Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Cost of War

Why a Republican Congress is bad for America, Part II

10/21/06Knier, TonyPending
10/23/06Sare, Charles O.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Buerstetta, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
10/23/06Overstreet, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Rogers, Nicholas K.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Mock, Willsun M.DoD Confirmation
10/22/06Taylor, David G.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Herzberg, Eric W.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Watkins, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Manoukian, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Elrod, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
10/21/06Collinsworth, Clifford R.DoD Confirmation
10/20/06Witte, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
10/19/06Lopez Jr., EdwardoDoD Confirmation
10/18/06Brozovich, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Perez, Jose R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Winegeart, Daniel W.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Paulsen, Ronald L.DoD Confirmation
10/18/06Montalvo, Jesus M.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Dumas Jr., Joseph C. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Unger, David M. DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Culbertson III, Russell G.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Loudon, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Haupt, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Taylor III, Norman R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Frigo, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Sizemore, Garth D.DoD Confirmation
10/17/06Booth, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Baroncini, Jr., Lester DomenicoDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Bicknell, StephenDoD Confirmation
10/15/06Deese, Joshua DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Lootens, Jonathan E.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Paine, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Babb, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
10/15/06Hines, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Moore, Keith J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06King, Charles M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Kane, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Lauer, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Simpson, Jonathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/06Chavis, Leebenard E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Craver, Johnny K.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Stanton Jr., Kenny F.DoD Confirmation
10/13/06Hewett, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
10/12/06Hawkins, Gene A.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Walsh, Justin T.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Adcock, Shane T.DoD Confirmation
10/11/06Sowinski, Nicholas R.DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Feniello, Shelby J.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Jones, Derek W. DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Bowman, Jon EricDoD Confirmation
10/09/06Williams, Phillip B.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Secher, Robert M.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Austin, Shane R.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Johnson, Stephen F.DoD Confirmation
10/09/06Arechaga, Julian M.DoD Confirmation
10/08/06Monroe, Jeremy Scott SandvickDoD Confirmation
10/08/06Fulkerson, TimothyDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Wood, John EdwardDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Parrish, LawrenceDoD Confirmation
10/07/06Johnson II, Carl W.DoD Confirmation
10/07/06Asbury, Brandon S.DoD Confirmation
10/06/06Hale, John EdwardDoD Confirmation
10/06/06Payne, Bradford H.DoD Confirmation
10/06/06Arvanitis, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Rosales, Benjamin S. DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Garvin, Edward M.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Moudry, Christopher O.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Obourn Jr., George R.DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Burke, Timothy DoD Confirmation
10/04/06Bright, DeanDoD Confirmation
10/03/06Rojas, JonathanDoD Confirmation
10/03/06Isshak, DanielDoD Confirmation
10/02/06Perry, Joseph W.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Oremus, Michael K.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Jarrett, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Ellis, James D.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Armijo, Raymond S.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Walker, Kristofer C.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Greenlee, Satieon V.DoD Confirmation
10/02/06Narvaez, Joe A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Lannaman, Denise A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Nelson, Mario DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Haag, Chase A.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Peterson, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Cosgrove III, Christopher B. DoD Confirmation
10/01/06Seal, Aaron L.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Tejeda, Luis E.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Sourivong, Kampha B.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Nisely, Scott E.DoD Confirmation
09/30/06Weber, RobertDoD Confirmation
09/29/06Monsoor, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/06Blaney, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
09/28/06Chamroeun, JamesDoD Confirmation
09/27/06Lyons, James N.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Lanzarin, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Riviere, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Reynolds Jr., Edward C.DoD Confirmation
09/26/06Paul, HenryDoD Confirmation
09/25/06Mellen, Casey L.DoD Confirmation
09/24/06March Jr., Howard S.DoD Confirmation
09/24/06Martinez, ReneDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Kincaid, IV, Kenneth EDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Locklear, III, VeltonDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Dominguez, CarlosDoD Confirmation
09/23/06Simmons, Windell J.DoD Confirmation
09/21/06Bevington, Allan R.DoD Confirmation
09/20/06Rodriguez, Yull EstradaDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Zimmerman, Christopher MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Kavanagh, EricDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Needham, Robb GordonDoD Confirmation
09/20/06Jones, Charles JasonDoD Confirmation
09/19/06Callahan, Robert ThomasDoD Confirmation
09/19/06Raymond, Jared J.DoD Confirmation
09/19/06Huff, Ashley L. HendersonDoD Confirmation
09/18/06Worster, James R.DoD Confirmation
09/17/06Knox, Adam L.DoD Confirmation
09/17/06Davis, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/16/06Roddy, David SeanDoD Confirmation
09/15/06Granados, Cesar A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Cain, Marcus A. DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Hartman, Jennifer M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Smith, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Miller, Ryan A.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Williams, Clint E.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Makowski, Russell M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/06Weir, David ThomasDoD Confirmation
09/13/06Shaffer, JeffreyDoD Confirmation
09/13/06Mattingly, Matthew C. DoD Confirmation
09/12/06Perez, Emily J.T.DoD Confirmation
09/11/06Andrews, Harley D.DoD Confirmation
09/10/06Jordan, AlexanderDoD Confirmation
09/09/06Benson, JohnathanDoD Confirmation
09/09/06Seig, Anthony P.DoD Confirmation
09/08/06Gordon, David W.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Ramsey, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Montes, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
09/07/06Frassetto, Vincent M.DoD Confirmation
09/06/06Shank, Jeremy R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/06Carroll, John A.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Gutierrez, Marshall A.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Debro, Germaine L.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Walsh, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
09/04/06Valdepenas, Eric P.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Gunterman, Hannah L.DoD Confirmation
09/04/06Shoemaker, Jared M.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Merrill, Jason L. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Andino Jr., Edwin AnthonyDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Madaras, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Henkes II, Richard J. DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Miller, Ryan EdwinDoD Confirmation
09/03/06Johnson, Philip A.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Harris, Shane P.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Dreese, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
09/03/06Porras, Ralph N.DoD Confirmation
09/02/06Alex, EugeneDoD Confirmation
09/01/06Mercado-Velazquez, Angel D. DoD Confirmation
09/01/06Golla, CliffDoD Confirmation
08/31/06Deason, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Hanson, Joshua R.DoD Confirmation
08/30/06Wolfe, Colin JosephDoD Confirmation
08/29/06Warndorf, Christopher Tyler DoD Confirmation
08/29/06Vosbein, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
08/28/06Shannon L. SquiresDoD Confirmation
08/28/06Schneider, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Benson, DarryDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hansen, Jeffrey J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Almazan, David J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Champlin, Donald E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jones, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Novak, Shaun A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/06Lee, QixingDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Jazmine, MoisesDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Smith, TristanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Cross, KennethDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Dolan, DanDoD Confirmation
08/27/06Hildreth, Seth A.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Weimortz, David G.DoD Confirmation
08/26/06Zayas, EdgardoDoD Confirmation
08/25/06Pierson, Jordan C.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Solomon, Gordon GeorgeDoD Confirmation
08/24/06Williams, Dwayne E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06King, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
08/24/06Thorne, William E.DoD Confirmation
08/23/06Hirlston, James DanielDoD Confirmation
08/23/06Barbieri, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
08/22/06Darga, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/06Clemmons, Brad A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06DeRoo, Gabriel G.DoD Confirmation
08/20/06Kenyon, Chadwick ThomasDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Galvez, Adam AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/20/06Newman, Randy LeeDoD Confirmation
08/19/06Quick, Marquees A.DoD Confirmation
08/18/06Villa Jr, Ruben J.DoD Confirmation
08/17/06Arellano, James J.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Loa, Jeffrey S.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06Glover, Michael DennisDoD Confirmation
08/16/06Phillips, John P.DoD Confirmation
08/16/06McKenna IV, John JamesDoD Confirmation
08/12/06Jenkins, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Zeigler, Kevin L.DoD Confirmation
08/12/06Lloyd, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
08/10/06Long, Jeremy Z.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Brown, Jeffery S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Mennemeyer, Steven P.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Woods, Shane W.DoD Confirmation
08/09/06Ramirez, IgnacioDoD Confirmation
08/09/06Jagger, AaronDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Melvin, Tracy L.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Zamora, JoseDoD Confirmation
08/06/06Clark, Carlton A.DoD Confirmation
08/06/06Seale, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
08/05/06Kubik, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Segura Jr., Leroy DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Storey, Clint J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/06Beste, Bradley H.DoD Confirmation
08/03/06Dechen, Kurt EdwardDoD Confirmation
08/03/06Ulloa Jr., George M.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Lee, Marc A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Tomci, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Jopek, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
08/02/06Laird, Dustin D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/06Hsia, Hai MingDoD Confirmation
07/31/06Ford, JoshuaDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Hanson, JasonDoD Confirmation
07/29/06Baucus, Phillip E.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Williams, Christian B.DoD Confirmation
07/29/06Butterfield, Anthony E.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Higgins, James W.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Murray, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
07/27/06Sanchez, Enrique HenryDoD Confirmation
07/27/06Roos, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
07/26/06Koth, Edward ADoD Confirmation
07/25/06Graves, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Castner, Stephen W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06West, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/06Samson Jr., Dennis K.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Swanson, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
07/22/06Russell, Blake H.DoD Confirmation
07/22/06Fargo, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Wallace, Matthew P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/06Pate, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Plowman, Derek J.DoD Confirmation
07/20/06Ramon, Julian A.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Cayer, Geofrey R.DoD Confirmation
07/18/06Vecchione, Mark RichardDoD Confirmation
07/17/06Baughman, Nathaniel S.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Pugh, Kenneth I.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Smith, Scott R.DoD Confirmation
07/17/06Dickinson II, Michael ADoD Confirmation
07/16/06Evey, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Contreras, Andres J.DoD Confirmation
07/15/06Holguin, Manuel J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/06Turner Jr., Thomas B.DoD Confirmation
07/13/06Floyd, Al'KailaDoD Confirmation
07/12/06Tharp, Jerry A.DoD Confirmation
07/12/06Hernandez Jr., Irving DoD Confirmation
07/10/06Dreasky, Duane J.DoD Confirmation
07/09/06Montoya, Damien M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Micks, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
07/08/06Linden, Troy CarlinDoD Confirmation
07/08/06Flores, OmarDoD Confirmation
07/03/06Pabla, PaulDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Noyes, JustinDoD Confirmation
07/02/06Mason, Collin T.DoD Confirmation
07/01/06Ware Jr., Carl Jerome DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Muldoon, James P.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Miller, KyleDoD Confirmation
06/29/06Clark, Ryan. J.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Rose, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
06/29/06Luckey, Bryan C.DoD Confirmation
06/28/06Page, Rex A.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Morrow, Jason W.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Wallace, Terry O.P.DoD Confirmation
06/27/06Jones, JeremyDoD Confirmation
06/26/06Potocki, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Plouhar, Raymond J.DoD Confirmation
06/26/06Lisk, TerryDoD Confirmation
06/25/06King, Paul N.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Sanchez, Virrueta A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Laymon, Benjamin J.DoD Confirmation
06/24/06Norton, Justin DeanDoD Confirmation
06/23/06Singletary, Channing G.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Gibbons, Devon J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Buckley, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Bievre, Mario J.DoD Confirmation
06/23/06Beyer, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
06/22/06Baker, Riley E.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Cuaresma, Sirlou C.DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Whyte, Nicholas J. DoD Confirmation
06/21/06Buzzard, Jason J.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Leon, Christopher D. DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Williams, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
06/20/06Webb, Brandon JDoD Confirmation
06/20/06White, Christopher N.DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Ramirez, Reyes DoD Confirmation
06/17/06Jones, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Menchaca, KristianDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Tucker, Thomas LowellDoD Confirmation
06/16/06Koch, Brent W.DoD Confirmation
06/16/06Babineau, David J. DoD Confirmation
06/15/06Santos, Jeremiah S.DoD Confirmation
06/14/06Estrella, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Guerrero, SalvadorDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Alday, Zachary M.DoD Confirmation
06/09/06Slaven, BenDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Zoucha, BrentDoD Confirmation
06/09/06Velez, Jose M.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06McSwain, Clarence D.DoD Confirmation
06/08/06Crabtree, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/08/06Santos, Luis D.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Vaughan, John ShawDoD Confirmation
06/07/06Crombie, David N.DoD Confirmation
06/07/06Love, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Smykowski, Mark T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Blakley, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Anderson, Andy D.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Pernell, Carlos E.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Sanders, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/06Gionet, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Lawson, Issac S.DoD Confirmation
06/05/06Rovinski, GaryDoD Confirmation
06/05/06Jaenke, JamieDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Stover, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Harmon, DarrenDoD Confirmation
06/03/06Cummings, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/03/06Tribble, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Mejia, Benjamin E.DoD Confirmation
05/31/06Kolasa, Alexander J.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06Bucklin, Brock L.DoD Confirmation
05/30/06West, Bobby R.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Loveless, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
05/29/06Funkhouser, James A.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Garcia, J. AdanDoD Confirmation
05/27/06Doring, Nathanael J.DoD Confirmation
05/27/06Bennett, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
05/26/06Lucas, AdamDoD Confirmation
05/25/06Lufkin, Caleb A.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06Blair, Robert E.DoD Confirmation
05/25/06DiCenzo, Douglas A. DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Hermanson, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Posivio III, Robert G.DoD Confirmation
05/23/06Freund, Steven DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Leusink, William J.DoD Confirmation
