Jr., Tommy L.DoD Confirmation
06/20/04Best, MarvinDoD Confirmation
06/19/04Horn, SeanDoD Confirmation
06/18/04Lynch, Jason N.DoD Confirmation
06/18/04Vue, ThaiDoD Confirmation
06/16/04Dimaranan, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
06/16/04Mastrapa, Arthur S. (Stacey)DoD Confirmation
06/16/04Syverson III, Paul R.DoD Confirmation
06/14/04Atkins, Shawn M.DoD Confirmation
06/13/04McKinley, Eric S.DoD Confirmation
06/09/04Caughman, Thomas D.DoD Confirmation
06/08/04Khan, Humayun S. M.DoD Confirmation
06/07/04Bohlman, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
06/07/04Gray, Jamie A.DoD Confirmation
06/06/04Hobart, Melissa J.DoD Confirmation
06/06/04Mora Lopez, Melvin Y.DoD Confirmation
06/05/04Timoteo, Humberto F.DoD Confirmation
06/05/04Doltz, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Duffy, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Carvill, Frank T.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Eyerly, Justin L.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Linden, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04McCrae, Erik S.DoD Confirmation
06/03/04Bolding, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
06/02/04Lee, Bumrok DoD Confirmation
06/01/04Johnson, Markus J.DoD Confirmation
05/31/04Scheetz Jr., Robert C.DoD Confirmation
05/31/04Sides, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Odums II, Charles E.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Coleman, Bradli N.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Zimmer, Nicholaus E.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Ballard, Kenneth MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/30/04Elandt, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
05/29/04Reynosasuarez, RafaelDoD Confirmation
05/29/04Calavan, Cody S.DoD Confirmation
05/29/04Gonzalez, Benjamin R.DoD Confirmation
05/28/04Wiesemann, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Nicolas, Dominique J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Henderson, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Codner, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Lambert, James P.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Rosas, Richard H.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Unger, Daniel PaulDoD Confirmation
05/25/04Bean Jr., Alan N.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Sheehan, Kevin F.DoD Confirmation
05/24/04Witt, Owen D.DoD Confirmation
05/24/04Beaulieu, Beau R.DoD Confirmation
05/23/04Molina Bautista, Jorge A.DoD Confirmation
05/23/04Ridlen, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
05/21/04Zabierek, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
05/21/04Horton, Jeremy R.DoD Confirmation
05/20/04Jackson, Leslie D.DoD Confirmation
05/20/04Salas, RudyDoD Confirmation
05/20/04Miranda, Troy "Leon"DoD Confirmation
05/19/04Campbell, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Chaney, William D.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Nolasco, Marcos O.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Garyantes, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Carey, Michael M.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Roberts, Bob W.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Curran, Carl F.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Kasecky, Mark JosephDoD Confirmation
05/16/04Cowherd Jr., Leonard M.DoD Confirmation
05/15/04Espaillat Jr., Pedro I.DoD Confirmation
05/15/04Ledesma, ReneDoD Confirmation
05/14/04Mora, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Cronkrite, Brud J.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Harlan, James WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/14/04Spakosky, Philip I.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Barnhill, Edward C.DoD Confirmation
05/13/04Cutter, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
05/13/04Sturdy, Brandon C.DoD Confirmation
05/12/04Savage, Jeremiah E.DoD Confirmation
05/12/04Shaver, Jeffrey R.DoD Confirmation
05/11/04Brinlee, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
05/10/04Tuazon, Andrew L.DoD Confirmation
05/09/04Murray, Rodney A.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Brown, Philip D.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Holmes, James J.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Rubalcava, IselaDoD Confirmation
05/08/04Whitman, Chase R.DoD Confirmation
05/06/04Schrage, Dustin H.DoD Confirmation
05/06/04Box Jr., HesleyDoD Confirmation
05/05/04Green, Jeffrey G.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Kritzer, Bradley G.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Marshall, James E.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Buryj, Jesse R.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Marcus Jr., Lyndon A.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Wahl, Gregory L.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Sprayberry III, Marvin R.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Kenny, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Baum, Ronald E.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Petty, Erickson H.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Tipton, John E.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Ginther, Ronald A.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Jenkins, Robert B.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Mchugh, Scott R.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Dossett, Trace W.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Anderson, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Nunes, Todd E.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Drexler, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Caradine Jr., ErvinDoD Confirmation
05/01/04Ojeda, Ramon C.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Vargas-Medina, Oscar D.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Ladd, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Wine, Trevor A.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Dickerson, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Dwelley, Jason B.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Wilfong, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Vincent, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Garrison, Landis W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Ewing, Jeremy RicardoDoD Confirmation
