Monday, March 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton is starting to piss me off

-China has been brutally cracking down on protesting Tibetans this week and last. I wonder if the Bush Administration will say anything. I doubt there will be much more than a pander to human rights activists since China holds a lot of US public debt and its not exactly the best time for the US to be rattling its creditors.

-Alan Greenspan and Paul Krugman finally agree on something, that the current US recession is likely to be the worst since WWII. This is a phrase tossed around a lot these past few days. Except it appears to be a nicer way of saying a terrible thing. The US didnt have a recession during WWII. It experienced a rather large one the decade prior to the conflict. I suspect that is what they are referring to. Its rather unsettling

-Lastly, Florida has decided it will not do a revote. Good then you will not have your delegates seated! It was a sham primary! I was never a huge Obama fan but I'm sick and tired of Clinton and her crew bitching that the Florida and Michigan delegates must be seated. Fine, they can sit, but the primaries dont count!

Florida and Michigan were told if they move their primaries, then they wont count. They moved their primaries anyways. The candidates, including Clinton, agreed the primaries should not count. They agreed not to campaign there. Obamas name wasnt even on the Michigan ballot. Amazingly some people bothered to vote anyway, and Clinton "won" Florida. She also "won" Michigan, where an astounding 40% of the people who voted cast their vote for "uncommitted." I suspect that if 40% of the voting electorate took time out of their day to cast a vote for a non-candidate, running against Hillary Clinton, in a primary that didnt even count; then I bet if Barack Obama was on the ballot he would've done pretty well.

This is Clinton's desperate attempt to win the primary, along with claiming super-delegates should vote for her and decide the election, even if Barack Obama wins more overall votes, states and delegates from the voting public.

This is a pattern of unfair actions by her. Her husband, as President, ran the party for eight years. His surrogates are largely still in place. That is a huge advantage for Clinton. Its clearly unfair. Just like claiming the Michigan win.

More and more each day I'm being pushed into the Obama camp. Although I think I may still vote Green, Hillary Clinton is starting to piss me off.

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