05/22/06Christoff Jr., DavidDoD Confirmation
05/21/06Ramirez, Benito A.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Fulks, William B.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Holland, Daniel E.DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Cournoyer, NicholasDoD Confirmation
05/18/06Allen Jr., Lonnie Calvin DoD Confirmation
05/18/06Seidel III, RobertDoD Confirmation
05/17/06Deal, Lee HamiltonDoD Confirmation
05/16/06Halsel, Santiago M.DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Flint Jr., Marion DoD Confirmation
05/15/06Dampier, Grant AllenDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Mahaffee, ShaneDoD Confirmation
05/14/06Yearby, Hatak Yuka Keyu M.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Marin-Dominguez Jr., Jose S.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Worrel, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Weeks, Jamie D.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06West, Robert H.DoD Confirmation
05/14/06Engeman, John W.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06James, Richard Z.DoD Confirmation
05/13/06Gebur, RonDoD Confirmation
05/12/06Teeters, Brandon L.DoD Confirmation
05/12/06Conboy, Adam C.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Vahaviolos, SteveDoD Confirmation
05/11/06Licalzi, Michael L. DoD Confirmation
05/11/06GramesSanchez, David J.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burnett, Jason K.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Burkart, Armer N.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Snowberger III, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/11/06Clark, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
05/10/06Carbonaro, AlessandroDoD Confirmation
05/09/06Latimer, Aaron P.DoD Confirmation
05/08/06Wagner, Gregory A. DoD Confirmation
05/07/06Legaspi, Emmanuel L. DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Palmer, Cory L.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Deraps, LeonDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Fenton, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
05/06/06Veverka, David MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/06/06Kelly Jr., Dale James DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Gaylord, Alva L.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Torres, TeodoroDoD Confirmation
05/05/06Saenz, Carlos N.DoD Confirmation
05/05/06Vacho, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Parker, Elisha R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Bixler, Stephen R.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Quinton, Bryan L.DoD Confirmation
05/04/06Reinke, Gavin B.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Zieske, Benjamin T.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Proctor, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Letendre, Brian S.DoD Confirmation
05/03/06Eckhardt, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Moscillo, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
05/01/06Light, Robbie GlenDoD Confirmation
04/29/06Sakoda, Steve M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Herlem, Bryant A.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Hardy, Brandon M.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Mills, Lea R.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Davis III, Edward G.DoD Confirmation
04/28/06Gomez, JoseDoD Confirmation
04/27/06Wall, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Webber, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/06Mendez, BobbyDoD Confirmation
04/26/06Ford, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Henry, Raymond L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/06Herrema, Richard J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Bandonill, Metodio A.DoD Confirmation
04/24/06Simons, Aaron WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Ehney, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/06Lasswell Jr., Shawn ThomasDoD Confirmation
04/23/06Daniel, Jason B.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Lueken, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Zimmerman, Travis C.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Bouthot, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Allcott, Jacob H.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06King, Eric D.DoD Confirmation
04/22/06Colnot, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
04/20/06Ramseyer, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Tinnell, Patrick A.DoD Confirmation
04/19/06Settle, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
04/18/06Weikel, Ian P.DoD Confirmation
04/16/06Cubert, Clinton W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Melcher, Mark W.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Sims, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Winslow, Ryan G.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Mayorga, Pablo V.DoD Confirmation
04/15/06Cothran, Derrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/14/06Settle, Darin T.DoD Confirmation
04/13/06Perez, Stephen JosephDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Bachar, SalemDoD Confirmation
04/13/06Waits, Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Glimpse, Marcus S.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Calderon-Ascencio, Roland E.DoD Confirmation
04/12/06Bandhold, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Hess, Kenneth D.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Roehl Jr., George R.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Costello III, James F.DoD Confirmation
04/11/06Blanco, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Gardner, James W. "Will"DoD Confirmation
04/10/06Lamberson, Randall L.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Love-Fowler, Joseph I.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Collins, David S.DoD Confirmation
04/09/06Rogers, Gregory S.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Martini, Philip JohnDoD Confirmation
04/08/06NavarroArellano, JuanaDoD Confirmation
04/08/06Creighton, Shawn R.DoD Confirmation
04/08/06Missildine, Jody W.DoD Confirmation
04/07/06Waller, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Taylor, Bryan N.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Edwards, Chase A.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Sesker, Daniel L.DoD Confirmation
04/06/06Harris, Dustin J.DoD Confirmation
04/04/06Johnson, Ty J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Ehle, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Nettles, Marcques J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Palmisano, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Aguilar Jr., AndresDoD Confirmation
04/02/06Twitchell, Abraham G.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Sandoval-Flores, Felipe D.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Bass, David A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Gallagher, Patrick J.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06St. Germain, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Padilla Aleman, GeovaniDoD Confirmation
04/02/06McIntosh, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Kim, Kun Y.DoD Confirmation
04/02/06Procopio, Scott J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Hartwick, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Moshier, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
04/01/06Devora Garcia, IsraelDoD Confirmation
04/01/06Clay, Darrell P.DoD Confirmation
03/31/06Beisel, Jacob WalterDoD Confirmation
03/30/06Duenas, Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
03/30/06Moss Jr., Walter M.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Rowe, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Tharp, Sean D.DoD Confirmation
03/28/06Hernandez, RobertDoD Confirmation
03/25/06Carlson, Frederick A.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06McCaulley, Randy D.DoD Confirmation
03/23/06Beery, Brock A.DoD Confirmation
03/21/06McKinzie, Antoine J.DoD Confirmation
03/18/06Barraza, RicardoDoD Confirmation
03/18/06Brehm, Dale G.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Pinson, Amanda N.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Gonzalez, Carlos M.DoD Confirmation
03/16/06Yates III, NyleDoD Confirmation
03/15/06Zawaydeh, Angelo A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Silva, Marco A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Dan, Corey A.DoD Confirmation
03/13/06Lewis, Bryan A.DoD Confirmation
03/12/06Marino (Figueroa), Kristen K.DoD Confirmation
03/11/06Duerksen, Amy A.DoD Confirmation
03/10/06Long, BunnyDoD Confirmation
03/08/06Fry, John D.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Martone, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
03/07/06Salas Jr., RickyDoD Confirmation
03/06/06Zanutto, Adam O.DoD Confirmation
03/05/06Jessen, Kevin P.DoD Confirmation
03/03/06Snyder, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Youmans, Joshua V.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Merchant, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
03/01/06Priest, Tina M.DoD Confirmation
02/27/06Lewis, Dwayne Peter R.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Pearce, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Schornak, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Humble, Joshua U.DoD Confirmation
02/26/06Farr, Clay P.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06Thornton, John JoshuaDoD Confirmation
02/25/06Schuster, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
02/25/06VanAlstine, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
02/24/06Muscat, DimitriDoD Confirmation
02/24/06Powers, Joshua FrancisDoD Confirmation
02/22/06Wilwerth, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Misner II, Gordon F.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Howard II, Curtis T.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Morr, Allan A.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Marion, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Gourley, Gregson G.DoD Confirmation
02/22/06Jones, Rickey E.DoD Confirmation
02/21/06Fitzgerald, Almar L.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Collado, Jay T.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Kuhlmeier, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
02/20/06Davila, JessieDoD Confirmation
02/18/06Conley, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
02/18/06Matheny IV, Charles E.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Garcia, Anthony R.DoD Confirmation
02/17/06Edwards Jr., Amos C.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Washam, Rusty L.DoD Confirmation
02/14/06Barnes, Matthew RonDoD Confirmation
02/14/06Probst, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Kemple, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Garcia Villareal, Felipe J.DoD Confirmation
02/12/06Wilson, NicholasDoD Confirmation
02/09/06Smith, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
02/09/06Chavez Jr., JavierDoD Confirmation
02/07/06Phillips, Steven L.DoD Confirmation
02/07/06Kokesh Jr., Allen D.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Herried, Patrick W.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Schuck, Brandon S.DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Spann, Jacob D. "Jake"DoD Confirmation
02/06/06Gerena, OrvilleDoD Confirmation
02/06/06Parr, David S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Mercedes Saez, Sergio A.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Hayes III, William S.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Morningstar, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
02/05/06Boehmer, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
02/04/06Martinez Salazar, Roberto L.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Zamora, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
02/03/06Cornett, Lance S.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Cox Jr., Simon T.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Messer, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
02/02/06Howard II, Walter B.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Cardelli, Sean T.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Owens, Anthony ChadDoD Confirmation
02/01/06Viglienzone, Caesar S.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Bustamante, Marlon A.DoD Confirmation
02/01/06Avery, Garrison C.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Schoff, Brian J.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Herrera, David L.DoD Confirmation
01/28/06Barbosa, Felipe C.DoD Confirmation
01/27/06Lopez Lopez, Hugo R.DoD Confirmation
01/25/06Johnson, Joshua AllenDoD Confirmation
01/25/06Durbin Jr., Jerry M. "Michael"DoD Confirmation
01/24/06Miles, Sean H.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Wagler, Peter D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Chase, Lance M.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Scott, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Calapini, Lewis T. D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/06Hunter, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
01/22/06McElroy, BrianDoD Confirmation
01/22/06Norton, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Arrelano Pandura, CarlosDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Dewey, Brandon ChristopherDoD Confirmation
01/20/06Frantz, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Yazzie, Clifton J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Flanagan, Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
01/20/06Scott, RickeyDoD Confirmation
01/17/06Shepherd, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Garcia, Ruel M.DoD Confirmation
01/16/06Kenyon, Rex C.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Kendall, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
01/15/06Dudkiewicz, Kasper AllenDoD Confirmation
01/14/06Watts, Justin J.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jordan, Michael AnthonyDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Price, Jonathan KyleDoD Confirmation
01/13/06Jackson, Kyle E.DoD Confirmation
01/13/06Carver Jr., Mitchell K.DoD Confirmation
01/10/06McMullen, Michael JosephDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Lundstrom, Brett L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Jacobs, Jeriad P.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Brown, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Camilomatos, RadhamesDoD Confirmation
01/07/06Upchurch, Clinton R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Johnson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Field, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Braswell, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06deMoors, Joseph D.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06LaBouff, Douglas A.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Martinez, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Anderson, Stuart M.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Melson, Jacob E.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Edwards, Michael I.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Troxel, Chester W.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Campbell, Jaime L.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Little, Jason T.DoD Confirmation
01/07/06Mercado, RaulDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McCurdy, Ryan S.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Gettings, Albert PasqualeDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Walker, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Lopezreyes, JasonDoD Confirmation
01/05/06McLaughlin, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Cann, Adam LeighDoD Confirmation
01/05/06Mariano, Robbie M.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Peralez Jr., Johnny J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06White, Stephen J.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Petty, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
01/05/06Hecker III, William F.DoD Confirmation
01/01/06Bishop, Jason LeeDoD Confirmation
01/01/06Vanderhorn, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/31/05Corniel, Marcelino RonaldDoD Confirmation
12/30/05Taha, Ayman A.DoD Confirmation
12/30/05Pfender, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
12/30/05Dostie, Shawn ChristopherDoD Confirmation
12/29/05Lutz II, George Anthony "Tony"DoD Confirmation
12/29/05Teewia, Prince K.DoD Confirmation
12/28/05Forbes, Aaron M.DoD Confirmation
12/27/05Morberg, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
12/27/05Sage, Lance S.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Carver, Dane O.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Santos, Isaias E.DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Salter, Richard Matthew "Matt"DoD Confirmation
12/26/05Coles, Dominic R.DoD Confirmation
12/25/05Cardinal, Anthony O.DoD Confirmation
12/25/05Gudino, SergioDoD Confirmation
12/24/05Andres Jr., Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
12/24/05Maravillosa, Myla L.DoD Confirmation
12/23/05Willey, Cheyenne C.DoD Confirmation
12/23/05Reali, Regina C.DoD Confirmation
12/22/05Lopez-Feliciano, WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/22/05Britt, Benjamin T.DoD Confirmation
12/20/05Naputi, Richard Jr. DeGraciaDoD Confirmation
12/20/05Cleary, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
12/19/05Mason, Johnnie V.DoD Confirmation
12/18/05Tapia, SamuelDoD Confirmation
12/16/05Fales, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
12/15/05Boyce, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
12/15/05Lucas, Joseph AlanDoD Confirmation
12/14/05Presley, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
12/14/05Pospisil, Kenneth B.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Navarro, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Kesinger, James C.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Karim, Brian C.DoD Confirmation
12/13/05Zyla, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Mitchell, Curtis A.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Nelson, Lex S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/05Kubasak, Jared WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/11/05Bennett, Keith A.DoD Confirmation
12/11/05Moudy, James S. "Shawn"DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Casica, KenithDoD Confirmation
12/10/05Nelson, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Floyd Jr., Clarence L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/05Atkins, Julia V.DoD Confirmation
12/09/05Orosco, Adrian N.DoD Confirmation
12/08/05Rivera-Vargas, MiltonDoD Confirmation
12/08/05Smith, Kevin J. DoD Confirmation
12/08/05Akers, Spencer C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/05Taylor, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/05Bier, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
12/06/05Siekert, Thomas C.DoD Confirmation
12/06/05Wright, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/05Cuka, Daniel M.DoD Confirmation
12/04/05Schild, Richard L.DoD Confirmation
12/03/05Shelton, Jimmy LeeDoD Confirmation
12/02/05Futrell, Marcus S.DoD Confirmation
12/02/05Travis, Philip L.DoD Confirmation
12/02/05Dodson Jr., Philip AllanDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Adams, Brent A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Watson, Craig N.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Stevens, Andy A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Patten, Andrew G.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Modeen, Scott T.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05McElveen, Anthony T.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Martinez, Robert AlexanderDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Kaiser, Adam WadeDoD Confirmation
12/01/05Huhn, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Holmason, John M.DoD Confirmation