04/29/04Darling, NormanDoD Confirmation
04/29/04Reed, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Schmidt, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Beckstrand, James L.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Campbell, Ryan M.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Dayton, Jeffrey F.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Patterson Jr., Esau G.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Kondor, Martin W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Estep, Adam W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/04Thomas, KendallDoD Confirmation
04/28/04Herring, Jacob R.DoD Confirmation
04/27/04Whitaker, Marquis A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/04Penamedina, Abraham D.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Austin, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Roukey, Lawrence A.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Baker, Sherwood R.DoD Confirmation
04/25/04Bruckenthal, Nathan B.DoD Confirmation
04/25/04Melton, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Brooks, Cory W.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Watts, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Pernaselli, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Brandon, Stacey C.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Orton, Billy J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Felder, Arthur L. "Bo"DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Kordsmeier, Patrick W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/04Edwards, Shawn C.DoD Confirmation
04/22/04Dunham, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
04/20/04Harris-Kelly, LeroyDoD Confirmation
04/20/04Fox, Bradley C.DoD Confirmation
04/20/04Gelineau, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Morgan, Dennis B.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Camposiles, Marvin A.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Carman, Edward W.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Gibson, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Van Leuven, Gary F.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Valdez Jr., RubenDoD Confirmation
04/17/04Smith Jr., Michael J.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Gannon II, Richard J.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Hartman, Jonathan N.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Henson, Clayton WelchDoD Confirmation
04/17/04Henderson II, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04McGlothin, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
04/16/04Wood, Brian M.DoD Confirmation
04/15/04Arroyave, Jimmy J.DoD Confirmation
04/14/04Ramirez, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
04/14/04Trevithick, Richard K.DoD Confirmation
04/14/04Rivers Jr., Frank K.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Kolm, Kevin T.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Boye, Noah L.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Rosaleslomeli, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
04/12/04Shuder, Brad S.DoD Confirmation
04/12/04Zurheide Jr., Robert PaulDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Stack, Michael BoydDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Brown, Nathan P.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Torres, George D.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Gray, Torrey L.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Amaya, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Jimenez, OscarDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Colton, Lawrence S.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Fortenberry, Wesley C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Johnson, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Carballo, Adolf C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Eckhart, William C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Sims Jr., John T.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Holt, Antoine J.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Phelps, Chance R.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Ayon, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Vandayburg, Allen Jeffrey "A.J."DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Witmer, Michelle M.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Jones Jr., Raymond EdisonDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Mallet, Toby W.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Enos, Peter G.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04McMahan, Don StevenDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Speer, Michael RaymondDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Torrez III, EliasDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Matula, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Kephart, Jonathan RoyDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Krause, Elmer C.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Goodrich, Gregory R.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Delgreco, Felix M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Frank, Phillip E.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Wasser, Christopher B.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Dieruf, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Wafford, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Palmer, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Harrell, William M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Angell, Levi T.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Nieves, Isaac MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/07/04Morel, Brent L.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Miller, Marvin LeeDoD Confirmation
04/07/04Labadie Jr., William W.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Felder, Tyanna S.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Rentschler, George S.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Wroblewski, John Thomas "J.T."DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Todacheene, Lee DuaneDoD Confirmation
