Wednesday, October 04, 2006


For those who are following the story about Republican Congressmen Foley and his cybersex IMs with underage teenage boys, you know that everyday there are more IM conversations being found. Well from a source that used to work in the congressman's office I have this brief conversation from a Chatroom five years ago between congressman foley and two of his aids (Maf54 is Congressman Foley)!

matsgd enters the chatroom

Maf54: Hey matt!

matsgd: its my favorite republican congressman!! Thanks for buying me booze last night, I cant wait to show you how grateful I am!

Maf54: Not yet matt, I have my favorite 'special friend' coming to join us!

Hkjbw7 enters the room

Hkjbw7: Hey Congressman Foley!

Maf54: Michael! Welcome.

matsgd: Hold up! I dont know who this is, im not really comfortable with it. This guy is your favorite 'special friend' ???

Hkjbw7: Fuck you! j/k!! lol lol!!!!

Maf54: Relax matt, he is some kid from Long Island. Im sure you'll never see him again....Anyway not, there is someone else coming who I have been having an inappropriate relationship with since he was FIVE! In my pedophile circles we call him "The Great One"

Hkjbw7: The legend!

matsgd: wow! i cant wait to see who it is!

MrWsup69 enters the room

MrWsup69: I have arrived. Let us begin, every moment is precious! The clock is ticking to when I turn 18, and then this just wont be as fun. BEGIN!

It ends there, though undoubtedly became far more inappropriate. I was forwarded this conversation by one of the participants, thought I wont reveal his name. He was so traumatized by the events that he left the Republican party and became a Democrat.

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