12/01/05Clay, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Taylor, William G.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Richardson, William D.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Snyder, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
11/30/05Jakoniuk, GrzegorzDoD Confirmation
11/29/05Hasse, Donald J.DoD Confirmation
11/29/05Mills Jr., Jerry W.DoD Confirmation
11/26/05Angus, Brett E.DoD Confirmation
11/25/05Tull, Gregory L.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Christensen, Ryan D.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Pearrow, Eric P.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Delgado, Marc A.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Reynolds, Steven C.DoD Confirmation
11/24/05Villanueva, Javier A.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Knop, Allen J.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Meeuwsen, William B.DoD Confirmation
11/23/05Bass, Aram J.DoD Confirmation
11/22/05Gallardo, Denis J.DoD Confirmation
11/21/05Dearing, John Wilson "J.W."DoD Confirmation
11/20/05Sacco, Dominic J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Alcozer, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Troyer, Tyler J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Terrazas, MiguelDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Idanan, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Hinton, Dominic JosephDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Blair, Jonathan F.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Karolasz, EdwardDoD Confirmation
11/19/05Zilinski, Dennis W.DoD Confirmation
11/19/05Yost, Anthony R. C.DoD Confirmation
11/18/05Reyes, Luis R.DoD Confirmation
11/18/05Gaunky, Anthony Alexander "Alex"DoD Confirmation
11/17/05Widner, Vernon R.DoD Confirmation
11/17/05Alarcon, Ivan VargasDoD Confirmation
11/16/05Paytas, Dylan R.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Murray, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Roman-Cruz, AlexisDoD Confirmation
11/16/05Ware, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Rogers, Jeffry A.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Deeds, Roger W.DoD Confirmation
11/16/05Lucente, John A. "JT"DoD Confirmation
11/16/05McGlothin, Donald R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Schiavoni, Nickolas DavidDoD Confirmation
11/15/05Grigg, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Holley, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/05Estep, James E.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05Longoria, John M.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05McCrackin, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
11/14/05Mendoza Jr., Ramon J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Sutherland, Stephen J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Mendez Ruiz, David A.DoD Confirmation
11/12/05Zubowski, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Chisholm, Tyrone L.DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Mendez Sanchez, Antonio "Tony"DoD Confirmation
11/11/05Fisher II, Donald E.DoD Confirmation
11/10/05Swaim, Daniel FreemanDoD Confirmation
11/10/05Terando, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
11/10/05Parrott, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
11/08/05Cashe, Alwyn C. "Al"DoD Confirmation
11/08/05Tamburello, Jeremy P.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Reyes, Mario A.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Pope II, Robert C.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Freeman, Brian L.DoD Confirmation
11/07/05Smith, Justin S.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Hayes, James F.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Cahill, Joel E.DoD Confirmation
11/06/05Sorensen, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
11/05/05Wren, Thomas A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Boatman, Darrell W.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Yancey, Dustin A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Gurbisz, James M.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Brown, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
11/04/05Fegler, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Toczylowski, Jeffrey P.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Howe, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Pratt, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
11/03/05Wehrly, Kyle B.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05MacKenzie, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Smith, Benjamin A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Munger, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Procopio, Mark J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Ferderer Jr., Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Martino, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/05Bloomfield II, Gerald M.DoD Confirmation
11/01/05Espiritu, Allan M.DoD Confirmation
11/01/05Tsue, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Kading, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Oneto-Sikorski, Robert C.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Jack, Derence W.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Lieto, Wilgene T.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Johnson, Adam R. "A.J."DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Martin, David J.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Byler, William J.DoD Confirmation
10/31/05Tessar, JonathanDoD Confirmation
10/30/05Dameron, Joel P.DoD Confirmation
10/30/05Hodshire, Michael PaulDoD Confirmation
10/29/05Guy, Shaker T.DoD Confirmation
10/29/05Hill II, Raymond D.DoD Confirmation
10/29/05Rojas, Kenny D.DoD Confirmation
10/28/05Jutras, Dillon M.DoD Confirmation
10/28/05Banaszak, Debra A.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Kremm, Jared J.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Eckfield Jr., Robert F.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Wood, William W.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Lightner Jr., Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
10/27/05Mackinnon, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Gentry, Lewis J.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Witkowski, JamesDoD Confirmation
10/26/05Acevedoaponte, Ramon A.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Wallsmith, Thomas A.DoD Confirmation
10/26/05Parker, Evan S.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Robertson, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Hoeffner, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
10/25/05Monroe, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
10/23/05Spears, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/05Alexander Jr., George T.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Swisher, Tyler B.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Cockerham III, Benny GrayDoD Confirmation
10/21/05Butler, Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Thompson, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
10/21/05Davey, Seamus M.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Merck, Dennis P.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Dones, Jacob D.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Szwydek, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Russoli, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
10/20/05Pummill, Richard T.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Anderson III, Norman W.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Rosario, Jose E.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Nahvi, Russell H.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Mora Jr., Arthur A.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Frederick, Kendall K.DoD Confirmation
10/19/05Folks Jr., Tommy IkeDoD Confirmation
10/19/05Bartels, Daniel D.DoD Confirmation
10/18/05Frantz, Lucas A.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Poston, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Pillen, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Bubb, Daniel Scott R.DoD Confirmation
10/17/05Hildebrandt, Chad R.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Adams, Mark P.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Watkins, Timothy D.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Summers, Vincent E.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Hardy, Richard AllenDoD Confirmation
10/15/05Corban, Jeffrey W.DoD Confirmation
10/15/05Byrd, Thomas H.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Ceo, Bernard L.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Boswell, Samuel M.DoD Confirmation
10/14/05Conner, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
10/13/05Babcock IV, Howard E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/05Tucker, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Hunt Jr., Kenneth E.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Grijalva, James T.DoD Confirmation
10/12/05Ponce Ruiz, LorenzoDoD Confirmation
10/12/05Furman, Donald D.DoD Confirmation
10/11/05Kimmell, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Bonifacio Jr., Jerry L.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05James II, Leon G.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Johnson, Leon M.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Sneed, Brandon K.DoD Confirmation
10/10/05Hodge, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
10/09/05Harper Jr., Gary R.DoD Confirmation
10/08/05Escobar, Sergio H.DoD Confirmation
10/07/05Greer, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
10/07/05Fifer, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Raines II, Carl L.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05McVicker, Daniel M.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Frye, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Cherava, Nicholas O.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Cabino, Shayne M.DoD Confirmation
10/06/05Kenny, Patrick BrianDoD Confirmation
10/06/05Robinson, Jeremiah W.DoD Confirmation
10/04/05Joplin, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
10/04/05Bedard, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Pankey Jr., Larry WayneDoD Confirmation
10/03/05Baez, Roberto C.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Vanderbosch, Jacob T.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Large, Bryan W.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Stalvey, John R.DoD Confirmation
10/03/05Berry, Sean B.DoD Confirmation
10/02/05Roark, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Schelbert, Jens E.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Kynoch, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/05Westbrook, Marshall A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Brown, Oliver J.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Wiegand, Lee A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Slebodnik, Eric W.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Pugliese, George A.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Arnold, Daniel L.DoD Confirmation
09/28/05Jacobson, Elizabeth NicoleDoD Confirmation
09/28/05Morin Jr., SteveDoD Confirmation
09/27/05Benford, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Howe, Casey E.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Tuliau, Tulsa T.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Ortega, Elijah M.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Wallace, Andrew P.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Wendling, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/26/05Allen, Howard P.DoD Confirmation
09/25/05Graham, Shawn A.DoD Confirmation
09/24/05Dunlap, Brian E.DoD Confirmation
09/24/05Schelle, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
09/23/05Neubauer, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
09/23/05Derrick, Andrew JosephDoD Confirmation
09/22/05McLaughlin, Scott P.DoD Confirmation
09/22/05Jones, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
09/22/05Sonoda Jr., Mike T.DoD Confirmation
09/21/05Arndt, Travis M. DoD Confirmation
09/20/05Raymond, Pierre A.DoD Confirmation
09/20/05Allers III, William AlvinDoD Confirmation
09/19/05Morrison, Lawrence E.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Evans, William L.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Fernandez, William V.DoD Confirmation
09/19/05Egan, MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/19/05Dooley, Mark H.DoD Confirmation
09/17/05Nelom, Regilio E.DoD Confirmation
09/16/05Deckard, Matthew L.DoD Confirmation
09/16/05Gifford, Alan NyeDoD Confirmation
09/16/05Ford IV, David H.DoD Confirmation
09/15/05Silva, Alfredo B.DoD Confirmation
09/15/05Swanberg, Shane C.DoD Confirmation
09/12/05Macrum, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
09/11/05Campbell, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
09/11/05Arcala, Kurtis Dean K.DoD Confirmation
09/07/05Everett, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Martens, Robert N.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Vilorio, Franklin R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/05Jonaus, Jude R.DoD Confirmation
09/05/05Williams, Luke C.DoD Confirmation
09/05/05Bohling, Matthew CharlesDoD Confirmation
09/05/05Williams, Jeffrey A.DoD Confirmation
09/02/05Parson, Lonnie J.DoD Confirmation
09/01/05Draughn Jr., George RayDoD Confirmation
09/01/05Hollar Jr., Robert LeeDoD Confirmation
08/31/05Ames, Jason E.DoD Confirmation
08/31/05Ruth, Monta S.DoD Confirmation
08/31/05Miller II, Lowell T.DoD Confirmation
08/30/05Fester, Gregory J.DoD Confirmation
08/29/05Rubado, Charles R.DoD Confirmation
08/29/05Hay, Dennis P.DoD Confirmation
08/28/05Kolath, Obediah J.DoD Confirmation
08/27/05Martinez, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
08/25/05Shea, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
08/25/05Jerak, IvicaDoD Confirmation
08/25/05Diesing, Trevor J.DoD Confirmation
08/23/05Chapin, Chris S.DoD Confirmation
08/23/05Diaz, Carlos J.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Romero, RamonDoD Confirmation
08/22/05Kathiria, Hatim S.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Lieurance, Victoir P.DoD Confirmation
08/22/05Hunt, Joseph DanielDoD Confirmation
08/21/05Cathey, James J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/05Arcand, Elden D.DoD Confirmation
08/21/05Morris, Brian LeeDoD Confirmation
08/21/05Nurre, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
08/20/05Partridge, Willard ToddDoD Confirmation
08/18/05Seamans, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Fuhrmann II, Ray M.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Bouchard, Nathan K.DoD Confirmation
08/18/05Doyle, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
08/16/05Stokely, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Ruiz, Jose L.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Saylor, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Dingler, Joshua P.DoD Confirmation
08/15/05Strickland, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Green, Toccara R.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Reese Jr., Gary L.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Taylor, Shannon D.DoD Confirmation
08/14/05Hawn II, Asbury F.DoD Confirmation
08/13/05Derks, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
08/12/05Bell, Rusty W.DoD Confirmation
08/12/05Giaimo, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/10/05Herrera, Evenor C.DoD Confirmation
08/10/05Benson, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Ostrom, Ryan S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Straub Jr., Francis J.DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Detample, Nathaniel E. "Nate"DoD Confirmation
08/09/05Kulick, JohnDoD Confirmation
08/09/05Pellegrini Jr., GennaroDoD Confirmation
08/09/05Carrasquillo, MiguelDoD Confirmation
08/08/05Rios, HernandoDoD Confirmation
08/08/05Kalladeen, Anthony N.DoD Confirmation
08/08/05Gonzales Cordova, Ramon E.DoD Confirmation
08/07/05Reyna, Seferino J.DoD Confirmation
08/06/05Comley, Chase JohnsonDoD Confirmation
08/06/05Jeffcoat, Brahim J.DoD Confirmation
08/06/05Krout, Kurt E.DoD Confirmation
08/05/05Ball Jr., Terry W.DoD Confirmation
08/05/05Walden, Brett EugeneDoD Confirmation
08/05/05Derenda, Robert V.DoD Confirmation
08/04/05Thompson, Nils GeorgeDoD Confirmation
08/04/05Simon, Chad J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Strain, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Gibbs, Mathew V.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Warren, Charles HoughtonDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Ganey Jr., Jerry LewisDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Fraser, Grant B.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bloem, Nicholas William B.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Waruinge, Kevin G.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Stewart, David S.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Harper, Bradley J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Wightman, William BrettDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Schroeder II, Edward AugustDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Reed, Aaron H.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Kreuter, David Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Hoffman, Justin F.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Dyer, Christopher JenkinsDoD Confirmation
08/03/05Cifuentes, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bernholtz, Eric J.DoD Confirmation
08/03/05Bell Jr., Timothy MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/02/05Hull, Thomas C.DoD Confirmation
08/02/05McNaughton, James D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Graham III, James R.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Castleberry Jr., Roger D.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Coullard, David J.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Deyarmin Jr., Daniel NathanDoD Confirmation
08/01/05Boskovitch, Jeffrey A.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Montgomery, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
08/01/05Rock, Nathaniel S.DoD Confirmation
07/31/05Carroll, James D.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Scheuerman, Jason D.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Shelley Sr., Ronnie L. "Rod"DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Haggin, Jonathon C.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Jones Sr., David R.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Anderson, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
07/30/05Swaney, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
07/29/05Guerra, Ernesto R.DoD Confirmation
07/28/05Lyons, Christopher P.DoD Confirmation
07/28/05Williams, Andre L.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Jansky, Benjamin D.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Butler, Adrian J.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Tollefson, John O.DoD Confirmation
07/27/05Myers, Edward L.DoD Confirmation
07/25/05Harting, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Montefering, Jason W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Monzon Jr., Milton M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Villatoro Jr., Ramon A.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Dallas Jr., Ernest W.DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Fuller, Carl RayDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Thomas, John FrankDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Kinlow, James OndraDoD Confirmation
07/24/05Brunson, Jacques Earl "Gus"DoD Confirmation
07/24/05Taylor, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
07/23/05Opskar, Bryan JamesDoD Confirmation