04/06/04Mabry, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Mendez-Aceves, Fernando A.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Carman, Benjamin R.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Cherry, Marcus M.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Roberts, Anthony P.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Crowley, Kyle D.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Walker, Allan K.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Layfield, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Jerabek, Ryan M.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Cobb, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Moreno, GerardoDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Larson Jr., Scott QuentinDoD Confirmation
04/05/04McKeever, David M.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Goldman, Shane LeeDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Thiry, Jesse L.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Ramos, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Serio, Matthew K.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Langhorst, Moises A.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Hallal, Deryk L.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Rogers, Philip G.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Amos II, John D.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Mitchell, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Chen, Yihiyh L.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Hiller, Stephen D. "Dusty"DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Cason, Ahmed Akil "Mel"DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Sheehan, CaseyDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Jostes, Forest JosephDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Garza, IsraelDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Arsiaga, Robert R.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Fey, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Barr, Aric J.DoD Confirmation
04/03/04Morris, Geoffrey S.DoD Confirmation
04/02/04Strange, William R.DoD Confirmation
04/01/04Sekula, Dustin M.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Davis, Brandon L.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Raney, Cleston C.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Karr Jr., Michael G.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Mitchell, Sean R.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Hufstedler, Doyle M.DoD Confirmation
03/30/04Ferguson, Richard L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/04Wiscowiche, William J.DoD Confirmation
03/29/04Holmes, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
03/29/04Schneider, Sean M.DoD Confirmation
03/27/04Toney, TimothyDoD Confirmation
03/26/04Sandoval Jr., LeroyDoD Confirmation
03/25/04Casper, James A.DoD Confirmation
03/25/04Burgess, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
03/25/04Froehlich, Adam D.DoD Confirmation
03/24/04Shanaberger III, Wentz Jerome HenryDoD Confirmation
03/22/04Miller Jr., BruceDoD Confirmation
03/22/04Dang, Andrew S.DoD Confirmation
03/21/04Hudson, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
03/21/04Kreider, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Vega, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Taylor, Mark D.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Sandri, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Vicente, David M.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Ludlam, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Matthews, Clint Richard "Bones"DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Chan, DoronDoD Confirmation
03/18/04Brownfield, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Sutphin, Ernest HaroldDoD Confirmation
03/18/04Morris Jr., Ricky A.DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Smith, Brandon C.DoD Confirmation
03/17/04Phipps, Ivory L.DoD Confirmation
03/17/04Laramore, Tracy L.DoD Confirmation
03/16/04Thigpen Sr., Thomas R.DoD Confirmation
03/16/04Adams, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
03/14/04Normandy, William J.DoD Confirmation
03/14/04Carrasquillo, Jocelyn "Joce" L.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Brattain, Joel K.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Londono, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Ferrin, Clint D.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Ford, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Kurth, John F. "Hans"DoD Confirmation
03/11/04Hill, Christopher K.DoD Confirmation
03/11/04Dunigan Jr., Joe L.DoD Confirmation
03/10/04Hoyer, Bert EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/09/04Zangas, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Holland, Fern L.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Brabazon, Edward W.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Gottfried, Richard S.DoD Confirmation
03/08/04Milczark, Matthew G.DoD Confirmation
03/07/04Jones, Gussie M.DoD Confirmation
03/05/04Gray, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
03/02/04Woodliff, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
02/25/04Laskowski, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
02/25/04Wells, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
02/20/04Bacon, Henry A.DoD Confirmation
02/19/04Ling, Roger G.DoD Confirmation
02/19/04Graham, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Merila, Michael M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Taylor, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Frye, Nichole M.DoD Confirmation
02/14/04Spry, Bryan N.DoD Confirmation
02/12/04Ramirez, Eric U.DoD Confirmation
02/11/04Ramirez, William C.DoD Confirmation
02/11/04Tainsh, Patrick S.DoD Confirmation
02/10/04Mariano, Jude C.DoD Confirmation
02/09/04Wong, Elijah Tai WahDoD Confirmation
02/09/04Robbins, Thomas D.DoD Confirmation
02/08/04Ramey, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
02/05/04Knowles, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
02/03/04Dvorin, Seth J.DoD Confirmation
02/01/04Soriano, ArmandoDoD Confirmation
02/01/04Turner Jr., Roger C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04McGeogh, Holly J.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04Cabralbanuelos, Juan C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04Miersandoval, Eliu A.DoD Confirmation
