Friday, June 30, 2006

24 and other stuff

Last week, Sec of DHS Michael Chertoff, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Rush Limbaugh, among others, were at an event at the ultra-ring wing Heritage Foundation to host a panel on the television show 24; some cast, producers, writers were there to discuss it. It was mainly about issues of terrorism. Im not joking, this actually happened.

Limbaugh apparently spoke about how Cheney and Rumsfeld love the show and how all these conservatives love it because it shows their message; that terrorists are evil and torture is necessary and what a wonderful show for conservatives. Although its stupid that the Heritage Foundation would hold a panel for 24 with prominent republicans praising the show; stupid because its a FICTIONAL show with outrageous plots and unrealistic behavioral tendancies (ie not eating, urinating, sleeping), because Heritage gave its take on the show, so will I:

President David Palmer: The show's early hero (beginning in season one) is Senator David Palmer, running for president. Palmer is black and is a Democrat. We know this because his crazy wife said something like "David, you are about to become the nominee for the Democratic Party for president". He becomes President, and he is also one of the most moral characters on the show, choosing mainly to be 'honest' about his scandals. He is popular and great and loved by all!

President Charles Logan: Unforunately, David Palmer is killed by an assasin working indirectly with Charles Logan, who knew about the assasination and tried to cover it up. President Logan is trying to get the country to have a military intervention in Central Asia under false pretenses in order to secure America's insationable appetite for oil. (Sounds like Bush?) He does so by working with terrorists, supplying them with weapons (Sounds like Reagan?) When Palmer finds out, he kills him and covers it up. Perhaps this is why Republicans love 24.

And a note on the idea that 24 shows that torture is ok. From what I can see a lot of the torture done by Jack Bauer is off protocol and illegal and not always effective. When they used torture methods against Nina Myers, it didnt work, and she ended up breaking free and killing a bunch of doctors and nurses and almost killed Kim Bauer! When they used torture on Chris Henderson, it didnt work, and he ended up breaking free and killing Tony. Lastly, when they used torture on Audrey Raines; they were doing so under the false belief she was working for terrorists, which she was not. Thus we watched as a beloved character was innocently tortured. But perhaps Republicans like that too?

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