07/21/05Gill, Steven P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/05Youngblood, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05McGill, Arthur R.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05Farrow, Jefferey J.DoD Confirmation
07/19/05Johnson, Lavena L.DoD Confirmation
07/17/05Tiai, Frank F.DoD Confirmation
07/17/05Sanchez Jr., EfrainDoD Confirmation
07/17/05Williams, Ronnie D.DoD Confirmation
07/16/05Pena-Romero, Jorge LuisDoD Confirmation
07/16/05Cooper, Travis S.DoD Confirmation
07/16/05Wood, Ronald T.DoD Confirmation
07/15/05Hartley, Jared D.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Hines Jr., Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Jameson, Tricia L.DoD Confirmation
07/14/05Mounce, Clifton BlakeDoD Confirmation
07/14/05Winchester, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
07/13/05Yahudah, Benyahmin B.DoD Confirmation
07/11/05Sutton, Timothy J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/05Kovacicek, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/05Goodrich, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
07/09/05Bradfield Jr., Hoby F.DoD Confirmation
07/09/05Woods, Eric PaulDoD Confirmation
07/08/05Cariaga, Deyson K.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Mazzarella, Anthony M.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Cambridge, Lyle J.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Bright, Scottie L.DoD Confirmation
07/05/05Dickison, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
07/03/05Brown, Jeremy A.DoD Confirmation
07/03/05Montgomery, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
06/30/05Mercer, Chad M.DoD Confirmation
06/28/05Carrillo Jr., Rafael A. "T. J."DoD Confirmation
06/28/05Hornedo, MannyDoD Confirmation
06/28/05Hall Jr., Robert E.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Mariotti, Keith R.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Shepard, Steven E.DoD Confirmation
06/27/05Coutu, Matthew S.DoD Confirmation
06/26/05Kaufman, Charles A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/05Pineda, CarlosDoD Confirmation
06/23/05Clark, Regina R.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Valdez, Ramona M.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Muy, VeashnaDoD Confirmation
06/23/05Charette, Holly A.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Powell, Chad W.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Phelps, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
06/23/05Tackett, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
06/22/05Duplantier II, ArnoldDoD Confirmation
06/21/05Vaughn, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Hoskins, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Idalski, Nicholas R.DoD Confirmation
06/21/05Stewart, James D.DoD Confirmation
06/20/05Kilpatrick, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Crumpler, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Long, William A.DoD Confirmation
06/18/05Harris, NoahDoD Confirmation
06/17/05Horrigan, Robert M.DoD Confirmation
06/17/05McNulty, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Maloney, John W.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Heldt, Erik R.DoD Confirmation
06/16/05Cometa, Anthony S.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Baez, Cesar O.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Maynard, Chad B.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Whitley, Dion M.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Trovillion, Tyler S.DoD Confirmation
06/15/05Jaime, JesseDoD Confirmation
06/15/05Flores, Jonathan R.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Jones, Anthony G.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Clemons, Nathan B.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Klinger, Joshua P.DoD Confirmation
06/14/05Hayes, Michael RayDoD Confirmation
06/13/05Kinslow, Anthony D.DoD Confirmation
06/13/05Kuhns Jr., Larry R.DoD Confirmation
06/13/05Mattek Jr., John J.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Byers, CaseyDoD Confirmation
06/11/05Prince, Neil A.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Arnold Sr., Larry R.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Lee Sr., Terrance D.DoD Confirmation
06/11/05Lapinski, Stanley J.DoD Confirmation
06/10/05Castillo, Mario AlbertoDoD Confirmation
06/10/05Kilpela, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Murray, David JosephDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Squires, Brad D.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Seymour, Devon PaulDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Keeling, Thomas O.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Chavez, DanielDoD Confirmation
06/09/05Birch, Dustin V.DoD Confirmation
06/09/05Edwards, Mark O.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Kashmer, Douglas E.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Arizola Jr., RobertoDoD Confirmation
06/08/05Tucker, Marc LucasDoD Confirmation
06/08/05Fasnacht, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Esposito, Phillip T.DoD Confirmation
06/08/05Allen, Louis E.DoD Confirmation
06/07/05Crowe, Terrence K.DoD Confirmation
06/07/05Burri, Eric T.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Romines, Brian M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Smith, Jonathan L.DoD Confirmation
06/06/05Mininger, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Ulbrich, Brian Scott "Scotty"DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Poelman, Eric J.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Vasquez, Justin L.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05Westhusing, Theodore S.DoD Confirmation
06/05/05French, Carrie L.DoD Confirmation
06/03/05Villar, Linda J.DoD Confirmation
06/03/05Mendoza, AntonioDoD Confirmation
06/01/05Niedermeier, Louis E.DoD Confirmation
06/01/05Case, Virgil R.DoD Confirmation
06/01/05Edmundson, Phillip C.DoD Confirmation
05/31/05Ramos, Miguel A.DoD Confirmation
05/31/05Langmack, Steven M.DoD Confirmation
05/30/05Starr, Jeffrey B.DoD Confirmation
05/30/05Crate, CaseyDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Argel, DerekDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Fresques, JeremyDoD Confirmation
05/30/05Downs, WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/29/05Cortes III, Victor M.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Smart, Albert E.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Sayles, Phillip N.DoD Confirmation
05/28/05Barnhill, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
05/27/05Maida, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
05/27/05Scott, Joshua MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/27/05Lourey, Matthew ScottDoD Confirmation
05/26/05Crocker, Ricardo A.DoD Confirmation
05/25/05Wimberg, David NeilDoD Confirmation
05/25/05Siler, Alfred BartonDoD Confirmation
05/24/05Collins, Randy D.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Hahn, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Wallace, Jeffrey R.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Fisher, Dustin C.DoD Confirmation
05/24/05Drier, Charles A. "Chuck"DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Verdugo, Russell J.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Brazee, Joshua T.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Perez, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
05/23/05Varnado, Daniel RyanDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Barron, Bryan EdwardDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Lunsford, Audrey DaronDoD Confirmation
05/23/05Parker, Saburant "Sabe"DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Wilkerson, Charles T.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Schall, Kenneth J.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Seesan, Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Creamean, Tyler L.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Morton, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Ogburn III, John B.DoD Confirmation
05/22/05Morgain, Carl J.DoD Confirmation
05/20/05Wentz, Brad A.DoD Confirmation
05/20/05Schamberg, Kurt D.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Fell, Robin V.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Sembly, Bernard L.DoD Confirmation
05/19/05Eisenhauer, Wyatt D.DoD Confirmation
05/18/05Walker, Antwan L. "Twan"DoD Confirmation
05/17/05Riggs, Wesley R.DoD Confirmation
05/16/05Simpson, Jacob M.DoD Confirmation
05/14/05Gillican III, Charles C.DoD Confirmation
05/13/05Anderson, Travis W.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Zeigler II, Kenneth E.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Jodon, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
05/12/05Smith, John M.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Castle, Samuel TyroneDoD Confirmation
05/11/05Schmidt III, John T.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Grez, Jourdan L.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Grant, Jonathan WalterDoD Confirmation
05/11/05Erdy, Nicholas B.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Dixon, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Davids, Wesley G.DoD Confirmation
05/11/05Ivy II, Kendall H.DoD Confirmation
05/10/05Bordelon, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Mahdee, MarcusDoD Confirmation
05/09/05Prazynski, Taylor B.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Baldwyn, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/09/05Goodwin, Anthony L.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Philippon, Lawrence R.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Derga, Dustin A.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Givens, Steven RayDoD Confirmation
05/08/05Ingraham, Thor H.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Messmer, Nicolas E.DoD Confirmation
05/08/05Eckert Jr., Gary A. "Andy"DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Marzano, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Cepeda Sr., Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Graham, Lance TannerDoD Confirmation
05/07/05Wiener, Jeffery L.DoD Confirmation
05/07/05Postal, Michael V.DoD Confirmation
05/03/05Brooks, William J.DoD Confirmation
05/03/05Saxton, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Hinz, Kelly C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Spahr, John C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05Little, Tommy S.DoD Confirmation
05/02/05McGee, John E.DoD Confirmation
05/01/05Lutters, Derrick JosephDoD Confirmation
04/30/05Parker, Kenya A.DoD Confirmation
04/30/05Garcia-Arana, Juan de DiosDoD Confirmation
04/29/05Cooper Jr., Charles S.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Deblanc, Darren A.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Harting III, Ralph J. "Jay"DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Frank, Stephen W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/05Gadsden, Clifford V. "CC"DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Murray Jr., Robert W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Rockholt Jr., Ricky W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Edens, William A.DoD Confirmation
04/28/05Morris, Eric WayneDoD Confirmation
04/28/05Kiser, Timothy CraigDoD Confirmation
04/27/05Tremblay, Joseph S.DoD Confirmation
04/26/05Rice, David L.DoD Confirmation
04/25/05Millsap, Timmy J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/05Walters Jr., Gary W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Davis Jr., Anthony J.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Kent, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
04/23/05Prince, Kevin WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/22/05Colburn, Gavin J.DoD Confirmation
04/21/05Guy, Robert A. "Bobby"DoD Confirmation
04/20/05Mortenson, Marty G.DoD Confirmation
04/20/05Cannan, Kelly M.DoD Confirmation
04/19/05Wessel, Kevin S. K.DoD Confirmation
04/19/05Pfister, Jacob M.DoD Confirmation
04/18/05Thornton, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
04/18/05Huff, Sam W.DoD Confirmation
04/17/05Knott, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
04/17/05Sirko, Steven F.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Stevens, Randy LeeDoD Confirmation
04/16/05Toy Sr., Tromaine K.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Lozada Jr., Angelo L.DoD Confirmation
04/16/05Hudson, Aaron M.DoD Confirmation
04/15/05Ramirezgonzalez, AleinaDoD Confirmation
04/14/05Edge, James C.DoD Confirmation
04/13/05Lindemuth, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
04/12/05Lopez III, ManuelDoD Confirmation
04/12/05Miller, John W.DoD Confirmation
04/12/05Dickens, Tyler J.DoD Confirmation
04/09/05LaWare, Casey M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/05Davis, Kevin DewayneDoD Confirmation
04/07/05Venegas, Juan C.DoD Confirmation
04/05/05Garcia, Javier J.DoD Confirmation
04/05/05Watkins, Glenn J.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Kennedy, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Dill, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
04/04/05Kinchen, Jeremiah C.DoD Confirmation
04/03/05Richardson, William D.DoD Confirmation
04/03/05Sherrill, James AlexanderDoD Confirmation
04/02/05Tavae Jr., Ioasa F.DoD Confirmation
04/02/05Dengkhim, TenzinDoD Confirmation
04/01/05Rimes, Garrywesley TanDoD Confirmation
03/31/05McNary, Robbie D.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Toth, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Ridgley, Kenneth L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Morris, Kelly S.DoD Confirmation
03/30/05Wells Jr., Charles G.DoD Confirmation
03/28/05Lee, Samuel S.DoD Confirmation
03/26/05Sinclair, Isiah J.DoD Confirmation
03/26/05Godbolt, Lee M.DoD Confirmation
03/25/05Richardson, Bryan J.DoD Confirmation
03/23/05Bruce, Travis R.DoD Confirmation
03/21/05Smith, Kevin S.DoD Confirmation
03/20/05Martinez, Francisco G.DoD Confirmation
03/20/05Thomason III, Paul W.DoD Confirmation
03/19/05Hughes, Jonathan A.DoD Confirmation
03/18/05Lewis Jr., Lee A.DoD Confirmation
03/16/05Payne, Rocky D.DoD Confirmation
03/15/05Kieffer, Ricky A.DoD Confirmation
03/15/05Heltzel, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
03/14/05Torrence, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
03/11/05Griffith Jr., Donald D.DoD Confirmation
03/11/05Wilson, Nicholas E.DoD Confirmation
03/09/05Koch, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
03/07/05Franklin, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
03/07/05Bossert, Andrew L.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Solorio, Juan M.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Salem, Adriana N.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Grimes, SeanDoD Confirmation
03/04/05Eacho, Donald W.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Twyman, Wade MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/04/05McGowan, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
03/04/05Garceau, Seth K.DoD Confirmation
03/02/05Lwin, Wai PyoeDoD Confirmation
03/02/05Ali, AzharDoD Confirmation
03/02/05Pugh, Robert ShaneDoD Confirmation
03/01/05Robles, LizbethDoD Confirmation
02/28/05Negron, Julio E.DoD Confirmation
02/27/05Gienau, Richard BrianDoD Confirmation
02/27/05Anderson, Danny L.DoD Confirmation
02/26/05Giles, Landon S.DoD Confirmation
02/26/05Choi, Min-suDoD Confirmation
02/26/05Nowacki, Andrew W.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Henry, Chassan S.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Farnan, Colby M.DoD Confirmation
02/25/05Brewer, Adam NoelDoD Confirmation
02/25/05Moski, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Deem, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Crackel, Alexander B.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Gresham, Daniel G.DoD Confirmation
02/24/05Palmatier, Jacob C.DoD Confirmation
02/23/05Olivier, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
02/23/05Steffeney, Eric M.DoD Confirmation
02/22/05Aston, Trevor D.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Olson, John T.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Lhotka, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Day, David F.DoD Confirmation
02/21/05Timmerman, Jason G.DoD Confirmation
02/19/05Gertson, Clinton R.DoD Confirmation
02/19/05Clarke, Kevin MichaelDoD Confirmation
02/19/05Malson, AdamDoD Confirmation
02/19/05Trahan, Seth R.DoD Confirmation
02/18/05Gil, Carlos J.DoD Confirmation
02/17/05Hernandez, Frank B.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Pusateri, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Hendrix, Jason R.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Plumondore, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Osbey, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Rahaim, Joseph A.DoD Confirmation
02/16/05Bell-Johnson, Katrina LaniDoD Confirmation
02/16/05Carter, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
02/15/05Arciola, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
02/14/05Salie, David J.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Brangman, David J.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Gooding, Dakotah L.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Knox Jr., ReneDoD Confirmation
02/13/05Lake, Chad W.DoD Confirmation
02/13/05Rangel, RayDoD Confirmation
02/11/05McNail, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
02/11/05Shepherd, Kristopher L.DoD Confirmation
02/10/05Perez Jr., Richard A.DoD Confirmation
02/10/05Robbins, William T.DoD Confirmation
02/09/05Housby, Jessica M.DoD Confirmation
02/08/05Henthorn, Jeffrey S.DoD Confirmation
02/06/05Wobler, Zachary RyanDoD Confirmation
02/06/05Allmon, Jeremy O.DoD Confirmation
02/05/05Wichlacz, Travis M.DoD Confirmation
02/04/05Bayow, Steven G.DoD Confirmation
02/04/05Torres, DanielDoD Confirmation
02/03/05Sherman, Stephen R.DoD Confirmation
02/03/05Cooley, Sean MichaelDoD Confirmation
02/03/05Clifton, Richard C.DoD Confirmation
02/02/05Brock, Sean LeeDoD Confirmation
02/02/05Maher, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
02/01/05Hendrickson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Warren, Mark C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Zimny, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Redifer, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/05Swain IV, Harry R.DoD Confirmation
01/30/05Serrano, NazarioDoD Confirmation
01/30/05Miller IV, James H.DoD Confirmation
01/29/05Jack, Edward E.DoD Confirmation
01/29/05Heald, BarbaraDoD Confirmation
01/29/05Taylor, Keith EdwardDoD Confirmation
01/29/05James, Lindsey T.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Castellano, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Zaun, Mickey E.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Farrar Jr., Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Jones, Charles S.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Bonilla, Orlando A.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Evans II, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Ramsey, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Reed, Jonathan RayDoD Confirmation
01/28/05Rymer II, Lyle W.DoD Confirmation
01/28/05Rodriguez, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
01/27/05Beatty, Jonathan S.DoD Confirmation
