Friday, October 15, 2010


So its official, as expected it was announced there will be no Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment, because as they measure it, cost of living as not gone up (at least inflation-wise).

So Nancy Pelosi says the House will hold a vote on granting seniors a mandated COLA Adjustment in the form of a $250 check they would all get.

Great! Social Security is the most popular government program, yet the Republicans have always wanted (and tried) to dismantle it. Forcing a vote on the COLA adjustment, the Republicans would have to choose to either vote against it and look bad, or vote for it and look like hypocrites for authorizing new spending. Its a win-win, and would help the Democrats with elderly voters in this very important election. So when's the vote?

After the election. Because they already broke for their election recess, so heaven forbid they are called back for a single vote. That would garner attention, and be good for them.

After the election, in the lame-duck session. The only way authorizing these checks makes any sense is politically. It will help the Democrats and hurt the Republicans. The fact is inflation is not going up and Seniors don't really need this (though I am sure many do, as a group they are the only demographic that is not seeing a stark rise in poverty.)

Says Michael Steele "If this were truly a priority for Washington Democrats, they would have done it before Speaker Pelosi sent the House home."

I couldn't agree more Mike.

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