Thursday, June 29, 2006


Per suggestion by Jo Schad that the blog should be personal/funnier/entertaining I will try to do that, though still try to keep it political. So here is the Entertainment/Humor section:

Perhaps people will find this funny:

-I've just gotten another outbreak of poison ivy, the second this month. This is mainly due to the fact that for "chore day" I have to weed the entire yard, which encompasses a lot, and because there has been so much rain, there is a lot of poison ivy I keep hitting. Last time (beginning of June) it was on my chest, legs and feet. This time its all over my right hand, including every finger, my neck, my face and behind my right ear. Im not sure when people at work are going to begin commenting but Ive avoided the issue thus far. They may think its acne. Ha ha!

-Monday at work, I realized I had no lunch and was starving. I had no money and hoped I could make it home and back (from Framingham to Milford) within my 60 min break. Although my gas light was on, I thought I had money at home and it would be ok, so used my only $2 for an iced coffee. When I got home, I realized I had no money and no gas to get back to work. So I stole the gas can used for the lawn mower and tried to pour that in the car, but the neck was too short and i spilled it over myself. I had to then transfer the gas to another canister, spilling more because I was now late for work, then put it in the car. I quickly washed up but still smelled like gas. I had to rush back to work, now with almost no gas, and had to keep the windows up (even though it was 85 and humid and my A/C doesnt work) to keep the car fuel efficient. When I got back to work I had to sit with some woman as she showed me a computer program, and although i washed my hands/arms completely, i still strongly smelled gasoline. Then I realized... it was my shoes. She gave me a lot of weird looks. I didnt know how to explain so I didnt.

-Today (Thursday) due to traffic and cell phone usage, I missed the exit from the Pike for 495. Suddenly, my gas light went on (ive been pretty broke as of late.) I traveled for another 15 miles before I found an exit, went to the next gas station and put in the only $2 I had, then asked to use the bathroom. I encountered the grossest bathroom Ive ever seen, without exaggeration. The stench was overwhelming, and the toliet was splattered with feces and filled with a lot of urine. Try to picture a portapotty at a concert after its been used, only I think this was worse. Because those portapotty's are cleaned after every concert. The way the urine looked, I strongly suspect it was weeks if not months since the toliet was last flushed. The smell was so strong that putting my shirt over my nose would not suffice, I literally had to pull my shirt over my nose, then cup my left hand over my mouth/nose and use my right hand for everything else. I held my breath for most of it (30 secs max) but found even with my shirt and hand over my nose, I had to resort to quick inhales via the mouth because the stench was that strong.
Im not sure if any of this is funny. Thats why I try to stick to political blogging.

In celebrity news: I saw ABC's Good Morning America give a half-assed farewell to John Gibson, who is moving to ABC's World News Tonight. However this was probably more tasteful than the ridiculous send off Katie Couric got, which was a strange attempt to hightlight her "journalist" credentials even though she is moving to a different network.

The lesbians on The View appear to be fighting a lot. Almost every show on television sucks, no matter what time it is. Im very tired of American Idol ripoffs, even though I hate American Idol. I firmly believe with a steady supply of the drugs of my choice I could write a top 10 show, be it drama or comedy. Oh yeah, and Im very sick of MTV's lineup. During my unemployment phase (from mid-may to last wednesday) I got really fed up of MTV switching between Next and Yo Mamma marathons. I have a basic idea of the script they follow on Next:
-After making assinine comments about themselves on the camera, the contestants board the bus. The producer then chooses one to say "So how do you girls think you are going to win the date?" or something. Then one person says something stupid like "Ill dance and shake my booty." Then the producer points to the girl in the middle, and she says something like "Well bitches Im up first, dont wait up cause imma gonna win!" and the other girls say "waheva!". Finally, when the first girl leaves for the 'date', the producer points to another girl, which means she is supposed to say "So how do you girls think Shavando will do?" It goes on like that for a while. And on Yo Mama, its worse.

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