01/27/05Luna, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Burk, Taylor J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kimble, Dexter S.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Hernandez, Tony L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gordon, Lyle L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Alaniz, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Starr Jr., Michael L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Spence, Joseph B.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Smith, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Shumney, Dustin M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Schumann, Darrell J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Schubert, Nathan A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Saintvil, GaelDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Ramos, HectorDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Rairdan, Rhonald DainDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Ragimov, MouradDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Moore, Nathaniel K.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Moore, James LeeDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Maciel, Fred L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Knight, Timothy A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Klein, AllanDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kelly, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Johnson, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Jafarkhani-Torshizi Jr., SaeedDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Hopper, Brian C.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Grimes, Kyle J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gilbert Jr., Richard A.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Gibson, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Fuller, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Finke Jr., Michael W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Etterling, Jonathan EdwardDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Bland, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05House, John DanielDoD Confirmation
01/26/05Weaver, Christopher L.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Strong, Jesse W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Linn, Karl R.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Bowling, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
01/26/05Kinzer Jr., William S.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Adams, Leonard W.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Swank, Brett D.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Leon-Perez, Jesus A.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Carlson, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Stevens, Joseph W.DoD Confirmation
01/24/05Marin Jr., JavierDoD Confirmation
01/24/05Yolkin, Viktar V.DoD Confirmation
01/23/05Rangel, Jose C.DoD Confirmation
01/22/05Hoe, Nainoa K.DoD Confirmation
01/21/05Lusk II, Joe FentonDoD Confirmation
01/21/05Childress, Kyle WilliamDoD Confirmation
01/18/05Sullivan, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Fonseca, JesusDoD Confirmation
01/17/05Vitagliano, Thomas E.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Geer, George R.DoD Confirmation
01/17/05Obaji, Francis C.DoD Confirmation
01/16/05Kamolvathin, Alain L.DoD Confirmation
01/15/05Swindell, Nathaniel T.DoD Confirmation
01/15/05Patterson, Jayton D.DoD Confirmation
01/14/05Holter III, Paul C.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Becker, Gunnar D.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Holloway, Matthew W.DoD Confirmation
01/13/05Rodriguez Velasco, Juan RodrigoDoD Confirmation
01/13/05Mack, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
01/11/05Smith, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
01/10/05Manuel, William F.DoD Confirmation
01/10/05Sweeney III, Robert WesleyDoD Confirmation
01/09/05Fite, Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
01/09/05McFarlane Jr., Dwayne JamesDoD Confirmation
01/07/05Guastaferro, Daniel F.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Vonronn, Kenneth G.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Murphy, Warren A.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Frickey, Armand L.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Fassbender, Huey P. L.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Bergeron, Bradley J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Babin, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Comeaux, Kurt J.DoD Confirmation
01/06/05Davis, Zachariah ScottDoD Confirmation
01/06/05Cisneros-Alvarez, Julio C.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Washington, Bennie J.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Depew, Cory R.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Buie, Jimmy D.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Marcum, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05McHalffey, Jeremy W.DoD Confirmation
01/04/05Wooten III, Curtis L.DoD Confirmation
01/03/05Houser, Thomas E.DoD Confirmation
01/01/05LeBrun, JeffDoD Confirmation
01/01/05Parrello, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
12/31/04Smith, Jason E.DoD Confirmation
12/30/04Ficek, Damien T.DoD Confirmation
12/29/04Nelson, Craig L.DoD Confirmation
12/29/04Sanchez, OscarDoD Confirmation
12/28/04Nyren, Nathaniel J.DoD Confirmation
12/28/04Lehto, Jason A.DoD Confirmation
12/28/04Briones Jr., Pablito PenaDoD Confirmation
12/27/04Rivera-Serrano, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
12/27/04Olson, Todd D.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Smith, Raleigh C.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Phillips, James R.DoD Confirmation
12/23/04Hillenburg, EricDoD Confirmation
12/23/04Barnett, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Petsche, Neil D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04ODell, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04VanKomen, Darren D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Melo, Julian S.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Johnson, Robert S.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Jacobsen Jr., William W.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Castro, JonathanDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Ayro, LionelDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Hewitt, Cory MichaelDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Baldwin, Joel EganDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Karpowich, Paul D.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Ruhren, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Mason, Nicholas C. "Nick"DoD Confirmation
12/21/04Dostie, Thomas JohnDoD Confirmation
12/21/04Poulin Sr., Lynn RobertDoD Confirmation
12/19/04Farmer, Donald B.DoD Confirmation
12/19/04Meza, Barry K.DoD Confirmation
12/16/04Sweger, Franklin A.DoD Confirmation
12/14/04Anderson, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
12/14/04Martinez, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Vroman, Brent T.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Warner, Richard D.DoD Confirmation
12/13/04Time, Tina SafairaDoD Confirmation
12/12/04Ramsey, Joshua A.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Dickinson, Joshua W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Kirk, Jeffrey L.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Stewart, Ian W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Clairday, Jason S.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Lopez, Hilario F.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Blazer, Melvin L.DoD Confirmation
12/12/04Blanton, Jeffery S.DoD Confirmation
12/11/04Hoyt, Robert W.DoD Confirmation
12/11/04Rund, Gregory P.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Renehan, Kyle J.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Leach, Patrick D.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Shields, Andrew C.DoD Confirmation
12/09/04Adlesperger, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
12/08/04Williams IV, Arthur C.DoD Confirmation
12/07/04Gibbs, Todd ClaytonDoD Confirmation
12/07/04Stubenhofer, Mark N.DoD Confirmation
12/07/04Kim, In C.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Ward, Andrew M.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Roodhouse, Edwin WilliamDoD Confirmation
12/05/04Eggers, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
12/05/04Trost III, Marvin LeeDoD Confirmation
12/04/04Behnke, Joseph O.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Mitts, David A.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Tuialuuluu, Salamo J.DoD Confirmation
12/04/04Gasiewicz, Cari AnneDoD Confirmation
12/04/04Boatright, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Wyatt, Matthew A.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Le, Binh N.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Irizarry, Henry E.DoD Confirmation
12/03/04Mahlenbrock, David P.DoD Confirmation
12/02/04Harrison, George DanielDoD Confirmation
12/01/04Wilson, Bryan S.DoD Confirmation
12/01/04Kolda, Zachary A.DoD Confirmation
12/01/04Pena, Javier Obleas-PradoDoD Confirmation
12/01/04Fisher, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/30/04Calderon, Pablo A.DoD Confirmation
11/30/04Guereca Jr., JoseDoD Confirmation
11/29/04Magaoay, Blake A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Hayes, Erik W.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Davis, Daryl A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Urbina, Wilfredo F.DoD Confirmation
11/29/04Engeldrum, Christian P.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Benish, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Lee, Carl W.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Shackelford, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Martinezluis, Trinidad R.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Hanson Jr., Charles A.DoD Confirmation
11/28/04Brooks, Adam R.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Lucero, Joshua E.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Christensen, Jeremy E.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Smith, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/27/04Bosselmann, Kirk J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Houck, David B.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Faircloth, Bradley M.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Winkler, Jordan D.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Meyer, Harrison J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/04Grant, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
11/25/04Marku, GentianDoD Confirmation
11/25/04Holmes, Jeffery ScottDoD Confirmation
11/25/04Cantafio, Ryan J.DoD Confirmation
11/24/04Diaz Varela, Sergio R.DoD Confirmation
11/24/04Nolte, Nicholas S.DoD Confirmation
11/23/04Edinger, Benjamin C.DoD Confirmation
11/22/04Cohen, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
11/22/04Ebert, Blain M.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Heredia, Joseph J.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Bryant Jr., JackDoD Confirmation
11/20/04Welke, Joseph T.DoD Confirmation
11/20/04Roustum, David L.DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Brown, Demarkus D.DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Arms, Bradley ThomasDoD Confirmation
11/19/04West, Phillip G. DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Gavriel, Dimitrios DoD Confirmation
11/19/04Downey, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
11/18/04Nolan, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
11/18/04Figueroa, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
11/17/04Hanks, Michael WayneDoD Confirmation
11/16/04Qualls, Louis W.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Heflin, Christopher T.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Wullenwaber, Luke C.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04Caddy, Marshall H.DoD Confirmation
11/16/04McConnell, Daniel JamesDoD Confirmation
11/16/04Flores-Mejia, Jose RicardoDoD Confirmation
11/15/04Miller, William L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Thompson, Lance M.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Smith, Antoine D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Rapicault, Patrick Marc M.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Swain, James E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Peralta, RafaelDoD Confirmation
11/15/04Ailes, Jeramy A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Ryan, Marc T.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Kielion, Shane E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Parker, Bradley L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Desiato, Travis R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/04Hunt, Isaiah R.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Payton, George J.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Burger Jr., Dale A.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Perez, Andres H.DoD Confirmation
11/14/04Ziolkowski, Nicholas L.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Larsen, Cole W.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Sims, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Lu, Victor R.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04McLeese, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Bryan, Benjamin S.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Velez, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Norwood, Byron W.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Ellsworth, Justin M.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Dempsey, Kevin J.DoD Confirmation
11/13/04Dima, Catalin D.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Anderson, Nicholas H.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Matteson, James C. "J.C."DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Medina, Brian A.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Branning, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Shields, Jonathan B.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Iwan, Edward D.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Prening, Brian P.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Anderson, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Strader, Morgan W.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04Maher, Jarrod L.DoD Confirmation
11/12/04White, Raymond L.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Burns, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Blecksmith, James P. "JP"DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Holder II, Theodore S. "Sam"DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Bowling, Theodore A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Doerflinger, Thomas K.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Huey, Sean P.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Giannopoulos, Peter J.DoD Confirmation
11/11/04Reppuhn, Justin D.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Canning, Wesley J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Miller Jr., Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Ottolini, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Jimenez II, Romulo J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Pickering, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Ramirez, GeneDoD Confirmation
11/10/04Hodges, Erick J.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Malcom Jr., Dan T.DoD Confirmation
11/10/04Woods, JulianDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Simpson, AbrahamDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Caruso, David M.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Trotter, John ByronDoD Confirmation
11/09/04Cornell, Todd R.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Slay, Russell L.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Wood, Nathan R.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Larson, Nicholas D.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04James, William C.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Segura, Juan E.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Wells, Lonny D.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Faulkenburg, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Babbitt, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Auchman, Steven E.DoD Confirmation
11/09/04Moore, Horst Gerhard "Gary"DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Zapp, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Warns II, Robert P.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Clary, Don AllenDoD Confirmation
11/08/04Wisdom, Clinton LeeDoD Confirmation
11/08/04Ries, David G.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Ramey, Branden P.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04O'Donnell, Shane K.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Hammond, Nathaniel T.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Freeman, Bryan L.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Palmer, Joshua D.DoD Confirmation
11/08/04Lam, JeffreyDoD Confirmation
11/07/04McVey, Otie JosephDoD Confirmation
11/07/04Tran, Quoc BinhDoD Confirmation
11/07/04Langley, Sean M.DoD Confirmation
11/07/04Baker, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
11/06/04Yoemans, Justin R.DoD Confirmation
11/05/04Camacho-Rivera, Carlos M.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Hubbard, Jared P.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Baro, Jeremiah A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/04Wentz, Cody L.DoD Confirmation
11/03/04Webb, Charles JosephDoD Confirmation
10/31/04Lynch, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Lukac, JohnDoD Confirmation
10/30/04Courtney, Kelley L.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Riedel, Andrew G.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Byrd II, John T.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Lapka, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Fox, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Scarborough, Michael P.DoD Confirmation
10/30/04Bow, Jeremy D.DoD Confirmation
10/29/04Fortune, Maurice KeithDoD Confirmation
10/28/04Downing II, Stephen P.DoD Confirmation
10/28/04Akintade, Segun FrederickDoD Confirmation
10/28/04Battles Sr., MichaelDoD Confirmation
10/27/04Lemon, JeromeDoD Confirmation
10/25/04Oliveira, BrianDoD Confirmation
10/24/04Boles, Dennis J.DoD Confirmation
10/24/04Slocum, Richard PatrickDoD Confirmation
10/22/04Gadsden, Jonathan E.DoD Confirmation
10/20/04Bascom, Douglas E.DoD Confirmation
10/18/04Ehrlich, Andrew C.DoD Confirmation
10/16/04Brennan, William I.DoD Confirmation
10/16/04Johnson, Christopher B.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Schramm, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Owen, Michael G.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Santos, Jonathan J.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Salazar, William I.DoD Confirmation
10/15/04Burgess, Alan J.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Waters, David L.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Vandertulip, Josiah H.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Barbret, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Beard, Bradley S.DoD Confirmation
10/14/04Hawkins II, Omer T.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Baker, Ronald W.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Gonzalez, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Felsberg, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Soltes Jr., Charles R.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Phelan, Mark P.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Regnier, Jeremy F.DoD Confirmation
10/13/04Moreno, JaimeDoD Confirmation
10/12/04Weger, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Pintor, Dennis L.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Wyatt, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Merville, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Zook, Ian T.DoD Confirmation
10/12/04Martinez, Oscar A.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Rusin, Aaron J.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Burbank, Michael LeeDoD Confirmation
10/11/04Monroe, Anthony W.DoD Confirmation
10/11/04Osbourne, Pamela G.DoD Confirmation
10/10/04Prevete, James E.DoD Confirmation
10/10/04Ramsey, Carson J.DoD Confirmation
10/09/04Halverson, AndrewDoD Confirmation
10/08/04Brown, Andrew W.DoD Confirmation
10/08/04Voss, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/07/04Jacobs, Morgen N.DoD Confirmation
