Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quick Note on Iran

Today Iran said they would respond to the Bush Offer (suspend uranium enrichment now and we will give you the privledge of multi-lateral talks) by August, Bush said no we want an answer sooner.

Was reading an article on Iran the other day (will find it later) where an Iranian official made a statement to the tune of "we would be happy with a system of nuclear energy for all under the proper international supervisions". I believe he was commenting on the fact that recently (last year?) a proposal in the UN was passed in the General Assembly about 180-1-2 (2 absentions). The proposal said fissile (nuclear) material would go into the hands of an international committee and if individual countries wanted to use it for nuclear energy, they could appeal to the committee and then get some fissile material, and the UN would go in and monitor to make sure it was just for peaceful purposes. Iran voted yes for this, the US voted no and vetoed it in the Sec.Council, the two absentions were Britain and Israel. The US does not care to be held to the same standards it insists (with the threat of war) that everyone else be held to.

Also a quick comment, while Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,it is not in violation of it. The NPT gives non-nuclear states the right to enrich uranium for energy purposes (hence why Iran keeps saying this is its 'right', because it technically is.) However the US, UK, France, China and Russia (all signed the NPT) are in violation because the treaty states that signatories that ARE nuclear powers must work to reduce and eventually eliminate their nukes. They are not doing that.

More on that later

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