01/29/04Moreno, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
01/29/04Landrus, Sean G.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Moothart, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Kinney II, Lester O.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Hoffman, James T.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04James, Luke S.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Mracek, Cory R.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04August, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Mooney, Adam G.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Bunda, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
01/25/04Dorff, Patrick D.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Dervishi, ErvinDoD Confirmation
01/24/04Rosenberg, Randy S.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Sturges Jr., William R.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Chappell, Jason K.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Smette, Keith L.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Hendrickson, Kenneth W.DoD Confirmation
01/23/04Hazelgrove, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/04Blaise, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
01/21/04Parker, James D.DoD Confirmation
01/21/04Palacios, Gabriel T.DoD Confirmation
01/18/04Hornbeck, Kelly L.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Orr, Cody J.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Polley Jr., Larry E.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Randle Jr., Edmond LeeDoD Confirmation
01/16/04Castro, Roland L.DoD Confirmation
01/13/04Hines, Keicia M.DoD Confirmation
01/12/04Crockett, Ricky L.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Manuel, Ian D.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Johnson Jr., Philip A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Davis, CraigDoD Confirmation
01/08/04Golby, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Johnson, Nathaniel H.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Hicks, Gregory B.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Diraimondo, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Walker, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Weaver, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
01/07/04Mizener, Jesse D.DoD Confirmation
01/05/04Frist, Luke P.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Seiden, Marc S.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Bangayan, Solomon C. "Kelly"DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Paliwoda, Eric ThomasDoD Confirmation
01/02/04Hampton, Kimberly N.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Corral, Dennis A.DoD Confirmation
12/30/03Pollard, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Jordan Jr., Curt E.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Blanco, Ernesto M.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Cuervo, Rey D.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Mihalakis, Michael G.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Sutter, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Haight, Charles G.DoD Confirmation
12/25/03Hattamer, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
12/25/03Christensen, Thomas W.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Yashinski, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Cooke, Eric F.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Biskie, Benjamin W.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Soelzer, Christopher F.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Splinter, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/22/03Moore, Stuart W.DoD Confirmation
12/22/03Saltz, Edward M.DoD Confirmation
12/19/03Bush Jr., Charles E.DoD Confirmation
12/18/03Allison, Glenn R.DoD Confirmation
12/17/03Holland, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/15/03Nakis, Nathan W.DoD Confirmation
12/15/03Souslin, Kenneth C.DoD Confirmation
12/14/03Voelz, Kimberly A.DoD Confirmation
12/14/03Ferguson, Rian C.DoD Confirmation
12/12/03Black, Jarrod W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/03Braun, Jeffrey F.DoD Confirmation
12/11/03Edgerton, Marshall L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Bates, Todd M.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Reese, Aaron T.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Burdick, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Petty, Jerrick M.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Wesley, Christopher Jude RiveraDoD Confirmation
12/08/03Blickenstaff, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Bridges, Steven H.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Wright, Jason G.DoD Confirmation
12/07/03Hutchinson, Ray J.DoD Confirmation
12/05/03Clark, Arron R.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Boone, Clarence E.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Young, Ryan C.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Davis, Raphael S.DoD Confirmation
12/01/03Singh, UdayDoD Confirmation
11/29/03Bertolino, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/03Sissel, Aaron J.DoD Confirmation
11/28/03Rico, ArielDoD Confirmation
11/27/03Sweet II, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/03Goldberg, David J.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Nason, Christopher G.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Smith, Darrell L.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Menyweather, Eddie E.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Ravago IV, Rel A.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Wilson, Jerry L.DoD Confirmation
11/22/03Roberts, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
11/22/03Bushart, Damian S.DoD Confirmation
11/21/03Coleman, Gary B.DoD Confirmation
11/20/03Tyrrell, Scott MatthewDoD Confirmation
11/20/03Wood, George A.DoD Confirmation
11/20/03Lister, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Dalley, Nathan S.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Shull, James A.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Coulter, Alexander S.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Panchot, Dale A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Whitener, Joey D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Piche, Pierre E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hafer, Richard W.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03DiGiovanni, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Heidelberg, Damian L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Saboe, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Russell, John W.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Bolor, KellyDoD Confirmation