10/06/04Kim, Jeungjin Na "Nikky"DoD Confirmation
10/06/04Cawvey, Jessica L.DoD Confirmation
10/05/04Morgan Jr., Richard L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Pettaway Jr., James L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Collier, Russell L.DoD Confirmation
10/03/04Potts, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
10/01/04Hennessy, Jack TaftDoD Confirmation
10/01/04Uvanni, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/30/04Nolan, AllenDoD Confirmation
09/30/04Cunningham, Darren J.DoD Confirmation
09/30/04Jones, Rodney A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/04Dennie, Mike A.DoD Confirmation
09/29/04Titcomb, Joshua K.DoD Confirmation
09/28/04Prewitt, Tyler D.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Sickels, Kenneth L.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Villanueva, Joselito O.DoD Confirmation
09/27/04Cox, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
09/26/04Allton, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
09/25/04Unruh, Robert OliverDoD Confirmation
09/25/04Moxley Jr., Clifford L.DoD Confirmation
09/25/04Johnson, David W.DoD Confirmation
09/24/04Leduc, RyanDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Folmar, TimothyDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Mateo, RamonDoD Confirmation
09/24/04Boyles, AaronDoD Confirmation
09/22/04Smith, Benjamin K.DoD Confirmation
09/22/04Soram, SkipperDoD Confirmation
09/22/04Harris, Adam J.DoD Confirmation
09/22/04Koenig, Lance J.DoD Confirmation
09/21/04Stahl, Nathan E.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Harrington, Foster L.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Cates, Steven C. T.DoD Confirmation
09/20/04Henry, Joshua J.DoD Confirmation
09/19/04Adams, Brandon E.DoD Confirmation
09/18/04Price, James W.DoD Confirmation
09/18/04Rosenbaum, Thomas ChadDoD Confirmation
09/17/04Ebert, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
09/16/04Rintamaki, Steven A.DoD Confirmation
09/16/04Stern, Andrew K.DoD Confirmation
09/15/04Howman, Gregory C.DoD Confirmation
09/15/04Uhles, Drew M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/04Brown, Tyler HallDoD Confirmation
09/14/04Shea, Kevin M.DoD Confirmation
09/14/04Demand, Jacob H.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Meluat, Jaygee NgirmidolDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Soltau, Adrian V.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Puckett, Mathew D.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Thomas, CarlDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Hagy Jr., Guy StanleyDoD Confirmation
09/13/04Brown, Dominic C.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Halal, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Machado-Olmos, Cesar F.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Weisenburg, David J.DoD Confirmation
09/13/04Isenberg, Benjamin W.DoD Confirmation
09/12/04Poindexter, Jason T.DoD Confirmation
09/12/04Wetherbee, Alexander E.DoD Confirmation
09/11/04Cedergren, David A.DoD Confirmation
09/10/04Daclan Jr., Edgar P.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Sparks, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Martinez, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
09/08/04Faulkner, James DanielDoD Confirmation
09/08/04DeLeon Jr., Lauro G.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Drake, Chad H.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Price, Timothy E.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Aneiros, Yoe M.DoD Confirmation
09/07/04Adams III, ClarenceDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Grella, Devin J.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Boria, John J.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Garces, TomasDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Bourdon, ElvisDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Read, Brandon MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Wilson, Lamont N.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Nygardbekowsky, Mick R.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04McCarthy, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Keith, Quinn A.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Gardner, Derek L.DoD Confirmation
09/06/04Burridge, David PaulDoD Confirmation
09/06/04Allred, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04McCauley, Ryan MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/05/04Vaillant, Gary A.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04Lamb, Charles R.DoD Confirmation
09/05/04Morrison, Shawna M.DoD Confirmation
09/04/04Knott, Eric L.DoD Confirmation
09/03/04Wilt, NicholasDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Winchester, RonaldDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Rowe, AlanDoD Confirmation
09/03/04Perez, NicholasDoD Confirmation
09/01/04Thibodeaux III, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
08/30/04Holleyman, Aaron N.DoD Confirmation
08/29/04Anderson Jr., Carl L.DoD Confirmation
08/28/04Lopez, Edgar E.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Aldrich, Nickalous N.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Razani, Omead H.DoD Confirmation
08/27/04Perez, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
08/26/04Skinner, Nicholas M.DoD Confirmation
08/26/04Humlhanz, Barton R.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Ross, Marco D.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Neeley, Charles L.DoD Confirmation
08/25/04Arredondo, Alexander S.DoD Confirmation
08/24/04Lugo, Jacob R.DoD Confirmation
08/24/04Davis, Donald N.DoD Confirmation
08/23/04Thornton Jr., Robert C.DoD Confirmation
08/22/04Belchik, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
08/22/04Stovall, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
08/21/04Reeder, Edward T.DoD Confirmation
08/21/04Washalanta, NachezDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Huston, SethDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Cook, JasonDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Alvarez, NicanorDoD Confirmation
08/21/04Cuming, Kevin A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/04Martin, Ryan A.DoD Confirmation
08/20/04Wilkins III, Charles L.DoD Confirmation
08/19/04McCormick, Brad PrestonDoD Confirmation
08/18/04Lord, Richard M.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Martir, Jacob D.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Fitzgerald, Dustin R.DoD Confirmation
08/18/04Parkerson III, Harvey EmmettDoD Confirmation
08/18/04Risner, Henry C.DoD Confirmation
08/17/04Titus, Brandon T.DoD Confirmation
08/17/04Powers, Caleb J.DoD Confirmation
08/16/04Heath, David M.DoD Confirmation
08/15/04Perez, GeoffreyDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Hannon, Fernando B.DoD Confirmation
08/15/04Shepherd, Daniel MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Goins, James MichaelDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Zapata, Mark AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/15/04Sapp, Brandon R.DoD Confirmation
08/13/04Santoriello, Neil AnthonyDoD Confirmation
08/13/04Morrison, Nicholas B.DoD Confirmation
08/13/04Funke, Kane M.DoD Confirmation
08/12/04Tarlavsky, Michael YuryDoD Confirmation
08/11/04Hubbard, Tavon L.DoD Confirmation
08/11/04Howard, John R.DoD Confirmation
08/09/04Houghton, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
08/08/04Ulbright, Rick A.DoD Confirmation
08/08/04Collins, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
08/07/04Potter, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/06/04Bunch, Joshua I.DoD Confirmation
08/06/04Abad, RobertoDoD Confirmation
08/06/04Wells, Larry L.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04McCune, Donald R.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04Reynoso, Yadir G.DoD Confirmation
08/05/04Rocha, Moses DanielDoD Confirmation
08/05/04Faulstich Jr., Raymond J.DoD Confirmation
08/04/04Nice, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
08/04/04Fontecchio, Elia P.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Gray, Tommy L.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Ratzlaff, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
08/03/04Shondee Jr., Harry N.DoD Confirmation
08/02/04Pratt, Dean P.DoD Confirmation
08/02/04Calderon Jr., JuanDoD Confirmation
08/02/04Onwordi, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
08/01/04Hernandez, ArmandoDoD Confirmation
08/01/04Dixon, Anthony J.DoD Confirmation
07/29/04Herndon II, Joseph F.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Lane, Shawn A.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Greene, David S.DoD Confirmation
07/28/04Leisten, Ken W.DoD Confirmation
07/27/04Talbert, DeForest L. "Dee"DoD Confirmation
07/24/04Zangara, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
07/24/04Sullivan, Vincent M.DoD Confirmation
07/22/04Reed, TatjanaDoD Confirmation
07/22/04Dantzler, Torey J.DoD Confirmation
07/21/04Engel, Mark E.DoD Confirmation
07/21/04Blodgett, Nicholas H.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Daniels II, Danny B.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Clark, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
07/20/04Godwin, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
07/19/04Persing, Charles C. "C.C."DoD Confirmation
07/19/04Lloyd, Dale ThomasDoD Confirmation
07/17/04Hartman, David A.DoD Confirmation
07/17/04Frank, Craig S.DoD Confirmation
07/16/04Kelly, Bryan P.DoD Confirmation
07/15/04Mardis Jr., Paul C.DoD Confirmation
07/14/04Martinez, Jesse J.DoD Confirmation
07/14/04Rice, Demetrius LamontDoD Confirmation
07/13/04Harris, Torry D.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Wilson, Dana N.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04West, James G.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Fischer, Jeremy J.DoD Confirmation
07/11/04Tarango-Griess, Linda AnnDoD Confirmation
07/11/04Peters, Dustin W.DoD Confirmation
07/10/04Reed, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
07/10/04Nachampassak, KrisnaDoD Confirmation
07/10/04Spink, TrevorDoD Confirmation
07/10/04Holmes Ordóñez, TerryDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Schmunk, Jeremiah W.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Davies, Shawn M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Garmback Jr., Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Barcus, Collier EdwinDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Colvill Jr., Robert E.DoD Confirmation
07/08/04Sampler, Sonny GeneDoD Confirmation
07/08/04Emanuel IV, William RiverDoD Confirmation
07/07/04Bowen, Samuel R.DoD Confirmation
07/07/04Barkey, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
07/06/04Youmans, Rodricka AntwanDoD Confirmation
07/06/04Dougherty, Scott EugeneDoD Confirmation
07/06/04Lawrence, Jeffrey D.DoD Confirmation
07/06/04Hunt, Justin T.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Kerns, Dallas L.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Vangyzen IV, John J.DoD Confirmation
07/05/04Torres, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Martin, Stephen G.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Smith, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
07/02/04Huston Jr., James B.DoD Confirmation
07/01/04Creager, Timothy R.DoD Confirmation
07/01/04Conde Jr., KennethDoD Confirmation
07/01/04Wagener, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
06/30/04DuSang, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Adle, Patrick R.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Todd III, John H.DoD Confirmation
06/29/04Sherman, Alan DavidDoD Confirmation
06/27/04Utt, Ernest E.DoD Confirmation
06/26/04Ceniceros, Manuel A.DoD Confirmation
06/26/04Heines, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Kiser, Charles A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Desens, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
06/24/04Cash, Christopher S.DoD Confirmation
06/22/04McCaffrey Sr., Patrick R.DoD Confirmation
06/22/04Tyson, Andre D.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Pennington, Gregory V.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Otey, Deshon E.DoD Confirmation
06/21/04Lopez, JuanDoD Confirmation
06/21/04Contreras, PedroDoD Confirmation
06/21/04Parker Jr., Tommy L.DoD Confirmation
06/20/04Best, MarvinDoD Confirmation
06/19/04Horn, SeanDoD Confirmation
06/18/04Lynch, Jason N.DoD Confirmation
06/18/04Vue, ThaiDoD Confirmation
06/16/04Dimaranan, Jeremy M.DoD Confirmation
06/16/04Mastrapa, Arthur S. (Stacey)DoD Confirmation
06/16/04Syverson III, Paul R.DoD Confirmation
06/14/04Atkins, Shawn M.DoD Confirmation
06/13/04McKinley, Eric S.DoD Confirmation
06/09/04Caughman, Thomas D.DoD Confirmation
06/08/04Khan, Humayun S. M.DoD Confirmation
06/07/04Bohlman, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
06/07/04Gray, Jamie A.DoD Confirmation
06/06/04Hobart, Melissa J.DoD Confirmation
06/06/04Mora Lopez, Melvin Y.DoD Confirmation
06/05/04Timoteo, Humberto F.DoD Confirmation
06/05/04Doltz, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Duffy, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Carvill, Frank T.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Eyerly, Justin L.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04Linden, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
06/04/04McCrae, Erik S.DoD Confirmation
06/03/04Bolding, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
06/02/04Lee, Bumrok DoD Confirmation
06/01/04Johnson, Markus J.DoD Confirmation
05/31/04Scheetz Jr., Robert C.DoD Confirmation
05/31/04Sides, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Odums II, Charles E.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Coleman, Bradli N.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Zimmer, Nicholaus E.DoD Confirmation
05/30/04Ballard, Kenneth MichaelDoD Confirmation
05/30/04Elandt, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
05/29/04Reynosasuarez, RafaelDoD Confirmation
05/29/04Calavan, Cody S.DoD Confirmation
05/29/04Gonzalez, Benjamin R.DoD Confirmation
05/28/04Wiesemann, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Nicolas, Dominique J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Henderson, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
05/26/04Codner, Kyle W.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Lambert, James P.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Rosas, Richard H.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Unger, Daniel PaulDoD Confirmation
05/25/04Bean Jr., Alan N.DoD Confirmation
05/25/04Sheehan, Kevin F.DoD Confirmation
05/24/04Witt, Owen D.DoD Confirmation
05/24/04Beaulieu, Beau R.DoD Confirmation
05/23/04Molina Bautista, Jorge A.DoD Confirmation
05/23/04Ridlen, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
05/21/04Zabierek, Andrew J.DoD Confirmation
05/21/04Horton, Jeremy R.DoD Confirmation
05/20/04Jackson, Leslie D.DoD Confirmation
05/20/04Salas, RudyDoD Confirmation
05/20/04Miranda, Troy "Leon"DoD Confirmation
05/19/04Campbell, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Chaney, William D.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Nolasco, Marcos O.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Garyantes, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
05/18/04Carey, Michael M.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Roberts, Bob W.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Curran, Carl F.DoD Confirmation
05/17/04Kasecky, Mark JosephDoD Confirmation
05/16/04Cowherd Jr., Leonard M.DoD Confirmation
05/15/04Espaillat Jr., Pedro I.DoD Confirmation
05/15/04Ledesma, ReneDoD Confirmation
05/14/04Mora, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Cronkrite, Brud J.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Harlan, James WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/14/04Spakosky, Philip I.DoD Confirmation
05/14/04Barnhill, Edward C.DoD Confirmation
05/13/04Cutter, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
05/13/04Sturdy, Brandon C.DoD Confirmation
05/12/04Savage, Jeremiah E.DoD Confirmation
05/12/04Shaver, Jeffrey R.DoD Confirmation
05/11/04Brinlee, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
05/10/04Tuazon, Andrew L.DoD Confirmation
05/09/04Murray, Rodney A.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Brown, Philip D.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Holmes, James J.DoD Confirmation
05/08/04Rubalcava, IselaDoD Confirmation
05/08/04Whitman, Chase R.DoD Confirmation
05/06/04Schrage, Dustin H.DoD Confirmation
05/06/04Box Jr., HesleyDoD Confirmation
05/05/04Green, Jeffrey G.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Kritzer, Bradley G.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Marshall, James E.DoD Confirmation
05/05/04Buryj, Jesse R.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Marcus Jr., Lyndon A.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Wahl, Gregory L.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Sprayberry III, Marvin R.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Kenny, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Baum, Ronald E.DoD Confirmation
05/03/04Petty, Erickson H.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Tipton, John E.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Ginther, Ronald A.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Jenkins, Robert B.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Mchugh, Scott R.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Dossett, Trace W.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Anderson, Michael C.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Nunes, Todd E.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Drexler, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
05/02/04Caradine Jr., ErvinDoD Confirmation
05/01/04Ojeda, Ramon C.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Vargas-Medina, Oscar D.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Ladd, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
05/01/04Wine, Trevor A.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Dickerson, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Dwelley, Jason B.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Wilfong, Joshua S.DoD Confirmation
04/30/04Vincent, Scott M.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Garrison, Landis W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Ewing, Jeremy RicardoDoD Confirmation
04/29/04Darling, NormanDoD Confirmation
04/29/04Reed, Ryan E.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Schmidt, Justin B.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Beckstrand, James L.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Campbell, Ryan M.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Dayton, Jeffrey F.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Patterson Jr., Esau G.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Kondor, Martin W.DoD Confirmation
04/29/04Estep, Adam W.DoD Confirmation
04/28/04Thomas, KendallDoD Confirmation
04/28/04Herring, Jacob R.DoD Confirmation
04/27/04Whitaker, Marquis A.DoD Confirmation
04/27/04Penamedina, Abraham D.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Austin, Aaron C.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Roukey, Lawrence A.DoD Confirmation
04/26/04Baker, Sherwood R.DoD Confirmation
04/25/04Bruckenthal, Nathan B.DoD Confirmation
04/25/04Melton, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Brooks, Cory W.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Watts, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Pernaselli, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Brandon, Stacey C.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Orton, Billy J.DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Felder, Arthur L. "Bo"DoD Confirmation
04/24/04Kordsmeier, Patrick W.DoD Confirmation
04/23/04Edwards, Shawn C.DoD Confirmation
04/22/04Dunham, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
