Friday, September 08, 2006

Kevin Maley adds new post to blog

Havnt posted in a while but thought this was another hilarious example of why I think American media is a joke. Here is a little quiz

Today (Friday Sept 8th) the lead story in the prestigous Washington Post is...

(A) Paris Hilton gets DUI
(B) Baby Suri pictures finally revealed
(C) Nobody likes the new Facebook

If you guessed (A) or (B) you are wrong, those were lead stories earlier this week. If you guessed (C) "Nobody likes the new Facebook" you are correct. To quote the Washington Post:

"Denizens of one of the Web's most popular student hangouts are in an uproar over changes to the site that they say make their online musings much too public, turning their personal lives into a flashing billboard.
"I don't like it because it's kind of stalker-ish," said Yan Fu, a freshman at George Washington University.

Fu's sentiment was shared by many Facebook users, hundreds of thousands of whom have joined ad hoc groups of petitioners calling themselves "I hate the new facebook format" and "Students Against Facebook News Feed." '
Its actually a two page article that you can find by clicking on the link above. The Washington Post, for those who don't know, went to court in the early 1970's for refusing to stop publishing a top secret Pentagon report on the war in Vietnam called "The Pentagon Papers", they also helped bring Nixon down with top secret leaks about Watergate from Mark Felt to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. I knew things were starting fall apart when they accepted the Bush Administration's lies about Iraq at face value and helped lead the country into an unnecessary war, but apparently they have now learned their lesson. Scandal, war and corruption is whats out. Facebook is what's in.
Look for some news? Here's a start:
Here is some news being missed!
Remember the Israeli/Lebanon conflict? Me too! Everyone forgot about the Palestinians though. Especially those in Gaza who were so graciously freed by the "Gaza Disengagement Plan" when Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip! So how have they been doing?
Well Israel sealed off the 15 mile strip of land that houses 1.5 million people. Not even fisherman are allowed to go out to sea. It is essentially a giant prison and apparently most people are starving and living in complete misery.
"It is the worst year for us since 1948 [when Palestinian refugees first poured into Gaza]," says Dr Maged Abu-Ramadan, a former ophthalmologist who is mayor of Gaza City. "Gaza is a jail. Neither people nor goods are allowed to leave it. People are already starving. They try to live on bread and falafel and a few tomatoes and cucumbers they grow themselves."
According to the Israeli paper Ha'aretz: Gaza "is in its worst condition, ever...the Israeli Defense Forces have been rampaging through Gaza - there's no other word to describe it - killing and demolishing, bombing and shelling, indiscriminately...Gaza is occupied, and with greater brutality than before. In large parts of Gaza nowadays, there is no electricity...There's hardly any water...Piles of garbage and obnoxious clouds of stink strangle the coastal strip, turning it into Calcutta"
This itself is disgusting and sickening, and this is why Arabs hate the US/Israel and increasingly Europe. The United States led the effort to block all humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and the United States could snap its fingers have tell everyone, including the Israeli's, to lift the sanctions. Anyone with a conscience should be sick to their stomach at whats going on, which is completely blacked out of the media. Again, I reiterate, this is some how supposed to stop terrorism. I somehow doubt it will work.

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