11/15/03Wolfe, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Sullivan, John R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Kesterson, Erik C.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hawk Eagle, Sheldon R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Uhl III, Eugene A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hansen, Warren S.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Dusenbery, William D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Baker, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Acklin II, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hayslett, Timothy L.DoD Confirmation
11/14/03Medina, IrvingDoD Confirmation
11/13/03Fletcher, Jacob S.DoD Confirmation
11/13/03Minucci II, JosephDoD Confirmation
11/12/03Bailey, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/03Wise, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/03Jackson, Marlon P.DoD Confirmation
11/11/03Acosta, GenaroDoD Confirmation
11/09/03Tomko, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Jimenez, Linda C.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Frosheiser, Kurt R.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Collins, Gary L.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Vasquez, Mark D.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Kennon, Morgan DeShawnDoD Confirmation
11/07/03Gilmore I, Cornell W.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Smith, Benedict J.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Rose, Scott C.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Neff II, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Kennedy, Kyran E.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Swartworth, Sharon T.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Wolf, James R.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Fisher, Paul F.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Chance III, James A.DoD Confirmation
11/05/03Rivera, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/03Benson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
11/04/03Martinez, FranciscoDoD Confirmation
11/03/03Johnson, Rayshawn S.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Smith, Bruce A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Perez, JoelDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Penisten, Brian H.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Conover, Steven DanielDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Bader, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Jennings, Darius T.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Wilson, Joe NathanDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Vega, Frances M.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Slavenas, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Pennanen, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Moss, Keelan L.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Lau, Karina S.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Dagostino, Anthony D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Bucklew, Ernest G.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Velasquez, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Colgan, Benjamin J.DoD Confirmation
11/01/03Johnson, Maurice J.DoD Confirmation
11/01/03Hurley, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
10/31/03Bryant, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
10/28/03Campoy, IsaacDoD Confirmation
10/28/03Barrera, Michael PaulDoD Confirmation
10/28/03Adams, AlgernonDoD Confirmation
10/27/03Falaniko, Jonathan I.DoD Confirmation
10/27/03Bell, Aubrey D.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Acosta, StevenDoD Confirmation
10/26/03Huggins, Jamie L.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Buehring, Charles H.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Bosveld, Rachel K.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Guerrera, Joseph R.DoD Confirmation
10/25/03Cannon, Jakia ShereeDoD Confirmation
10/24/03Hancock, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/24/03Mora, Jose L.DoD Confirmation
10/24/03Brassfield, Artimus D.DoD Confirmation
10/23/03Teal, John R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/03Johnson, John P.DoD Confirmation
10/22/03Ward, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
10/21/03Bueche, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/20/03Johnson, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/18/03Bernstein, David R.DoD Confirmation
10/18/03Hart, John D.DoD Confirmation
10/17/03Williams, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Grilley, Sean R.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Bellavia, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Orlando, Kim S.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Freeman, Benjamin L.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Weismantle, Douglas J.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Wheeler, Donald L.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Wyatt, Stephen E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Casanova, JoseDoD Confirmation
10/12/03Powell, James E.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Silva, Sean A.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Swisher, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Norquist, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
10/06/03Torres, RichardDoD Confirmation
10/06/03Karol, Spencer TimothyDoD Confirmation
10/06/03Scott, Kerry D.DoD Confirmation
10/03/03Pirtle, James H.DoD Confirmation
10/03/03Sims, Charles M. DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Ramos, Tamarra J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Blankenbecler, James D. DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Gutierrez, Analaura EsparzaDoD Confirmation
10/01/03Hunte, SimeonDoD Confirmation
09/30/03McGaugh, Dustin K. DoD Confirmation
09/29/03Potter, Darrin K.DoD Confirmation
