Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Done with 24

I finally finished season 4 of 24. The above photo is of my favorite characters from this season. Edgar Stiles, Walt Cummings, Michelle Dessler, Tony Almeida and President David Palmer (center). I cant wait to see them all next season and see what happens! Here are my comments on season 4:

The love story between Michelle and Tony was a little over the top, Michelle apparently left Tony because he became a lazy alcoholic after his release from prison (from charges related to saving her life). And yet in a couple hours of working with him at CTU she falls back in love; not taking into account she is probably being affected by a recreation of the isolated environment they originally fell in love in, and certainly not taking into account he may still be an alcoholic! Perhaps even so much he overlooks people fiddling with his car, in the driveway, 18 months later...

It was also annoying that they chose to semi-recycle the plot line of the end of season 3. In that episode, Michelle is taken hostage by a terrorist who is surrounded by CTU agents and contacts Tony (director of CTU) to tell him unless he gets the CTU agents to back off, the terrorists will kill Michelle! In the season 4 finale, TONY is taken hostage by a terrorist who is surrounded by CTU agents and contacts Michelle (director of CTU) to tell her unless she gets the CTU agents to back off, Michelle...uh, I mean TONY will be killed. How could such a conicidence occur!?!?! Its explained! In the season 4 finale, the terrorist holding Tony simply googles him name and finds out what happened in season 3. Im not joking!

Other than all of that it was a pretty good season. Yes, Audrey was annoying, but she gets what she deserves. Spending the entire season fucking with two guys who love her and who she supposedly loves back, she ends up with both dead at the end! (Well Jack isnt really dead but she doesnt know.
To end, here are lines I heard incessantly repeated throughtout all episodes of 24 Ive ever watched:

"Dammit we're running out of time!"

Jack telling someone something followed by "Do you understand me?"

"We both know Im going to get the information from you, its just a matter of how much you want it to hurt!"

"Put down the gun, its over!"

Someone to Jack "But Jack [name of current CTU director] ordered you not to!"

and my favorite, most repeated line in 24

"Godammit Chloe just do it!"

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