04/20/04Harris-Kelly, LeroyDoD Confirmation
04/20/04Fox, Bradley C.DoD Confirmation
04/20/04Gelineau, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Morgan, Dennis B.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Camposiles, Marvin A.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Carman, Edward W.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Gibson, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Van Leuven, Gary F.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Valdez Jr., RubenDoD Confirmation
04/17/04Smith Jr., Michael J.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Gannon II, Richard J.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Hartman, Jonathan N.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04Henson, Clayton WelchDoD Confirmation
04/17/04Henderson II, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
04/17/04McGlothin, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
04/16/04Wood, Brian M.DoD Confirmation
04/15/04Arroyave, Jimmy J.DoD Confirmation
04/14/04Ramirez, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
04/14/04Trevithick, Richard K.DoD Confirmation
04/14/04Rivers Jr., Frank K.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Kolm, Kevin T.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Boye, Noah L.DoD Confirmation
04/13/04Rosaleslomeli, Victor A.DoD Confirmation
04/12/04Shuder, Brad S.DoD Confirmation
04/12/04Zurheide Jr., Robert PaulDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Stack, Michael BoydDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Brown, Nathan P.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Torres, George D.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Gray, Torrey L.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Amaya, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Jimenez, OscarDoD Confirmation
04/11/04Colton, Lawrence S.DoD Confirmation
04/11/04Fortenberry, Wesley C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Johnson, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Carballo, Adolf C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Eckhart, William C.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Sims Jr., John T.DoD Confirmation
04/10/04Holt, Antoine J.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Phelps, Chance R.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Ayon, Eric A.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Vandayburg, Allen Jeffrey "A.J."DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Witmer, Michelle M.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Jones Jr., Raymond EdisonDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Mallet, Toby W.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Enos, Peter G.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04McMahan, Don StevenDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Speer, Michael RaymondDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Torrez III, EliasDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Matula, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Kephart, Jonathan RoyDoD Confirmation
04/09/04Krause, Elmer C.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Goodrich, Gregory R.DoD Confirmation
04/09/04Delgreco, Felix M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Frank, Phillip E.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Wasser, Christopher B.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Dieruf, Nicholas J.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Wafford, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Palmer, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Harrell, William M.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Angell, Levi T.DoD Confirmation
04/08/04Nieves, Isaac MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/07/04Morel, Brent L.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Miller, Marvin LeeDoD Confirmation
04/07/04Labadie Jr., William W.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Felder, Tyanna S.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Rentschler, George S.DoD Confirmation
04/07/04Wroblewski, John Thomas "J.T."DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Todacheene, Lee DuaneDoD Confirmation
04/06/04Mabry, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Mendez-Aceves, Fernando A.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Carman, Benjamin R.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Cherry, Marcus M.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Roberts, Anthony P.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Crowley, Kyle D.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Walker, Allan K.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Layfield, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Jerabek, Ryan M.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Cobb, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
04/06/04Moreno, GerardoDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Larson Jr., Scott QuentinDoD Confirmation
04/05/04McKeever, David M.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Goldman, Shane LeeDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Thiry, Jesse L.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Ramos, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
04/05/04Serio, Matthew K.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Langhorst, Moises A.DoD Confirmation
04/05/04Hallal, Deryk L.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Rogers, Philip G.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Amos II, John D.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Mitchell, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Chen, Yihiyh L.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Hiller, Stephen D. "Dusty"DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Cason, Ahmed Akil "Mel"DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Sheehan, CaseyDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Jostes, Forest JosephDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Garza, IsraelDoD Confirmation
04/04/04Arsiaga, Robert R.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Fey, Tyler R.DoD Confirmation
04/04/04Barr, Aric J.DoD Confirmation
04/03/04Morris, Geoffrey S.DoD Confirmation
04/02/04Strange, William R.DoD Confirmation
04/01/04Sekula, Dustin M.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Davis, Brandon L.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Raney, Cleston C.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Karr Jr., Michael G.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Mitchell, Sean R.DoD Confirmation
03/31/04Hufstedler, Doyle M.DoD Confirmation
03/30/04Ferguson, Richard L.DoD Confirmation
03/30/04Wiscowiche, William J.DoD Confirmation
03/29/04Holmes, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
03/29/04Schneider, Sean M.DoD Confirmation
03/27/04Toney, TimothyDoD Confirmation
03/26/04Sandoval Jr., LeroyDoD Confirmation
03/25/04Casper, James A.DoD Confirmation
03/25/04Burgess, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
03/25/04Froehlich, Adam D.DoD Confirmation
03/24/04Shanaberger III, Wentz Jerome HenryDoD Confirmation
03/22/04Miller Jr., BruceDoD Confirmation
03/22/04Dang, Andrew S.DoD Confirmation
03/21/04Hudson, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
03/21/04Kreider, Dustin L.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Vega, Michael W.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Taylor, Mark D.DoD Confirmation
03/20/04Sandri, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Vicente, David M.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Ludlam, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
03/19/04Matthews, Clint Richard "Bones"DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Chan, DoronDoD Confirmation
03/18/04Brownfield, Andrew D.DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Sutphin, Ernest HaroldDoD Confirmation
03/18/04Morris Jr., Ricky A.DoD Confirmation
03/18/04Smith, Brandon C.DoD Confirmation
03/17/04Phipps, Ivory L.DoD Confirmation
03/17/04Laramore, Tracy L.DoD Confirmation
03/16/04Thigpen Sr., Thomas R.DoD Confirmation
03/16/04Adams, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
03/14/04Normandy, William J.DoD Confirmation
03/14/04Carrasquillo, Jocelyn "Joce" L.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Brattain, Joel K.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Londono, Daniel J.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Ferrin, Clint D.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Ford, Jason C.DoD Confirmation
03/13/04Kurth, John F. "Hans"DoD Confirmation
03/11/04Hill, Christopher K.DoD Confirmation
03/11/04Dunigan Jr., Joe L.DoD Confirmation
03/10/04Hoyer, Bert EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/09/04Zangas, Robert J.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Holland, Fern L.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Brabazon, Edward W.DoD Confirmation
03/09/04Gottfried, Richard S.DoD Confirmation
03/08/04Milczark, Matthew G.DoD Confirmation
03/07/04Jones, Gussie M.DoD Confirmation
03/05/04Gray, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
03/02/04Woodliff, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
02/25/04Laskowski, Matthew C.DoD Confirmation
02/25/04Wells, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
02/20/04Bacon, Henry A.DoD Confirmation
02/19/04Ling, Roger G.DoD Confirmation
02/19/04Graham, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Merila, Michael M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Taylor, Christopher M.DoD Confirmation
02/16/04Frye, Nichole M.DoD Confirmation
02/14/04Spry, Bryan N.DoD Confirmation
02/12/04Ramirez, Eric U.DoD Confirmation
02/11/04Ramirez, William C.DoD Confirmation
02/11/04Tainsh, Patrick S.DoD Confirmation
02/10/04Mariano, Jude C.DoD Confirmation
02/09/04Wong, Elijah Tai WahDoD Confirmation
02/09/04Robbins, Thomas D.DoD Confirmation
02/08/04Ramey, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
02/05/04Knowles, Joshua L.DoD Confirmation
02/03/04Dvorin, Seth J.DoD Confirmation
02/01/04Soriano, ArmandoDoD Confirmation
02/01/04Turner Jr., Roger C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04McGeogh, Holly J.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04Cabralbanuelos, Juan C.DoD Confirmation
01/31/04Miersandoval, Eliu A.DoD Confirmation
01/29/04Moreno, Luis A.DoD Confirmation
01/29/04Landrus, Sean G.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Moothart, Travis A.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Kinney II, Lester O.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Hoffman, James T.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04James, Luke S.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04Mracek, Cory R.DoD Confirmation
01/27/04August, Matthew J.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Mooney, Adam G.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Bunda, ChristopherDoD Confirmation
01/25/04Dorff, Patrick D.DoD Confirmation
01/25/04Dervishi, ErvinDoD Confirmation
01/24/04Rosenberg, Randy S.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Sturges Jr., William R.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Chappell, Jason K.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Smette, Keith L.DoD Confirmation
01/24/04Hendrickson, Kenneth W.DoD Confirmation
01/23/04Hazelgrove, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
01/23/04Blaise, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
01/21/04Parker, James D.DoD Confirmation
01/21/04Palacios, Gabriel T.DoD Confirmation
01/18/04Hornbeck, Kelly L.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Orr, Cody J.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Polley Jr., Larry E.DoD Confirmation
01/17/04Randle Jr., Edmond LeeDoD Confirmation
01/16/04Castro, Roland L.DoD Confirmation
01/13/04Hines, Keicia M.DoD Confirmation
01/12/04Crockett, Ricky L.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Manuel, Ian D.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Johnson Jr., Philip A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Davis, CraigDoD Confirmation
01/08/04Golby, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Johnson, Nathaniel H.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Hicks, Gregory B.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Diraimondo, Michael A.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Walker, Jeffrey C.DoD Confirmation
01/08/04Weaver, Aaron A.DoD Confirmation
01/07/04Mizener, Jesse D.DoD Confirmation
01/05/04Frist, Luke P.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Seiden, Marc S.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Bangayan, Solomon C. "Kelly"DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Paliwoda, Eric ThomasDoD Confirmation
01/02/04Hampton, Kimberly N.DoD Confirmation
01/02/04Corral, Dennis A.DoD Confirmation
12/30/03Pollard, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Jordan Jr., Curt E.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Blanco, Ernesto M.DoD Confirmation
12/28/03Cuervo, Rey D.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Mihalakis, Michael G.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Sutter, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
12/26/03Haight, Charles G.DoD Confirmation
12/25/03Hattamer, Stephen C.DoD Confirmation
12/25/03Christensen, Thomas W.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Yashinski, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Cooke, Eric F.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Biskie, Benjamin W.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Soelzer, Christopher F.DoD Confirmation
12/24/03Splinter, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/22/03Moore, Stuart W.DoD Confirmation
12/22/03Saltz, Edward M.DoD Confirmation
12/19/03Bush Jr., Charles E.DoD Confirmation
12/18/03Allison, Glenn R.DoD Confirmation
12/17/03Holland, Christopher J.DoD Confirmation
12/15/03Nakis, Nathan W.DoD Confirmation
12/15/03Souslin, Kenneth C.DoD Confirmation
12/14/03Voelz, Kimberly A.DoD Confirmation
12/14/03Ferguson, Rian C.DoD Confirmation
12/12/03Black, Jarrod W.DoD Confirmation
12/12/03Braun, Jeffrey F.DoD Confirmation
12/11/03Edgerton, Marshall L.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Bates, Todd M.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Reese, Aaron T.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Burdick, Richard A.DoD Confirmation
12/10/03Petty, Jerrick M.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Wesley, Christopher Jude RiveraDoD Confirmation
12/08/03Blickenstaff, Joseph M.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Bridges, Steven H.DoD Confirmation
12/08/03Wright, Jason G.DoD Confirmation
12/07/03Hutchinson, Ray J.DoD Confirmation
12/05/03Clark, Arron R.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Boone, Clarence E.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Young, Ryan C.DoD Confirmation
12/02/03Davis, Raphael S.DoD Confirmation
12/01/03Singh, UdayDoD Confirmation
11/29/03Bertolino, Stephen A.DoD Confirmation
11/29/03Sissel, Aaron J.DoD Confirmation
11/28/03Rico, ArielDoD Confirmation
11/27/03Sweet II, Thomas J.DoD Confirmation
11/26/03Goldberg, David J.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Nason, Christopher G.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Smith, Darrell L.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Menyweather, Eddie E.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Ravago IV, Rel A.DoD Confirmation
11/23/03Wilson, Jerry L.DoD Confirmation
11/22/03Roberts, Robert D.DoD Confirmation
11/22/03Bushart, Damian S.DoD Confirmation
11/21/03Coleman, Gary B.DoD Confirmation
11/20/03Tyrrell, Scott MatthewDoD Confirmation
11/20/03Wood, George A.DoD Confirmation
11/20/03Lister, Joseph L.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Dalley, Nathan S.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Shull, James A.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Coulter, Alexander S.DoD Confirmation
11/17/03Panchot, Dale A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Whitener, Joey D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Piche, Pierre E.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hafer, Richard W.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03DiGiovanni, Jeremiah J.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Heidelberg, Damian L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Saboe, Scott A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Russell, John W.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Bolor, KellyDoD Confirmation
11/15/03Wolfe, Jeremy L.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Sullivan, John R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Kesterson, Erik C.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hawk Eagle, Sheldon R.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Uhl III, Eugene A.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hansen, Warren S.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Dusenbery, William D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Baker, Ryan T.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Acklin II, Michael D.DoD Confirmation
11/15/03Hayslett, Timothy L.DoD Confirmation
11/14/03Medina, IrvingDoD Confirmation
11/13/03Fletcher, Jacob S.DoD Confirmation
11/13/03Minucci II, JosephDoD Confirmation
11/12/03Bailey, Nathan J.DoD Confirmation
11/12/03Wise, Robert A.DoD Confirmation
11/11/03Jackson, Marlon P.DoD Confirmation
11/11/03Acosta, GenaroDoD Confirmation
11/09/03Tomko, Nicholas A.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Jimenez, Linda C.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Frosheiser, Kurt R.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Collins, Gary L.DoD Confirmation
11/08/03Vasquez, Mark D.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Kennon, Morgan DeShawnDoD Confirmation
11/07/03Gilmore I, Cornell W.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Smith, Benedict J.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Rose, Scott C.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Neff II, Paul M.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Kennedy, Kyran E.DoD Confirmation
11/07/03Swartworth, Sharon T.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Wolf, James R.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Fisher, Paul F.DoD Confirmation
11/06/03Chance III, James A.DoD Confirmation
11/05/03Rivera, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
11/04/03Benson, Robert T.DoD Confirmation
11/04/03Martinez, FranciscoDoD Confirmation
11/03/03Johnson, Rayshawn S.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Smith, Bruce A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Perez, JoelDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Penisten, Brian H.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Conover, Steven DanielDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Bader, Daniel A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Jennings, Darius T.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Wilson, Joe NathanDoD Confirmation
11/02/03Vega, Frances M.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Slavenas, Brian D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Pennanen, Ross A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Moss, Keelan L.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Lau, Karina S.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Dagostino, Anthony D.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Bucklew, Ernest G.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Velasquez, Paul A.DoD Confirmation
11/02/03Colgan, Benjamin J.DoD Confirmation
11/01/03Johnson, Maurice J.DoD Confirmation
11/01/03Hurley, Joshua C.DoD Confirmation
10/31/03Bryant, Todd J.DoD Confirmation
10/28/03Campoy, IsaacDoD Confirmation
10/28/03Barrera, Michael PaulDoD Confirmation
