Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Joe



Woke up this morning in a grog, turned on the tv then forced myself to put it on CNN where they were rerunning one of their idiot shows (ANDERSON COOPER 360!); but there I saw it on their stupid scroll on the bottom of the screen "...Lieberman conceded defeat..."

"Ah ha!" I screamed. Victory. I caught a bit of Joe's concession speech where at the end, apparently paraphrasing the beloved Mercutio, he cried "You have made worms meat out of me! A pox upon both your parties. I'm running as an independent in the general [election]!"

I then caught a glimpse of him on three different live morning shows; thus allowing me to identify talking points. Apparently his PR strategists have decided that having lost the party primary and now running as an independent, he should attempt to discredit victor Ned Lamont as a champion for "partisan party politics" (because as an independent, he has no party backing.) This is a hilarious departure from Lieberman's primary strategy, in which he and his operatives routinely tried to portray Joe as a partisan democrat, reiterating daily that Joe votes with Democrats 90% of the time.

And adding to the irony; Joe declared in his concession speech that he is upset not because he lost, but because he lost to "the old politics of partisan polarization" (again this is an attempt to frame the general election with Lamont characterized as a partisan Democrat.) But as I said before, this is a quick about face from the primary campaign strategy. Here was Lieberman representative Lanny Davis on Meet the Press this Sunday:

"Another fact is that Ned Lamont, when he served on the Board of Selectmen, bragged, bragged to The Greenwich Time, the same newspaper that endorsed Joe Lieberman, 'I support 80 percent of the time what my Republicans on the Board of Selectmen.'"

Yikes what a partisan democrat!

And how is Joe going to fund his campaign now that Lamont will have the backing of the Democratic Party machine? Apparently he has had a flood of corporate and lobbist donations in the last few days, giving him double the war chest that Lamont had. And for all of Joe's bitching that Lamont is some rich millionare, it was Lamont who made the offer at the very beginning of the primary campaign to stick to only public financing, and Joe that turned it down. Do us a favor Joe, back out. You lost, quit bitching, go home. Im sure Bush will have a job for you somewhere in his administration.

Go Lamont.

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