09/29/03Baddick, Andrew JosephDoD Confirmation
09/29/03Cutchall, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Rooney, Robert E.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Thomas, Kyle G.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Lucero, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
09/24/03Andrade, MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/22/03Sturino, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Miller Jr., Frederick L.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Brown II, Lunsford B.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Friedrich, David TravisDoD Confirmation
09/18/03Arriaga, RichardDoD Confirmation
09/18/03Thompson, Anthony O.DoD Confirmation
09/18/03Faunce, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
09/18/03Wright, James CDoD Confirmation
09/16/03Pinkston, FosterDoD Confirmation
09/15/03Peterson, Alyssa R.DoD Confirmation
09/15/03Kimmerly, Kevin C.DoD Confirmation
09/14/03Blumberg, Trevor A.DoD Confirmation
09/12/03Morehead, Kevin N.DoD Confirmation
09/12/03Bennett, William M.DoD Confirmation
09/11/03Ybarra III, HenryDoD Confirmation
09/10/03Robsky Jr., Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
09/09/03Carlock, Ryan G.DoD Confirmation
09/07/03Thompson, Jarrett B.DoD Confirmation
09/04/03Brown, Bruce E.DoD Confirmation
09/02/03Sisson, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
09/01/03Caldwell, Charles ToddDoD Confirmation
09/01/03Camara, JosephDoD Confirmation
09/01/03Sarno, Cameron B.DoD Confirmation
08/30/03Cataudella, Sean K.DoD Confirmation
08/29/03Lawton, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Sherman, Anthony L.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Belanger, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Navea, Rafael L.DoD Confirmation
08/26/03Dent, Darryl T.DoD Confirmation
08/25/03Manzano, PabloDoD Confirmation
08/25/03Allen Jr., Ronald D.DoD Confirmation
08/23/03Scott, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
08/23/03Mack, Vorn J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/03Jones-Huffman, Kylan A.DoD Confirmation
08/21/03Adams, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
08/20/03Franklin, Bobby C.DoD Confirmation
08/20/03Harris Jr., Kenneth W.DoD Confirmation
08/18/03Hull, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
08/17/03Ivory, Craig S.DoD Confirmation
08/14/03Kirchhoff, David M.DoD Confirmation
08/13/03White, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Parker, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Brown Jr., Timmy R.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Eaton Jr., Richard S.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Williams, Taft V.DoD Confirmation
08/10/03Perry, David S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/03Kinchen, Levi B.DoD Confirmation
08/09/03Knighten Jr., Floyd G.DoD Confirmation
08/08/03Ramsey, BrandonDoD Confirmation
08/08/03Bush, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
08/07/03Longstreth, Duane E.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Hellerman, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Simmons, Leonard D.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Colunga, Zeferino E.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Gilbert, Kyle C.DoD Confirmation
08/05/03Letufuga, Farao K.DoD Confirmation
08/05/03Loyd, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/01/03Hebert, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
07/31/03Lambert III, James I.DoD Confirmation
07/31/03Deutsch, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
07/30/03Nott, Leif E.DoD Confirmation
07/28/03Hart Jr., NathanielDoD Confirmation
07/28/03Maher III, William J.DoD Confirmation
07/27/03McMillin, Heath A.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Cheatham, Jonathan M.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Perez Jr., WilfredoDoD Confirmation
07/26/03Methvin, Daniel K.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Barnes, Jonathan P.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Heighter, Raheen TysonDoD Confirmation
07/24/03Serrano, Juan M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Perez, Hector R.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Ashcraft, Evan AsaDoD Confirmation
07/23/03Byers, Joshua T.DoD Confirmation
07/23/03Christian, Brett T.DoD Confirmation
07/22/03Fettig, Jon P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/03Bibby, Mark AnthonyDoD Confirmation
07/20/03Scott, David A.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Willoughby, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Garvey, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Jordan, Jason D.DoD Confirmation
07/19/03Rozier, Jonathan D.DoD Confirmation
07/18/03Bertoldie, Joel L.DoD Confirmation
07/17/03Whetstone, Mason DouglasDoD Confirmation
07/17/03Moreno, David J.DoD Confirmation
07/16/03Torres, Ramon ReyesDoD Confirmation
07/15/03Geurin, Cory RyanDoD Confirmation
07/14/03Crockett, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
07/13/03Puello-Coronado, Jaror C.DoD Confirmation
07/13/03Cassidy, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
07/12/03Neusche, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
07/11/03Schultz, Christian C.DoD Confirmation
07/09/03Gabrielson, Dan H.DoD Confirmation
07/09/03Valles, MelissaDoD Confirmation
07/09/03Tetrault, JasonDoD Confirmation
07/09/03Rowe, Roger DaleDoD Confirmation
07/08/03McKinley, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
07/08/03Boling, Craig A.DoD Confirmation
07/07/03Sanford Sr., BarryDoD Confirmation
07/07/03Keith, Chad L.DoD Confirmation
07/06/03Parson, David B.DoD Confirmation
07/06/03Wershow, Jeffrey M.DoD Confirmation
07/04/03Coons, James CurtisDoD Confirmation
07/03/03Herrgott, Edward J.DoD Confirmation
07/03/03Small, Corey L.DoD Confirmation
07/02/03Bradachnall, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
07/01/03Coffin, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
06/28/03Conneway, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
06/27/03Sotelo Jr., TomasDoD Confirmation
06/26/03McIntosh, JoshuaDoD Confirmation
06/26/03Hubbell, Corey A.DoD Confirmation
06/26/03Orengo, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03Ott, Kevin C.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03Philippe, GladimirDoD Confirmation
