Sunday, September 24, 2006

cant forget this one

Just read something I found hilarious and too funny not to mention.

Sen George Allen of Virginia (republican up for re-election) is known for his racial slurs and ties to pro-confederate and white supremicist groups who seek an all white, all christian America, and he may win re-election (i suspect this is because all the moderates in Virginia moved to the western half of the state during the civil war and declared themselves a separate, new state 'west virginia' and joined the Union, thus leaving all the pro-slavery freaks in regular Virignia... who continued to populate for years and elect people like George Allen)

Well George Allen's worst fears came true recently, when someone at a campaign event asked about a report that Allen's mother was raised jewish, and Allen started shvitzin like a maza ball. He actually angrily lectured the reporter saying, ironically, that religion has no place in politics; and the crowd cheered unaware of the irony seeing as how Allen regularly flaunts his christianity for political gain.

Of course that made reporters dig more and Allen had to come clean, his mother was not only raised jewish but grew up in north africa, a double whammy! She is still white, but does this not technically make her african-america? This is the hilarious part because his response to all this, instead of saying something normal like 'oh yes i found out i have a rich legacy and history', or since he is in Virginia he couldve said 'Im so happy, I found out I have yet another thing in common with Jesus Christ, we both had jewish mothers', instead Allen decided to continue pandering to his base. First he claimed he found out only recently his mother had been raised Jewish and she told him (this his actual story) that she kept it secret becuase she thought he would HATE her if he knew.

I think most people share my reaction to that "what kind of a mother thinks her son would hate her if he found out she used to be jewish?" me thinks Allen is trying to reassure his base by basically implying his mother thinks he is anti-semetic! And the sad thing is, this probably will help him with the white supremicist groups who would otherwise ditch him.

And to make sure his message came across loud and clear, that he is not nor has he ever been Jewish, Allen ended a recent interview with an assurance to everyone in Virginia, in case they were worried, about his dietary habits. His exact quote (Im not making this up) "I still had a ham sandwich for lunch. And my mother made great pork chops."

Only in the south, kids. Only in the south.

I might add I realize the hypocrisy in myself as I stereotype "the south" (am still angry about 04 i admit) and Virginia in particular, after all we've had some good presidents from Virginia, like Washington, he was ok (although a slaver owner and thus partially fitting my stereotype but I digress.)

So ill mention for a disclaimer its just Virginia republicans who support George Allen that I think are red necks; but no i dont think they are ALL like that. Im sure there are some very wealthy Virginians who support George Allen because his opinion on the capitals gains and estate tax. There is hope, however. There is one prominent Virginian who was a Republican (decorated Vietnam vet and Sec of Navy under Regan) but recently switched to the Democratic party and is running against Sen Allen on, among other things, and antiwar platform (no doubt a tough sell in a red state.) Incidentally Jim Webb (the challenger) took a several day complete break from the campaign at a crucial time, just as he was pulling close to Allen in the polls. What happened?

He wanted to spend as much time as he could with his son, a marine, in the last few days they had together before he was shipped off to the war in Iraq. Its not very well known, although it would obviously help him win points, because he doesnt wish to exploit his son for political reasons. Heart warming? yes, but even more so is significant of what kind of senator he would be. Because it basically shows that Webb's own personal experience, having a son fighting in a war, affect how he is campaigning and probably would affect how he votes as a senator.

Which means there would be someone in the US Senate (80% white, millionare males over 40) who would be voting on things related to the war in iraq knowing, unlike everyone else, it will have direct consequences on his child's life. One would expect that senator should be taken seriously, whether he is against the war like Webb, or hard-core pro-war like McCain (who's son is in marine training and MIGHT go to iraq next summer).

So i doubt anyone from virginia reads this but how is this even a choice?

Jim Webb: A lifelong republican and decorated war veteran, who may be Democrat now but is still very conservative and in line with Virginians on most issues. He is against a war that was launched because it was mistakenly believed there were WMDs and has now cost $300 b and the intelligence agencies say is fueling anti-american terrorism(see my earlier blog) and a war his own son is in.


George Allen: Never served in the military, advocates continuation of a pointless war that is a detriment to our security and has american soldiers dying on the battlefield everyday. He makes racial slurs, is tied to white supremicist groups, and proudly announced that his own mother thought Allen would hate her if he knew she was Jewish while assuring everyone he steal eats ham and pork chops.

Every state is different but I just hope Virginians know what they are getting in their senator. I leave you now with some lyrics from Creedence Clearwater Revival's passionate and haunting war song (and one of my favorite songs in general) "Who'll stop the rain?"

I went down Virginia, seekin shelter from the storm.

Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow.

Five year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains.

And I wonder, still I wonder wholl stop the rain

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