Sunday, September 24, 2006

every once and a while you sort of get dizzy...


The War in Iraq: $300 billion dollars and counting.
Here is what we $300 billion could have done.
1. Free college for everyone in the USA
2. End world hunger (only $6 bil)
3.Full funding for world-wide aids program
4. Full funding for immunizations for EVERY CHILD IN THE WORLD
After that we would have roughly $250 left. Here is what we got from spending it on Iraq instead:

1. No WMD
2. No Al Qaeda links
3. 2,700 dead Americans
4. 100,000 + dead Iraqis
5. INCREASED the threat of terrorism and "spawned a new generation" of terrorists

Pardon the outrage but WHY DOES NOBODY CARE. The USA is the wealthiest nation on the planet, by far, and spends the lowest amount on non-military aid (as % of GDP) on any industrial nation. In fact, we have the worst child mortality rate of any industrial nation. I dont know anyone saw but a report came out earlier this summer that was pleasing if you read the title, it said the number of children with health insurance was up. If you read the report it explained why. Its because more children are living in poverty and qualifying for public assistance. Poverty in the USA has increased every year, dramatically, "most concetrated among children" to quote the government reports, since 2000. The Forbes 400 keep getting dramatically richer though, in fact this year for the first time ever, every single one of them is a billionare.

I would love for someone to explain to me WHAT BENEFIT the US has gotten out of invading Iraq. With the money spent there we could END WORLD HUNGER, we could have FULL HEALTH CARE, FREE COLLEGE, and have a shitload left over! Thats just from the money ALREADY SPENT in Iraq and does not include future estimates.

The Iraq War has NOT made us safer. Although its logical if you pay attention but now we have the intelligence agencies coming out point blank and saying the invasion has DRAMATICALLY increased the threat of terrorism, and has inspired people who were never involved in terrorism to become terrorists themselves. We are in MASSIVE debt, spent hundreds of billions of dollars, killed hundreds of thousands of people... so that we could be in MORE DANGER? and the alternative was.... ENDING WORLD HUNGER??!?!??!?!

Im currently losing my mind. must go mow the lawn. if anyone reading this would like to give me a good argument for the invasion please let me know. its hypocritical to say this but when you consider everything we couldve done with $300 bil spent in Iraq, it makes me sick to my stomach that no one cares; ignorance is not an excuse when your living in a democracy and you have the ability to affect change so your fucking tax money from your java latte is going to make bombs that destroy people. if/when there is another terrorist attack on the USA, and someone asks why they hate us, or say 'they hate our freedom', i will probably punch them

God bless the mess we've made

and by the way if you DIDNT know the information above but have read it now, you are even more responsible because now you know whats going on and are still ignoring it. there are ways. just ask. or bring me an iced coffee and ill tell you (medium cinnamon hazelnut with small amount of cream and sugar, from honey dew)

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