06/25/03Chris, Andrew F.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03MacDonald, Gregory E.DoD Confirmation
06/24/03Lennon, Cedric LamontDoD Confirmation
06/22/03Smith, Orenthial JavonDoD Confirmation
06/19/03Nakamura, Paul T.DoD Confirmation
06/18/03Latham, William T.DoD Confirmation
06/18/03Deuel, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
06/17/03Tosto, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
06/17/03Frantz, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/03Pahnke, Shawn D.DoD Confirmation
06/16/03Suell, Joseph D.DoD Confirmation
06/15/03Cox, Ryan R.DoD Confirmation
06/13/03Pokorny, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
06/12/03Klinesmith Jr., John K.DoD Confirmation
06/10/03Neighbor, Gavin L.DoD Confirmation
06/08/03Dooley, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
06/07/03Halling, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/03Sisung, DavidDoD Confirmation
06/06/03Burkhardt, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
06/06/03Bollinger Jr., Doyle W.DoD Confirmation
06/05/03Oberleitner, Branden F.DoD Confirmation
06/03/03Haro Marin Jr., AtanasioDoD Confirmation
06/01/03Lambert, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Long, Zachariah W.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Griffin, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Gleason, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
05/28/03Perez III, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
05/28/03Bradley, Kenneth R.DoD Confirmation
05/27/03Quinn, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
05/27/03Broomhead, Thomas F.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Schram, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Smith, Jeremiah D.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Petriken, Brett J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Nalley, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Mitchell, Keman L.DoD Confirmation
05/25/03Evans Jr., DavidDoD Confirmation
05/21/03Caldwell, Nathaniel A.DoD Confirmation
05/19/03Moore, Jason WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Straseskie, Kirk AllenDoD Confirmation
05/19/03White, Aaron DeanDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Ryan, Timothy LouisDoD Confirmation
05/19/03LaMont, Andrew DavidDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Baragona, Dominic RoccoDoD Confirmation
05/18/03Sahib, RasheedDoD Confirmation
05/18/03Marencoreyes, Douglas JoseDoD Confirmation
05/16/03Payne, William L.DoD Confirmation
05/14/03Nutt, David T.DoD Confirmation
05/13/03Kleiboeker, Nicholas BrianDoD Confirmation
05/13/03Griffin Jr., Patrick LeeDoD Confirmation
05/12/03Rodriguez, Jose F. GonzalezDoD Confirmation
05/12/03Kowalik, Jakub HenrykDoD Confirmation
05/10/03Smith, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Van Dusen, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Gukeisen, Hans N.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Carl, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Bruns, Cedric E.DoD Confirmation
05/08/03Rockhold, Marlin T.DoD Confirmation
05/04/03Deibler, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
05/03/03Reynolds, Sean C.DoD Confirmation
05/01/03Givens, Jesse AlanDoD Confirmation
04/28/03Garza, Joe JesusDoD Confirmation
04/25/03Sullivan, Narson BertilDoD Confirmation
04/25/03Orozco, OsbaldoDoD Confirmation
04/24/03Jenkins, Troy DavidDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Buckley, Roy RussellDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Lam, Alan DinhDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Channell Jr., Robert WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Arnold, Andrew ToddDoD Confirmation
04/17/03Rivero, John TravisDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Brown, John EliDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Mileo, Jason DavidDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Goward, Richard AllenDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Gonzalez, Armando ArielDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Mayek, Joseph PatrickDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Foley III, Thomas ArthurDoD Confirmation
04/13/03Acevedo, JosephDoD Confirmation
04/13/03Mercado, GilDoD Confirmation
04/12/03Owens Jr., David EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/12/03Gonzalez, Jesus AngelDoD Confirmation
04/11/03Tejeda, Riayan AugustoDoD Confirmation
04/10/03Hemingway, Terry WayneDoD Confirmation
04/10/03Bohr Jr., Jeffrey EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Sather, Scott DouglasDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Stever, Robert AnthonyDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Meyer, Jason MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Marshall, John WinstonDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Garza Jr., Juan GuadalupeDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Brown, Henry LevonDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Das, Eric BruceDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Watkins III, William RandolphDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Mitchell Jr., George ArthurDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Miller, Anthony ScottDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Kaylor, Jeffrey JosephDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Hollinsaid, Lincoln DanielDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Medellin, Jesus Martin AntonioDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Aviles, Andrew JulianDoD Confirmation
04/06/03Prewitt, Kelley StephenDoD Confirmation
04/06/03Huxley Jr., Gregory PaulDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Smith, EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Brown, Larry KenyattaDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Booker, Stevon AlexanderDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Rios, Duane RoyDoD Confirmation