10/28/03Adams, AlgernonDoD Confirmation
10/27/03Falaniko, Jonathan I.DoD Confirmation
10/27/03Bell, Aubrey D.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Acosta, StevenDoD Confirmation
10/26/03Huggins, Jamie L.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Buehring, Charles H.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Bosveld, Rachel K.DoD Confirmation
10/26/03Guerrera, Joseph R.DoD Confirmation
10/25/03Cannon, Jakia ShereeDoD Confirmation
10/24/03Hancock, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
10/24/03Mora, Jose L.DoD Confirmation
10/24/03Brassfield, Artimus D.DoD Confirmation
10/23/03Teal, John R.DoD Confirmation
10/22/03Johnson, John P.DoD Confirmation
10/22/03Ward, Jason M.DoD Confirmation
10/21/03Bueche, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/20/03Johnson, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
10/18/03Bernstein, David R.DoD Confirmation
10/18/03Hart, John D.DoD Confirmation
10/17/03Williams, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Grilley, Sean R.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Bellavia, Joseph P.DoD Confirmation
10/16/03Orlando, Kim S.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Freeman, Benjamin L.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Weismantle, Douglas J.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Wheeler, Donald L.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Wyatt, Stephen E.DoD Confirmation
10/13/03Casanova, JoseDoD Confirmation
10/12/03Powell, James E.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Silva, Sean A.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Swisher, Christopher W.DoD Confirmation
10/09/03Norquist, Joseph C.DoD Confirmation
10/06/03Torres, RichardDoD Confirmation
10/06/03Karol, Spencer TimothyDoD Confirmation
10/06/03Scott, Kerry D.DoD Confirmation
10/03/03Pirtle, James H.DoD Confirmation
10/03/03Sims, Charles M. DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Ramos, Tamarra J.DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Blankenbecler, James D. DoD Confirmation
10/01/03Gutierrez, Analaura EsparzaDoD Confirmation
10/01/03Hunte, SimeonDoD Confirmation
09/30/03McGaugh, Dustin K. DoD Confirmation
09/29/03Potter, Darrin K.DoD Confirmation
09/29/03Baddick, Andrew JosephDoD Confirmation
09/29/03Cutchall, Christopher E.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Rooney, Robert E.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Thomas, Kyle G.DoD Confirmation
09/25/03Lucero, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
09/24/03Andrade, MichaelDoD Confirmation
09/22/03Sturino, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Miller Jr., Frederick L.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Brown II, Lunsford B.DoD Confirmation
09/20/03Friedrich, David TravisDoD Confirmation
09/18/03Arriaga, RichardDoD Confirmation
09/18/03Thompson, Anthony O.DoD Confirmation
09/18/03Faunce, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
09/18/03Wright, James CDoD Confirmation
09/16/03Pinkston, FosterDoD Confirmation
09/15/03Peterson, Alyssa R.DoD Confirmation
09/15/03Kimmerly, Kevin C.DoD Confirmation
09/14/03Blumberg, Trevor A.DoD Confirmation
09/12/03Morehead, Kevin N.DoD Confirmation
09/12/03Bennett, William M.DoD Confirmation
09/11/03Ybarra III, HenryDoD Confirmation
09/10/03Robsky Jr., Joseph E.DoD Confirmation
09/09/03Carlock, Ryan G.DoD Confirmation
09/07/03Thompson, Jarrett B.DoD Confirmation
09/04/03Brown, Bruce E.DoD Confirmation
09/02/03Sisson, Christopher A.DoD Confirmation
09/01/03Caldwell, Charles ToddDoD Confirmation
09/01/03Camara, JosephDoD Confirmation
09/01/03Sarno, Cameron B.DoD Confirmation
08/30/03Cataudella, Sean K.DoD Confirmation
08/29/03Lawton, Mark A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Sherman, Anthony L.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Belanger, Gregory A.DoD Confirmation
08/27/03Navea, Rafael L.DoD Confirmation
08/26/03Dent, Darryl T.DoD Confirmation
08/25/03Manzano, PabloDoD Confirmation
08/25/03Allen Jr., Ronald D.DoD Confirmation
08/23/03Scott, Stephen M.DoD Confirmation
08/23/03Mack, Vorn J.DoD Confirmation
08/21/03Jones-Huffman, Kylan A.DoD Confirmation
08/21/03Adams, Michael S.DoD Confirmation
08/20/03Franklin, Bobby C.DoD Confirmation
08/20/03Harris Jr., Kenneth W.DoD Confirmation
08/18/03Hull, Eric R.DoD Confirmation
08/17/03Ivory, Craig S.DoD Confirmation
08/14/03Kirchhoff, David M.DoD Confirmation
08/13/03White, Steven W.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Parker, Daniel R.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Brown Jr., Timmy R.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Eaton Jr., Richard S.DoD Confirmation
08/12/03Williams, Taft V.DoD Confirmation
08/10/03Perry, David S.DoD Confirmation
08/09/03Kinchen, Levi B.DoD Confirmation
08/09/03Knighten Jr., Floyd G.DoD Confirmation
08/08/03Ramsey, BrandonDoD Confirmation
08/08/03Bush, Matthew D.DoD Confirmation
08/07/03Longstreth, Duane E.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Hellerman, Brian R.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Simmons, Leonard D.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Colunga, Zeferino E.DoD Confirmation
08/06/03Gilbert, Kyle C.DoD Confirmation
08/05/03Letufuga, Farao K.DoD Confirmation
08/05/03Loyd, David L.DoD Confirmation
08/01/03Hebert, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
07/31/03Lambert III, James I.DoD Confirmation
07/31/03Deutsch, Michael J.DoD Confirmation
07/30/03Nott, Leif E.DoD Confirmation
07/28/03Hart Jr., NathanielDoD Confirmation
07/28/03Maher III, William J.DoD Confirmation
07/27/03McMillin, Heath A.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Cheatham, Jonathan M.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Perez Jr., WilfredoDoD Confirmation
07/26/03Methvin, Daniel K.DoD Confirmation
07/26/03Barnes, Jonathan P.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Heighter, Raheen TysonDoD Confirmation
07/24/03Serrano, Juan M.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Perez, Hector R.DoD Confirmation
07/24/03Ashcraft, Evan AsaDoD Confirmation
07/23/03Byers, Joshua T.DoD Confirmation
07/23/03Christian, Brett T.DoD Confirmation
07/22/03Fettig, Jon P.DoD Confirmation
07/21/03Bibby, Mark AnthonyDoD Confirmation
07/20/03Scott, David A.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Willoughby, Christopher R.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Garvey, Justin W.DoD Confirmation
07/20/03Jordan, Jason D.DoD Confirmation
07/19/03Rozier, Jonathan D.DoD Confirmation
07/18/03Bertoldie, Joel L.DoD Confirmation
07/17/03Whetstone, Mason DouglasDoD Confirmation
07/17/03Moreno, David J.DoD Confirmation
07/16/03Torres, Ramon ReyesDoD Confirmation
07/15/03Geurin, Cory RyanDoD Confirmation
07/14/03Crockett, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
07/13/03Puello-Coronado, Jaror C.DoD Confirmation
07/13/03Cassidy, Paul J.DoD Confirmation
07/12/03Neusche, Joshua M.DoD Confirmation
07/11/03Schultz, Christian C.DoD Confirmation
07/09/03Gabrielson, Dan H.DoD Confirmation
07/09/03Valles, MelissaDoD Confirmation
07/09/03Tetrault, JasonDoD Confirmation
07/09/03Rowe, Roger DaleDoD Confirmation
07/08/03McKinley, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
07/08/03Boling, Craig A.DoD Confirmation
07/07/03Sanford Sr., BarryDoD Confirmation
07/07/03Keith, Chad L.DoD Confirmation
07/06/03Parson, David B.DoD Confirmation
07/06/03Wershow, Jeffrey M.DoD Confirmation
07/04/03Coons, James CurtisDoD Confirmation
07/03/03Herrgott, Edward J.DoD Confirmation
07/03/03Small, Corey L.DoD Confirmation
07/02/03Bradachnall, Travis J.DoD Confirmation
07/01/03Coffin, Christopher D.DoD Confirmation
06/28/03Conneway, Timothy M.DoD Confirmation
06/27/03Sotelo Jr., TomasDoD Confirmation
06/26/03McIntosh, JoshuaDoD Confirmation
06/26/03Hubbell, Corey A.DoD Confirmation
06/26/03Orengo, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03Ott, Kevin C.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03Philippe, GladimirDoD Confirmation
06/25/03Chris, Andrew F.DoD Confirmation
06/25/03MacDonald, Gregory E.DoD Confirmation
06/24/03Lennon, Cedric LamontDoD Confirmation
06/22/03Smith, Orenthial JavonDoD Confirmation
06/19/03Nakamura, Paul T.DoD Confirmation
06/18/03Latham, William T.DoD Confirmation
06/18/03Deuel, Michael R.DoD Confirmation
06/17/03Tosto, Michael L.DoD Confirmation
06/17/03Frantz, Robert L.DoD Confirmation
06/16/03Pahnke, Shawn D.DoD Confirmation
06/16/03Suell, Joseph D.DoD Confirmation
06/15/03Cox, Ryan R.DoD Confirmation
06/13/03Pokorny, Andrew R.DoD Confirmation
06/12/03Klinesmith Jr., John K.DoD Confirmation
06/10/03Neighbor, Gavin L.DoD Confirmation
06/08/03Dooley, Michael E.DoD Confirmation
06/07/03Halling, Jesse M.DoD Confirmation
06/06/03Sisung, DavidDoD Confirmation
06/06/03Burkhardt, Travis L.DoD Confirmation
06/06/03Bollinger Jr., Doyle W.DoD Confirmation
06/05/03Oberleitner, Branden F.DoD Confirmation
06/03/03Haro Marin Jr., AtanasioDoD Confirmation
06/01/03Lambert, Jonathan W.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Long, Zachariah W.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Griffin, Kyle A.DoD Confirmation
05/30/03Gleason, Michael T.DoD Confirmation
05/28/03Perez III, Jose A.DoD Confirmation
05/28/03Bradley, Kenneth R.DoD Confirmation
05/27/03Quinn, Michael B.DoD Confirmation
05/27/03Broomhead, Thomas F.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Schram, Matthew E.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Smith, Jeremiah D.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Petriken, Brett J.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Nalley, Kenneth A.DoD Confirmation
05/26/03Mitchell, Keman L.DoD Confirmation
05/25/03Evans Jr., DavidDoD Confirmation
05/21/03Caldwell, Nathaniel A.DoD Confirmation
05/19/03Moore, Jason WilliamDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Straseskie, Kirk AllenDoD Confirmation
05/19/03White, Aaron DeanDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Ryan, Timothy LouisDoD Confirmation
05/19/03LaMont, Andrew DavidDoD Confirmation
05/19/03Baragona, Dominic RoccoDoD Confirmation
05/18/03Sahib, RasheedDoD Confirmation
05/18/03Marencoreyes, Douglas JoseDoD Confirmation
05/16/03Payne, William L.DoD Confirmation
05/14/03Nutt, David T.DoD Confirmation
05/13/03Kleiboeker, Nicholas BrianDoD Confirmation
05/13/03Griffin Jr., Patrick LeeDoD Confirmation
05/12/03Rodriguez, Jose F. GonzalezDoD Confirmation
05/12/03Kowalik, Jakub HenrykDoD Confirmation
05/10/03Smith, Matthew R.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Van Dusen, Brian K.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Gukeisen, Hans N.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Carl, Richard P.DoD Confirmation
05/09/03Bruns, Cedric E.DoD Confirmation
05/08/03Rockhold, Marlin T.DoD Confirmation
05/04/03Deibler, Jason L.DoD Confirmation
05/03/03Reynolds, Sean C.DoD Confirmation
05/01/03Givens, Jesse AlanDoD Confirmation
04/28/03Garza, Joe JesusDoD Confirmation
04/25/03Sullivan, Narson BertilDoD Confirmation
04/25/03Orozco, OsbaldoDoD Confirmation
04/24/03Jenkins, Troy DavidDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Buckley, Roy RussellDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Lam, Alan DinhDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Channell Jr., Robert WilliamDoD Confirmation
04/22/03Arnold, Andrew ToddDoD Confirmation
04/17/03Rivero, John TravisDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Brown, John EliDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Mileo, Jason DavidDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Goward, Richard AllenDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Gonzalez, Armando ArielDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Mayek, Joseph PatrickDoD Confirmation
04/14/03Foley III, Thomas ArthurDoD Confirmation
04/13/03Acevedo, JosephDoD Confirmation
04/13/03Mercado, GilDoD Confirmation
04/12/03Owens Jr., David EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/12/03Gonzalez, Jesus AngelDoD Confirmation
04/11/03Tejeda, Riayan AugustoDoD Confirmation
04/10/03Hemingway, Terry WayneDoD Confirmation
04/10/03Bohr Jr., Jeffrey EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Sather, Scott DouglasDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Stever, Robert AnthonyDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Meyer, Jason MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Marshall, John WinstonDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Garza Jr., Juan GuadalupeDoD Confirmation
04/08/03Brown, Henry LevonDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Das, Eric BruceDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Watkins III, William RandolphDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Mitchell Jr., George ArthurDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Miller, Anthony ScottDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Kaylor, Jeffrey JosephDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Hollinsaid, Lincoln DanielDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Medellin, Jesus Martin AntonioDoD Confirmation
04/07/03Aviles, Andrew JulianDoD Confirmation
04/06/03Prewitt, Kelley StephenDoD Confirmation
04/06/03Huxley Jr., Gregory PaulDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Smith, EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Brown, Larry KenyattaDoD Confirmation
04/05/03Booker, Stevon AlexanderDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Rios, Duane RoyDoD Confirmation
04/04/03McPhillips, Brian MichaelDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Gooden, Bernard GeorgeDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Smith, Paul RayDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Jones, Devon DemiloDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Cunningham Jr., Daniel FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Bellard, Wilfred DavyrussellDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Aitken, Tristan NeilDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Sammis, Benjamin WilsonDoD Confirmation
04/04/03Ford, Travis AllenDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Korn, Edward JasonDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Davis, WilbertDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Silva, Erik HernandezDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Evnin, Mark AsherDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Rippetoe, Russell BrianDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Long, Ryan PatrickDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Livaudais, Nino DugueDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Robbins, Todd JamesDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Rehn, Randall ScottDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Oaks Jr., Donald SamuelDoD Confirmation
04/03/03Bales, Chad EricDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Boule, Matthew GeorgeDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Smith, Eric AllenDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Pedersen, Michael FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Jamar, ScottDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Halvorsen, Erik AndersDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Adamouski, James FrancisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03White, Nathan DennisDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Fernandez, George AndrewDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Gurtner, Christian DanielDoD Confirmation
04/02/03Anderson, Brian EdwardDoD Confirmation
04/01/03Maglione III, Joseph BasilDoD Confirmation
04/01/03Butler, Jacob LeeDoD Confirmation
03/31/03Rowe, Brandon JacobDoD Confirmation
03/31/03Jeffries, William AndrewDoD Confirmation
03/30/03Contreras, Aaron JosephDoD Confirmation
03/30/03McGinnis, Brian DanielDoD Confirmation
03/30/03Lalush, Michael VernonDoD Confirmation
03/29/03White, William WayneDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Williams, EugeneDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Rincon, Diego FernandoDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Curtin, Michael EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/29/03Creighton-Weldon, Michael Russell DoD Confirmation
03/29/03Cawley, James WilfordDoD Confirmation
03/28/03Solomon, Roderic AntoineDoD Confirmation
03/28/03Padilla-Ramirez, FernandoDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Suarez del Solar, Jesus AlbertoDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Menusa, JosephDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Rodriguez, Robert MarcusDoD Confirmation
03/27/03Martinez-Flores, Francisco AbrahamDoD Confirmation
03/27/03O'Day, Patrick TerenceDoD Confirmation
03/27/03May Jr., Donald CharlesDoD Confirmation
03/26/03Nave, Kevin GerardDoD Confirmation
03/25/03Johnson Jr., Michael VannDoD Confirmation
03/25/03Stone, Gregory LewisDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Blair, Thomas AlanDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Sanders, Gregory PaulDoD Confirmation
03/24/03Korthaus, Bradley StevenDoD Confirmation
03/24/03James, Evan TylerDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Chanawongse, Kemaphoom "Ahn"DoD Confirmation
03/23/03Gifford, Jonathan LeeDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Hutchings, Nolen RyanDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Cline Jr., Donald JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Burkett, Tamario DemetriceDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Reiss, Brendon CurtisDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Nixon, Patrick RayDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Williams, Michael JasonDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Rosacker, Randal KentDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Buesing, Brian RoryDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Slocum, Thomas JonathanDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Jordan, Phillip AndrewDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Gonzalez, Jorge AlonsoDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Garibay, Jose AngelDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Fribley, David KeithDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Bitz, Michael EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Anguiano, Edward JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Walters, Donald RalphDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Sloan, Brandon UlyssesDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Piestewa, Lori AnnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Mata, Johnny VillarealDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Kiehl, James MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Johnson II, HowardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Estrella-Soto, RubenDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Dowdy, Robert JohnDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Buggs, George EdwardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Pokorney Jr., Frederick EbenDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Addison, Jamaal RashardDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Seifert, Christopher ScottDoD Confirmation
03/23/03Hodson, Nicolas MichaelDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Adams, Thomas MullenDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Tobler, Brandon ScottDoD Confirmation
03/22/03Orlowski, Eric JamesDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Gutierrez, Jose AntonioDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Waters-Bey, Kendall DamonDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Kennedy, Brian MatthewDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Beaupre, Ryan AnthonyDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Aubin, Jay ThomasDoD Confirmation
03/21/03Childers, Therrel ShaneDoD Confirmation

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