04/04/03McPhillips, Brian MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Gooden, Bernard GeorgeDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Smith, Paul RayDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Jones, Devon DemiloDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Cunningham Jr., Daniel FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Bellard, Wilfred DavyrussellDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Aitken, Tristan NeilDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Sammis, Benjamin WilsonDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Ford, Travis AllenDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Korn, Edward JasonDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Davis, WilbertDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Silva, Erik HernandezDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Evnin, Mark AsherDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Rippetoe, Russell BrianDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Long, Ryan PatrickDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Livaudais, Nino DugueDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Robbins, Todd JamesDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Rehn, Randall ScottDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Oaks Jr., Donald SamuelDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Bales, Chad EricDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Boule, Matthew GeorgeDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Smith, Eric AllenDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Pedersen, Michael FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Jamar, ScottDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Halvorsen, Erik AndersDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Adamouski, James FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03White, Nathan DennisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Fernandez, George AndrewDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Gurtner, Christian DanielDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Anderson, Brian EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/01/03Maglione III, Joseph BasilDoD Confirmation
04/01/03Butler, Jacob LeeDoD Confirmation
03/31/03Rowe, Brandon JacobDoD Confirmation
03/31/03Jeffries, William AndrewDoD Confirmation
03/30/03Contreras, Aaron JosephDoD Confirmation
03/30/03McGinnis, Brian DanielDoD Confirmation
03/30/03Lalush, Michael VernonDoD Confirmation
03/29/03White, William WayneDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Williams, EugeneDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Rincon, Diego FernandoDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Curtin, Michael EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Creighton-Weldon, Michael Russell DoD Confirmation
03/29/03Cawley, James WilfordDoD Confirmation
03/28/03Solomon, Roderic AntoineDoD Confirmation
03/28/03Padilla-Ramirez, FernandoDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Suarez del Solar, Jesus AlbertoDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Menusa, JosephDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Rodriguez, Robert MarcusDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Martinez-Flores, Francisco AbrahamDoD Confirmation
03/27/03O'Day, Patrick TerenceDoD Confirmation
03/27/03May Jr., Donald CharlesDoD Confirmation
03/26/03Nave, Kevin GerardDoD Confirmation
03/25/03Johnson Jr., Michael VannDoD Confirmation
03/25/03Stone, Gregory LewisDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Blair, Thomas AlanDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Sanders, Gregory PaulDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Korthaus, Bradley StevenDoD Confirmation
03/24/03James, Evan TylerDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Chanawongse, Kemaphoom "Ahn"DoD Confirmation
03/23/03Gifford, Jonathan LeeDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Hutchings, Nolen RyanDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Cline Jr., Donald JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Burkett, Tamario DemetriceDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Reiss, Brendon CurtisDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Nixon, Patrick RayDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Williams, Michael JasonDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Rosacker, Randal KentDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Buesing, Brian RoryDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Slocum, Thomas JonathanDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Jordan, Phillip AndrewDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Gonzalez, Jorge AlonsoDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Garibay, Jose AngelDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Fribley, David KeithDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Bitz, Michael EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Anguiano, Edward JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Walters, Donald RalphDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Sloan, Brandon UlyssesDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Piestewa, Lori AnnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Mata, Johnny VillarealDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Kiehl, James MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Johnson II, HowardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Estrella-Soto, RubenDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Dowdy, Robert JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Buggs, George EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Pokorney Jr., Frederick EbenDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Addison, Jamaal RashardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Seifert, Christopher ScottDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Hodson, Nicolas MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Adams, Thomas MullenDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Tobler, Brandon ScottDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Orlowski, Eric JamesDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Gutierrez, Jose AntonioDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Waters-Bey, Kendall DamonDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Kennedy, Brian MatthewDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Beaupre, Ryan AnthonyDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Aubin, Jay ThomasDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Childers, Therrel ShaneDoD Confirmation